Personal dreams begin as a collage of wispy feelings, flashing images, and fluttery hope; it all starts before we recognize it’s happening for us. As the delicate layers build, we begin to see a picture of possible plans for our future. That’s when we start planting seeds, dreaming of a garden that will bring a new kind of beauty to our life. This is when we actively connect to the energy that will shape the outcome.

As we plant those seeds of change and growth, our intention becomes more vivid. Our intuition thrives. The swirl of energy begins to form a pattern. We begin to see which flowers of action seem to fit. Like a trip to the nursery, we load up our to-do list with a variety of colorful choices, letting enthusiasm guide us.

Doing our best, we plant, water, and nurture the activities around our dream, believing each one will thrive and become a part of the garden we envision. Time shows us some will grow beyond our wildest expectations while others will languish. I think this is when we are guided by the energy field that surrounds us.

When our dreams becomes visual, they also become limited by our experience and imagination. The Universe and our personal spirit have a broader view, distant connections, and a link to our life purpose. Though we are inclined to believe we can figure out the best fertilizer for our dream, we are served by paying attention to what does not naturally thrive.

Not every idea, inspiration, and intention is a good fit for the potential of our dreams. When the energy we put into something withers, it is our invitation to weed it from our efforts. It’s time to turn toward other possibilities for growing what we desire.

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Jeanne McElvaney, Energy Healer and Author

Image: insspirito