Tensor Technologies Dream Special Pendant

///Tensor Technologies Dream Special Pendant
  • A powerful tool for personal transformation and connectivity, as well as for clearing and transforming the environment around you! Tensor Technologies Special Dream Pendant

Tensor Technologies Dream Special Pendant


The Coil with Infinity are attached to the adjustable lanyard, while the Fire Generator can be slipped off and used separately if choose!

444 Coil is the Bridge Builder~Heart Mind Soul Over-Soul connector

Infinity Further connects the Soul with the physical and multidimensional Heart.

Now available in three sizes!!!

Fire Generator is one of the most powerful Generators for restructuring nonbeneficially created frequencies.

Including all known or unknown frequencies from HARP, Radionics, Satellite, Electromagnetic, Geomagnetic, etc.


Product Description

Tensor Technologies Dream Special Pendant

This Tensor Technologies Dream Special Pendant features the 444 Coil, Harmony Heart, and Fire Generator !!

444 Coil:

The 888 was used to create a small coil.  It is a Bridge Builder.  It is beyond Galactic.  It connects with Creation energy, and brings that Creation energy more into the human.
Connected through the Soul, yet beyond the Soul.  Brings in knowing beyond this Earth plane.
Heart Mind Soul Over-Soul connector.
Brings info through Soul. Allows Mind to get a hold of info, and knowing is in Heart.
Brings in information from You to you.
Just a tool, bringing in the pathway to our Higher Soul Self.  With all the New Cubit tools, they can “integrate” quickly, being they are simply tensor technologies bridge builders.
As all of our coils, the energy flows in a tube torus.  The energy flows out both ends of the coil, wrapping back around and into the alternate end, while this spherical field also spins in both directions simultaneously.  There is no up direction to the coil, as it is not polarized like the North/South pole magnetic flow.

This New Cubit acts as a bridge because of the energy that comes through.
You connect through the Ring to the over-soul, Higher Soul Self, or monad…  Whatever this greater you is. 

It is from this space and place that you bring into your reality what really matters.  Incorporating the human and over-soul, it brings in more than you can imagine. 

It is bringing in the idea of who you really are.

As you start to use and be with the Ring, it becomes stronger for the person using it.

Releasing of programs and beliefs gets easier and easier.

The Light that comes through has been here, but is intensified with the Ring. 

The Ring brings in the Love of Soul. 

The Golden Light of the Soul. With this Golden Light, the Soul’s Light, we have seen and experienced instant healings.

The Light, or energy, of the New Cubit Rings came here from another Galaxy, another Universe, at the time of the creation of the Earth. This Cubit measurement is a piece of the Earth, though its origin is not of the Earth.

The ones who stand with this tool, played a part in bringing the Earth into being. This tensor technologies tool has not been on the Earth, until now, but has been within the Earth. In that space and place, it is seen as a sphere.

When asking about this new Ring they have simply told us “Ultimate Manifestation.” It is not manifestation, like dropping a pot of gold at your feet, rather it is to help you see and feel in a new way.  The Light energy coming from this Ring assists to release old ways of being. Ultimate Manifestation into this reality, as the new way of being on the new Earth. In this new way of being is Grace and Ease, Unconditional Love, and Joy.

Tensor Technologies Harmony and Balance Infinity:

In order to bring Harmony and Balance to you, need to have Love.

Just the infinity symbol itself is powerful. Infinity represents love, continuance, without end… The infinity is a symbol of Love- it is Harmony and Balance in Love.
Connects the Soul to the physical and multidimensional Heart. Where we see the Trinity of the human Being as Mind, Body, and Spirit, the Harmony Heart is connecting the Spirit (the Soul) with the Body (the physical).  This is huge for the body who either disconnects or goes into fear despite the Mind or Spirit.

• Facilitates a higher Soul connection
• Resonates with the Heart Chakra
• Protects the energy bodies 8-10 feet out
• Dissolves non-beneficial energetic implants
• Brings the Soul more into the body, and will assist others in proximity to do the same
• Slip onto an existing necklace to create a heart connection with your favorite crystal, stone, or pendant
• Use along-side an existing Tensor Coil to automatically make the Tube Torus connection from your heart to the Tensor Coil’s toridal field
Slightly flattened copper Mobius with a half twist creates the Infinity symbol.
The Harmony Heart is a powerful and amazing piece. It can be wore as a pendant, fashioned as a bracelet, or carried anywhere upon the person.

Approximately 3/4″ in length is the smallest and lightest version.  I like to add this one to my favorite pendant to bring in that heart connection.  The medium Infinite Heart is my preferred version, heavy enough to be a stand-alone pendant.  The large Infinite Heart is a beautiful piece as it’s own tensor technology pendant as well.

If this Tensor Technologies Pendant has intrigued you, you may also enjoy learning about the energies of the Atlantian Activator or the Torsion Torus.



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