My thoughts can connect to a belief with such conviction I sometimes feel they are inseparable. Then, when circumstances call on that belief, I can feel trapped, as though there is an inevitable outcome.

To find my way to new possibilities, I can see my belief as a quilt of energy thoughts stitched together over time. And, in the same way I sewed them together, I can pull them apart and create a new energy pattern… one that is designed by my current desires.

Fluid flexible beliefs


When my potential feels like it is buried deep inside, rather than dancing with my days, it has surely become entangled in the energy of old beliefs that no longer serve me.

To connect to the pure force of my capacity to give, share, and express, I can see my beliefs as a field of thoughts. And then, in my mind’s eye, I can imagine the weeds of self-diminishing thoughts being pulled up in a rush of energy release.

This lets me focus on the wildflowers of my talents and experience. I can run wildly in the lush energy field of my potential.


To open the doors to my endless possibilities, I am served by taking a quick trip into the beliefs that seem to block the way. Taking care to stand in the storm of my feelings only long enough to acknowledge this is nothing more than a snapshot of the present moment, I get to choose change.

I get to acknowledge what is happening now and then turn the full force of my attention and feelings to what I want. With passion and abandon, I reshape my future every time I find little ways to ‘be’ what I want to become.

What is happening now is reflecting my current beliefs. What will be can be changed when I remember that my beliefs are flexible, fluid energy.

Jeanne McElvaneyAuthor,   Energy Healer,   Unwind + Explore

Quilt Image: PublicDomainPictures

Field Image: KRiemer