Children get caught in a whirlwind of necessary rules, well-intentioned guidelines, and pressure from friends and family on a day-to-day basis. It’s a joy to help them feel empowered with the different energy experiences I’ve learned for myself.

As I look back on my personal journey as both a child and parent, I realize I didn’t have access to the many tools that would have helped me be friends with my emotions. I wasn’t connected to how truly amazing we are as we travel through childhood. Now I’m a grandparent of 10 kids, and I get to share my personal journey to live life aware and celebrating my authentic self with all my feelings serving me.

We’re often teaching our children to adapt and fit. It’s my passion to help them learn how to blend what we teach them with techniques and tools that give them the ability to balance their emotions with what they are experiencing in the moment.

Instead of watching them meet their challenges based on what others think, I’m showing them things like EFT, Healing Touch, Singing Bowls, Stones, Breathing, and Body Talk. And the light goes on! You can see them recognize they have choices, and they can be who they are. With these kinds of tools, they aren’t as profoundly affected by others. Their emotions don’t spike.

When children learn how to feel centered and connected to their heart, they feel empowered. I love opening this door for them. It has a ripple effect as parents and siblings feel the difference, and we’re all reminded that everyone is a teacher.

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Crystal Dierick, Energy Guide

Image: Geralt