From this space, life can shift away from bringing us outcomes and circumstances to confirm our most limiting beliefs and begin delivering us the synchronicities, resources, relationships, insights, and guidance that shows us the Divine plan we are always fulfilling that we cannot veer away from or ever get wrong. ” This is a quote from a letter from Matt Kahn this morning.

It fits into my experience that whatever I think about AND the energy with which I think about it creates more of the same. It is a practice to shift the energy of emotions from what we fear to what we love. While it is not always automatic and easy, it is a skill that pays off many fold. It becomes a way of life that opens to magnificent possibilities in our moments.

I pay kind attention to the thoughts circling in my mind, just like I would pay attention to a small child playing near the edge of the water. There’s a fine line between the adventure of dipping the toes into a stream of consciousness and deciding to dive deep. Paying attention highlights my Choice of which stream to dive into; then I can choose the breadth and scope of my adventures with acute awareness.

I love to fly fast and high with my eyes wide open. And I love to stop into silence when it’s time.

BeverLi ~ Spiral’s inspiring steward