We live in waves of unlimited possibilities. That’s exciting. It can also be overwhelming, so we soothe ourselves by instinctively labeling what we experience. When an emotional wound is unresolved, we label it a grievance. It becomes a post-it we wear to confirm a highly charged moment that continues swirling in our energy field.

Old Thinking would have us believe resolution is between ourselves and another person. Quantum Thinking reminds us that we create what we are experiencing from our inner world. We can take a small step toward resolution by changing the label we’re wearing.

Remove “they did that” or “I really messed up” and recall a recent compliment. Something that made you feel self conscious. Then recall a time when those words were a perfect fit! It’s there. You can be sure it’s there because it made you feel self-conscious as you recognized the truth. Let that compliment connect you to a truth that celebrates you. Write it down. Wear that instead of the old one identifying your grievance. It’s a small step, but it’s powerful.

Grievance is an energy that anchors us in the past. Updating who we are with new labels is life changing. When we change our label, we change our experience.

Jeanne McElvaney    Unwind + Explore Show Host    Author     Energy Healer