Intuition is a little bit like sexy… we tend to think others have it and we don’t. And yet, it’s right there. With a change in our awareness, we can make that magical feeling part of our personal power. Dedee and I explored how to make our wispy 6th sense more accessible!

This is the small step she offered.

Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Now, focus your attention on your breath while letting go of all doing. Go to a place of calm and invite yourself to practice feeling the difference between Yes and No.

Stay in touch with what you’re feeling in your body as you silently say, “Yes” to something you deeply want. Feel your body’s response. Notice the subtle sensations.

Now feel your body’s response when you silent say, “No” to something you definitely don’t want. Tune into what you’re feeling in your body.

Continue practicing, learning the difference in your body when you full-heartedly say say Yes or No. Really experience it. Get familiar with the unique sensations each of these feelings gives you. When you feel confident, open your eyes.

Your body knows your truth. You can trust it. This is what your intuition feels like. A physical-knowing. The more you listen to this knowing sense, accept it, and give it your attention, the more you will trust it.

Let your body guide you as you practice paying attention to your physical-knowing in situations, or with choices to be made, or when someone tells you something. Your connection with this sense will grow as you let it speak to you. It’s like learning to ride a bike. Over time, you will begin to trust your body’s response. It will become instinctive. You will know your answer is not a thought coming from your mind because you’re listening to a whole body sense, a deep knowing. And that is your intuition.

Dedee Starcher is a Yogi & Healer. I love the many layers of healing she brings to her yoga experiences and therapeutic massages. She truly shines as she shares her passion to relieve pain while feeling pampered and calm. I’m so glad she’s offering a class and personal sessions during our April 2018 Unwind+Explore Retreat!

Dedee is a Yoga teacher, trained in Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, and massage therapy.

She has studied at Brenneke school of massage, the Amrit Yoga Institute. She has been an assistant instructor for the Yoga Therapy program at the Amrit Yoga Institute and has taken over 250 hours of documented continuing education units. As she dives deeper in her own healing she is able to more fully assist others on their healing journey.

You can experience her empowering and intuitive personal sessions at Inner Mountain Healing Arts. She offers Yoga Therapy, Healing Sessions, and Massage Therapy.

Book online @ or call 509 682-4577

Dedee is also offering various group classes at Glow Yoga Chelan

Group Yoga Therapy at Eryn Skye Phelps counseling office

Information for this class is at

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