Have you ever just had that feeling that something was right, or wrong for you? Maybe you finally acted on something that the “little voice in your head” repeated over and over to you, and you wished you would have just done it sooner.  This is your intuition trying to get your attention.  That “little voice” is actually not all that little; it is larger than life and if you let it, it can guide you down the river of life with more grace, ease, and joy than you ever imagined possible.

The voice of your intuition belongs to your higher self, the one that knows you better than your ego thinks it does. Learning to trust this little fellow in the back of your head can be easier said than done, but is certainly worth your while. Ignoring your intuition can feel like a long slow death to your soul.


Like almost all things we seek, a little perseverance is in order, and a whole lot of faith. I think it’s important to note that we aren’t actually seeking anything here. This magical program comes preinstalled in our database. We just have to tap into it.

So, we understand that intuition is that voice in our head that guides us to make perfect choices for ourselves. Let me give you some tips as to how to learn to trust this inner guidance.

  1. Intuition Speaks Immediately

Practice noticing the very first thing that comes to mind you when ask a question or prepare to make a decision. The intuition speaks immediately. It doesn’t have to ponder and decide. It already knows exactly what is best for you. You can practice this on something as simple as choosing foods at the grocery store. Your body’s innate intelligence will tell you exactly what it is that you need. As you begin to notice, start paying attention to how your body feels as you act on these truths – tense, relaxed, empowered. Just observe and take note. Trust the flow.

  1. Chills = Truth

Chills and butterflies. Have you ever experienced chills after listening to a beautiful piece of music or an empowering speech? Have you experienced butterflies when embarking on a new project that delights you? This is not to be ignored. This is a direct means of communication from spirit, our higher self wrapping us in hugs of sensation and telling us to proceed. For me, chills and butterflies equal truth.

  1. Intuition Strengthening

Spending time activating the third eye chakra, our center of inner knowing, can assist us in strengthening our ability to live intuitively. There are many meditations, yoga poses, stones, and essential oils to help us charge this center. Simply directing our gaze out through the third eye, whether behind closed eyes or open, will begin to awaken this center.

  1. The Four “Clairs”

Every one of us is wired differently and receives information in different ways. Paying attention to how you receive information will help you tremendously as you learn to build and trust this gift. I invite you to avoid feeling threatened by these “clairs.” We are all innately psychic. Our current programming has us believing otherwise. All these senses need is a little attention and some fine tuning, a belief in magic, and you are on your way!

Clairaudience, or “clear hearing”

Do you have a voice that speaks clear messages to you or maybe not so clear messages? It’s important to know as you are learning to trust your intuition that your intuition will not talk to you like a piece of garbage. It is most definitely your dear friend, the ego speaking, when it says something like, “Get off your fat ass and do something.” Don’t worry, deciphering these voices all comes with patient attention.

Clairvoyance, or “clear seeing”

Maybe you see visions in your mind’s eye of events or objects. These are like little sacred clues to the puzzle of your life.

Clairsentience or “clear feeling”

This gift of intuition sends the messages straight to your body. Chills, warmth, pain, dizziness, or emotional feelings of sadness, anger, or love. All are ways of speaking to you.

Claircognizance or “clear knowing”

Have you ever just known something to be true without any other signs or clues? Charge this bad boy up and imagine how empowering it would be to walk around just knowing what is wrong and right for you?! Yes, please.

  1. Energy Insights

I have a dear friend who does ‘works of wonder’ in teaching others to trust their intuition and empower their journeys. She holds different thoughts and ideas (all which is energy) and has you practice feeling them in order to make intuitive life decisions through energy insights. She offers unwavering support as you learn to trust this inner wisdom. Words can’t explain what a gift she and her work have been on my journey. Jeanne offers her Energy Readings and Personal Energy Sessions at Spirals.

All of this being said, begin your journey to living intuitively and watch the gifts it brings. We are such powerful beings, and each step we take to living in higher consciousness affects the entire planet in a positive light. With that, I thank you!

Kelsey Herold ~ Yoga Instructor and Energy Healer