More often than not, we stand at the edge of our potential feeling scared and hesitant, thinking we are afraid of failure. But it isn’t that. It isn’t the fear of swimming in the pond of our possibilities that finds us standing on the shore with waves of doubt lapping at our feet. We hold back because we know changes will come.

There mere thought of change attracts anxiety. That energy starts buzzing around us like bees finding pollen-rich flowers. If we explore the anxiety, we might say it’s about changes in our relationships, learning new skills, or having our routines turned upside-down.

We don’t know if we can stay on track, committed to an unknown outcome. We take comfort in what is familiar. We give our time and attention to wonderful people and excellent events that hold us on the shore of our potential.

Even while we feel the itch to explore more.

Even when we’ve identified what isn’t working for us in our everyday lives and know we need to move forward.

Even when others point out our unused and unexplored talents, we grab the sandy shore with our toes and avoid wading into our potential.

We stand at the edge with tears of frustration because we know we could take one step forward, and we would be on our way.

Anxiety is an energy that alerts us. It points out that we are teetering on the fine line between what is right now and what could be. When anxiety comes, we can be sure we’re ready to explore our potential. At that moment, the balance we’ve created in our lives is no longer our ally. It’s time to weight our days, our energy, our thoughts, efforts, and time toward new possibilities that will bring a different kind of joy: a joy that reflects our value and feeds every aspect of our life.

Maybe this is the day to take that first step ~

Jeanne McElvaney ~ Author, Host, Energy Healer,

Lady in Lake: Mysticartdesign
Bees: Ty_Yang