Each of us has a unique way to make a difference in the world. And we came with the talent to make it happen. We were given experiences to hone our skills, help us see, or nudge us in the right direction. Our life journey isn’t random.

Our first job, our aunt’s quirky hobby, a movie that left a potent message, the kid who sat behind us in third grade… all the experiences that continue to resonate came to feed our inborn potential. They are part of the energy stream we were meant to travel.

Seeing these events as delightful connections is fun. Recognizing them as intended milestones in our life journey can be empowering. Looking back, we can see these ordinary experiences with a new eye and consciously embrace what they taught us about our current goals. We can honor what might have felt insignificant or an unnecessary challenge.

When our current path feels fuzzy, we can journey back in time to pull up noteworthy moments and connections to identify the thread sewing a meaningful pattern for us.

Each of us is challenged by desires that don’t fit the collection of beliefs we have gathered over time. We carry a backpack filled with things we want but can’t seem to manifest. And when we look around, it often seems like others have walked many miles in the experience we are seeking. Our yearnings fit in their lives like a pair of comfortable, old shoes.

Quantum energy reminds us this is not about others having while we are missing out. They are simply living their beliefs while we live ours! They may have the job of our dreams and we may have a relationship they desire. We each have what we believe is possible. And, when we are ready to have something more or something different, we can change our beliefs with energy insights.

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Jeanne McElvaney, Energy Healer and Author

Image: KreativeHexenKueche