We have energy bubbles around us that both encourage and limit interactions with other people. With our feelings as sentinels, our bubbles establish the space we need to feel comfortable as we explore and experience changes. Though unspoken, it lets others know how we want to interact.

Changing our feelings automatically alters our choices and that transforms what happens between ourselves and others.

Happiness expands our energy bubble. This momentary feeling has the power to help us identify experiences that celebrate our personal spirit. It confirms we’re on our authentic journey. Remembering this energy is not a state of being, that it pops up between challenges, we can stop feeling bad when it’s not present. We can embrace both the expansive times of happiness and the more contained, personal moments.

Anger makes a sharp-edged bubble. It creates detachment that can help us see circumstances more clearly and have new insights. While it pushes people away, this change in our energy creates emotional safety when needed. It can connect us to our intuition and empower shifts in our life.

Excitement electrifies our bubble. Feeling exhilarated opens us up to unrestrained connections that encourage change. The responsive, communicating nature of energy zeros in, and we sense a oneness that is shared with those around us. We’re aware that anything we can imagine is held as an energy wave of possibility.

Fear is a reflective energy bubble. Quantum Thinking confirms that our experiences are an extension of our think, feel, and believe. This bubble mirrors our inner world even while it’s an ally pointing to potential external dangers. Fear allows us to guide our people choices, knowing we can disconnect energetically as well as physically.

Inspiration will make your bubble magnetic. It makes you feel connected to a future that celebrates you and invites like-minded people into your days. To bring more inspiration into your life, notice quirky moments in conversations and experiences. When that almond flour catches your attention while shopping, let it lead you on a merry chase that appears to have no purpose, and you will be experiencing inspired living.

Like the Cheshire cat, our energy bubbles appear and disappear, leaving us with a smile as they encourage us to embrace the space we need to grow.

Jeanne McElvaney, Author, Energy Healer, Unwind+Explore

 Image: EliElschi