We are holding intent and focus in shifts – taking turns, meditating, writing, reading, Experiencing into Wisdom on the planet. Each person that is holding the energy of passion for who we are, for no matter how long, has contributed, is contributing to the planetary shift into the new paradigm of the planet we have desired to create.

In the past it seemed it was the dark ones that were trained in these procedures for the purpose of control. But the light has been increasing, casting shadows, so we can more easily delineate the beneficial from the non-beneficial energies.

Each moment that each of us in aware is an exponential contribution. The LIGHT DOES WIN. We are on the winning side. “When” is up to us, as a whole; maintain the focus of our intent as steadily as is possible.

Refrain from fear. Allow observation only for the sake of observation, to be able to hold intent in specific individual and /or global matters. Fear breaks the intent. So do NOT allow it within ourselves. If it is present in you and it surfaces, do not hide or push it down, but let the light of the passion of what we are creating wash over it and rinse it away with the strength of that which is true.

Chaotic feelings may be caused by the realization of which of our belief systems and programs are not beneficial. The chaos lasts only as long as it takes for us to release the old and to accept DIVINE knowledge of more beneficial beliefs. When we have practiced the new beliefs to a depth of Experiencing them into Wisdom, our internal chaos subsides. Yes, of course, until there possibly comes an even deeper realm of knowing, and with practice, sliding into the new spaces/dimensions comes with more ease and grace. We learn to recognize the light that is leading us.

And this is simply MY realization in this particular ‘moment’ of ‘NO TIME anyway”, from this little cove at Coral Ocean Point on Saipan facing the Philippine sea on planet earth.

How fortunate it is, indeed, that these lower frequency emotions such as unworthiness, guilt, undeserving, victim, not good enough, etc., still have access to our consciousness. As conscious, aware humans that are becoming we have the tools to transform and transcend them, not only for ourselves, but for the planet. And we are committed to doing just that.

p.s. I so appreciate my spaces of silence as I am encircled and caressed by a yellow butterfly amidst the coral and lapping waves on the sand. She just landed on my toe for a kiss.

BeverLi’s Water Lily Image: “Water lilies, like the lotus, transform the muck into pure delight. This also is what we are capable of.”

BeverLi, Co-Founder and Energetic Steward of Spirals