There is beauty in the mystery of our life. It calls to our curiosity. It invites us to explore. But it also asks us to be patient when we’re anxious for answer. In the landscape of our experience, we crave to know what is coming around the corner. At the very least, we want confirmation that we’re on the right track.

It’s encouraging to remember that we are creating the path we will be traveling in the future right now. There’s never a time of waiting! In every moment, our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are designing what is going to come to us. Every moment invites us to use the power of personal awareness and consciously choose what we want to experience in our tomorrows!

If I want my future to look and feel different than now, I need to shift my thoughts. And yes, this is an imperfect endeavor because my inner chatter keeps my world looking the same to make me feel comfortable. I’m inclined to lean into what I ‘know to be true’ even while I rail against it when I want something more.

When I’m in this internal conflict, I know the child within me is my best ally. She remembers how to get something that feels bigger than just better. She knows how to reach for the magic of her potential.

She did it when she learned how to ride a bike.

She fully embraced her desire. Obstacles were simply challenges that could be conquered if she jumped into the learning curve. This child could picture herself riding through the streets of her neighborhood. She could feel it! Scraped knees, potential falls, and looking funny didn’t stop her. This child saw possibilities rather than limitations. She knew it would take practice and time, but that was part of joy. The backbone of her future success.

Reaching back to grab our sense of delight and exploration is a powerful force as we face the current mysteries of our life. It comes with optimism. It encourages flexibility. It brightly colors the future.

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Jeanne McElvaney, Energy Healer and Author

Image: jcamilo