It’s odd…. Isn’t it so magnificently odd, this colorful dance we weave. Having complete access to all….all knowing….of what it is, the tiny keys to each persons’ fulfillment. And yet we are somehow are divinely blinded, preventing our rushing in to fix, manipulate, adjust, complete, rearrange others’ situations, thoughts, demands, requests.

Gods walking blindly in the night. Hearts open and bleeding, imploring the heavens to let us help…others….while our own masks are tilting and melting off our faces, mirrors obscured. The black night rages on as the fires of desire burn our souls. And not until we are ash do we recognize our wholeness within ourselves to let go of the need to struggle for others’ causes, surrendering to what is at hand, knowing the perfection of Now as it is without disdain.

I know “ALL” enough to let it go and let it be lost in the experience of living in the mists of the dark mystery. And then the flash. All is only a faint memory. We know. And the episode is over.

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BeverLi, Co-Creator and Energetic Steward of Spirals

Image: Spirals