Kelsey’s pick for a favorite at Spirals is the Himalayan rock salt products.

“I love the salt lamps! They create a wonderful, soft ambiance while they are cleaning the air.”

These lamps of different shapes and sizes release negative ions. Kelsey described this feeling as “standing near a waterfall.”

The smaller lamps make a perfect night light because the slight heat releases negative salt ions that can improve sleep, blood flow, and serotonin levels. Some people report that allergy or asthma symptoms are diminished.

Himalayan salts contain 84 elements that are natural to your body. They help regulate it by balancing your water content and encouraging healthy pH balance in your cells. They help you achieve healthy blood sugar. And they have a unique cellular structure that stores vibrational energy.

The Himalayan products are a favorite for Kelsey in all their forms. She uses the salt on her food because she likes the taste and knows it’s healthy alternative to regular table salt. She loves to bathe with the salts because they release toxins. And Kelsey uses the small lamps near her electronics because they neutralize the electromagnetic radiation from all her “buzzing devices”.