My meditation this morning led me to the realization that I AM totally equipped to perform the functions that I AM here to BE. That felt like a TRUTH, not from the mind, but simply as what IS. There are no other choices. I may make it easy or hard; that’s my prerogative of experiencing my evolutionary process. I can slow the process of knowing or I can realize ALL right now. It doesn’t matter. Besides the fact that ‘time’ does not exist, if it did, it would still be irrelevant.

All that I came to BE, I AM. Manifestations of acknowledgement wax and wane; I spiral around the central sun as if I were separate from it. My dance waves and reels with mysterious surprises forcefully forgotten for the game of it. Blissfully, the undercurrent of Truth weaves through me, allowing the perception of obvious terrors to melt into misunderstood purpose. I am naught as I appear.

Truthfully the power of Light is within each of us, burning intensely behind screens of fear. Free will, choice, Living Truth in magnificent disguise, tricks & illusions of humanity; we’ve fooled ourselves into thinking we do not know.

I AM in process of coming to the full realization of knowing who I AM in Truth, and knowing how I serve in Truth. “I give every aspect of my life permission to reflect the Divine Truth that I know is in all.” (Selig, The Book of Truth, p88)

It is pleasant to walk this path with you my friends.

BeverLi, Co-Creator and Energetic Steward of Spirals

Image: Quangpraha