Evolved Fingerology: Discover the Meanings Behind Ring Placement to Empower and Enrich Your Well Being and Life

Who knew that something as simple as placing a ring on a particular finger could assist you in shifting different areas of your life?!  I, for one, am rather excited to share the meanings behind each of your little piggies- I’m down for any assistance I can get to navigate this human world with a little more ease and grace!

How it works:

Some of us whimsical folk may not even think twice about such a idea but for those of us with a more scientific brain an explanation may be in order here.  Here it goes.

In traditional Chinese Medicine (which dates back more than 2500 years ago) we have what are called meridians that run through our body – they are like “channels” or “rivers” that transport energy or chi throughout our bodies.  There are 12 meridians and each govern a different organ.    They are each also in charge of different physical, mental, and emotional functions in our lives.  When these meridians get blocked it creates stress or dis ease in the body, and therefore the mind and spirit.

There are a multitude of ways blockages can occur- stress from everyday life, injury, trauma, poor diet, addictions, or lack of exercise.  Energy blockages can be traced to the root of all health- physical, mental, and spiritual which is essentially all connected.   Acupuncture  and reflexology work with these channels by placing small needles or simply pressure to different points in the body that assist in releasing the stuck energy and therefore opening gateways to optimal health.

So, that being said, placement of a ring on different fingers applies a light yet effective pressure to a different channel that affects you in different ways.  Healing powers can be enhanced with energy charging materials of the earth (ex. gold, silver, copper, or mineral – more on THIS later, EVERYTHING has meaning folks!)  These meridians run through all areas of our body – including the fingers giving us an excellent “excuse” to buy rings that delight our senses!  Hooooooray!!!  What I thought to be something “just” sparkly and pretty is actually positively benefiting my overall well being.  This may be the best news I’ve heard all year!

Now- lets decide which of your Phalanges needs a ring.


Left Hand:

The THUMB stands for harmonious relationships and is the Master of Family, Tribe, and Community.

Key Words: Team Player, Loyal, Community, Cooperative, Matriarchal/Patriarchal, Self Care

The INDEX FINGER is the Master of living ones passions.

Key Words: Passions, Self Aware, Good Boundaries, Self Empowered, Emotionally Independent

The MIDDLE FINGER is the Master of Integrity and living your truth.

Key Words: High Personal Integrity, Role Model, Teacher/Mentor, Principled, High Values, Persistence

The RING FINGER is the Master of Self Approval and facing your fears.

Key Words: True to Self, Innovation, Self Acceptance, Experimental Nature, Strength under Pressure, Resilient

The PINKY FINGER is Intuition and Healer and is Master of Insight.

Key Words: Inspiring, Mental Agility, Clarity, Intuition, Inspirational Communication, Healing, Wisdom


Right Hand

 The THUMB is Grounding and is the Master of Manifestation/Success, it is “the doer.”

Key Words: Competence, Enthusiasm, Focus, Tangible Results, Wise use of Will, Builder/Creator

The INDEX FINGER is Confidence and Will Power and the Master of Power, “the leader.”

Key Words: Influential, Powerful, Decisive, Courageous, Independence, Leadership, Confidence

The MIDDLE FINGER represents Abundance and is the Master of Responsibility- “the business person.”

Key Words: Responsible, Organized, Reliable, Accountable, Resourceful, Money Wise

The RING FINGER is artistic and is the Master of Creativity.

Key Words: Creative, Unique, Authentic, High Profile Person, Performer, Observant, Creative Explorer

The PINKY FINGER represents ideas and is the Master of Communication, “the Author/Speaker.”

Key Words: Mental Quickness, Translator, Messenger, Self Awareness, Excellent Listener, Motivational


Now that we understand what finger does what- you can amplify these effects in a couple of ways.  Choosing a material for your ring will also add a different kind of energetic conductivity to your experience in this matter.  Most of our rings are made of silver but we do have a few copper ones as well.

SILVER: Protects those who are energetically sensitive.  Soft, gentle energy movement throughout the body.  Gives a sense of cleansing or purification.  Helps to lighten the load of emotions- assisting energy to flow with no resistance.  Creates a radiant field that promotes well being.  Carries a creative, feminine energy.

COPPER: When worn on the body is said to protect the wearer from potentially harmful outside influence, has been said to attract love, stirs one from lethargy as it “moves energy” quite well, revitalizes the physical and activates the mind, and purifies and cleanses body and mind.  It increases self confidence and assists in release of mental stress.  It is grounding and calms and heals the body and auric field.

STONES AND MINERALS:  There are simply too many to list here but I found it important to mention that each stone and mineral has its own unique healing properties.  We know and love our stones here and are more than happy to assist you in finding a stone that suits your personal needs.

AWARENESS plays a rather important role here as well- just looking at your ring can be a reminder to you of your INTENTION- what is is you want to ACTUALIZE in your physical existence.  A glance at your new special ring- that now holds more meaning than a material piece- will bring you back into the present moment and re-align you with your hearts desire.

Its so much more fun to play in a world of magic where all is possible – EVERYTHING has meaning!  Enjoy, we hope to play with you soon!


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