7 Benefits of Body Movement & Mindful Stretching

Okay friends, this is a super important topic that gets overlooked more than I can even wrap my head around.   Body movement & mindful stretching is a simple and KEY ingredient to healthy and joyful living.  Don’t worry, it need not be strenuous, it can actually be quite gentle – the trick is just MOVE YOUR BODY!  I don’t care if you are sitting on your derriere watching soap operas, roll out your neck, your ankles – stretch your arms overhead.  Simple body movements can be highly effective in releasing tensions, and as everything is connected, therefore the mind.  It’s a win win!   Here is 7 reasons to get off your duff and get that body moving.

  1. Slow the Aging Process through Body Movement & Mindful Stretching

Our body has many energetic channels that run through it called meridians.  Imagine these channels as rivers flowing through the body.  These “rivers” can easily become blocked in our busy lives, particularly when we neglect to take the time for mindful stretching and movement of our vessel.  This creates stagnation of our energy, causing the body & mind to age more rapidly.  When body movement and mindful stretching becomes the norm, we begin to break up areas of stagnation and create free flowing energy through these channels.  The cells are then revitalized and nourished, slowing the aging process.  Bonus here, movement FEELS GOOD which will therefore make you look and feel younger!  I’ll take it.

  1. Shed Unwanted Weight with Ease

Everything is connected.  When our body’s energies are flowing in harmony everything begins to work better;  the metabolism works optimally, the stress response is normalized, everything begins to flow with ease.  In a happy body that is nourished with healthy live foods, water, & a decent amount of body movement & mindful stretching, the pounds will melt off and you will find yourself at your bodies perfect weight without much effort at all.

  1. Reduce Anxiety

We are energetic beings in constant flux.  As everything is connected, when everything around us is moving and evolving but we remain mostly still, moving only from bed to car to desk, or sitting for hours on end, the energy within our bodies that wants to flow freely becomes stuck and stagnant causing build up and mental restlessness.   Moving and stretching the body releases tension and resistance therefore promoting feelings of ease and grace.   Our body and mind is so intertwined, when the body is in a state of imbalance our mind tends to takes on those traits and vice versa.  It’s such a gift to be able to tackle these human tendencies from multiple angles.

  1. Be Happy!

How do you feel after you dance?  Happy!  Joyful!  Energetic!  Alive!  That my friends, is from moving the body.  Get everything moving and flowing and you will most certainly find a large smile plastered on your face.  As a yoga guide I daily watch students come out of class with large grins, it’s the movement – spending time to get to know and FEEL your body, moving with intent to release and draw new prana (energy) into every nook and cranny of your body.  This stuff works folks.

  1. Pain Relief

Pain is your body’s call for your attention.  If you are feeling stiff, that is your body talking to you – nearly screaming to get moving!  It is still amazing to me how effective daily movement is in so many areas of our lives.  When I skip a day of yoga I can feel it, the stiffness in my muscles and joints and low back pain begins creeping in.  We must spend time with our bodies, breathing new life in and releasing tensions as we move with intention.

  1. Raise Your Vibration

Okay guys, this is a big one.  We are all operating at different frequencies, or vibrations.  When we are operating at a higher frequency, feeling good – grounded and connected, the universe can better hear our hearts longings.  Taking care of your body, in as many ways as possible, is going to increase your vibration and therefore magnetize your being to draw that which you desire to you.   Treat your body as a temple and watch the magic unfold.

  1. Heal Physical and Emotional Traumas

Our negative emotions can actually become trapped in our tissues causing discomfort and sometimes debilitating pain.  There are many ways to begin to release these stuck emotions but body movement is a highly effective piece of this puzzle.  I once ecstatic danced myself into a fit of sobs for no apparent reason, I had a good cry and felt much lighter after leaving that session.  Something was released, I don’t know what it was nor do I need to know, my emotional being responded to physical movement.  Beautiful.  During Yoga (mindful stretching) we spend time bringing awareness to spaces of tension and resistance during different postures, drawing breath or prana into these spaces (it really is as easy as visualizing, imagining, or asking) and then feeling the release occur.

There are so many ways to begin to move your body, choose something that feels right for you and go with it!  Options are endless- yoga, walking, dancing, chi gong – so much more.  The more you can add in the merrier!  It is important to remember also that even if you only have 10 minutes, you are making an impact on a new and improved you.  I offer yoga classes intended to support gentle mindful movement in all bodies, a link to my classes is found here.  You are doing something wonderful for yourself, and when we help ourselves we feel better – therefore passing that on to those who surround us which then ripples throughout the entire planet, for that I salute you!

Kelsey Herold 200 RYT, Energy Guide, and Co-Creator