I am a Ray of Light, just like you.

My contemplation this morning was to ‘find my soul’ ~ that unique individuation of ME. As I got deeper and deeper and found myself as the Light that is ME ~ waalaa….’ i ‘ am not there… I AM a part of it, a ray, but there is no individuation. So I carefully back up and ‘out’ to see if I can find ME. I find my brain, my desires, my opinions & personality.

After spending time/space in the dimension of ‘Li’ght, the ‘Bever’ part of me becomes much less interesting, simply existing to serve the Li inside the guise of human-ity….and then the interest comes back. What an honor for us to have found the perfect disguise!

My Soul’s desire is simply to BE ~ An expression of ‘Li’ into human form. My service is Light. How best to Shine?