When I think of all the options, planning to weave through life, stressing over how to prepare for daily changes and big projects, I am feeling myself looking at life in a different way than I used to.

I am letting go of more things. I am more curious than fearful. I already KNOW it worked out in the best, brightest, highest good, most joyful healthful loving way possible.

Then I simply feel myself activating to the action that created my future. This does not feel like mind play. I am just expressing what feels like the emanation of my soul.

And sometimes, when I am not totally aware of the perfection that All IS~I react with the familiar and endearing human qualities of fear and short-sightedness. That is okay too…..for a time…..

I AM grateful for the moments that I remember.
That is when I can listen and hear my guidance.
I am blessed. So are you. Remember.