When we passionately want something, the energy field will make it happen. We can depend on that. If we’re clear and ready for the energy shift, “No matter what!”, change is going to come to us one way or another. Stepping toward our desire helps us embrace it with grace, feeling empowered. Waiting for the energy field to create circumstances to shift our life can be confusing, even uncomfortable.

Some years ago, my husband and I knew it was time to move. It felt like he’d completed the project he’d embraced, and we were ready to explore more possibilities. We talked about it, but weren’t sure what the next step might be, so time passed, and we were still thinking and talking when our situation began shifting around us. In quick succession, friends moved. His consulting work decreased. Our landlord was sincerely sorry, but she had new plans for our house when the lease was up. The class I was teaching was canceled. We were unceremoniously ushered into change.

Years later, we were comfortably situated when we took a trip to visit our family. During the hours on the road, we both felt a strong pull to move ‘back home’. This time, we didn’t hesitate or resist. We immediately took action as though this move was going to happen. We were released from our lease months early. No problem! In fact our last month’s rent was wavered because of the work we’d done on the house. We found a lovely new rental in a community that was supposed to have very little options, and we did that long distance. Without effort, both of us found a place to share our passion.

When we take action with the deeply held desire that is bubbling up inside us, the energy field lines up everything we need. We get to move forward in a succession of delightful serendipity. Maybe this is what von Goethe was talking about when he said, “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”

Jeanne McElvaney   Author   Unwind + Explore Show Host   Energy Healer

Leap Image: JohnHain