Oracle cards are also called wisdom cards. They are the modern version of tarot cards that date back to the 15th century and can be used for both guidance and affirmation. I think they feel like a best friend, who really understands, celebrates, and encourages you. They can give you divine inspiration and help you communicate with spirit in ways that feel deep and meaningful to you.

With rich images and words of wisdom, they have an uncanny ability to get to the root of what you are wondering about.

The images have a lot of hidden meaning. As you look at the them, notice your first impression and feeling. Notice what catches your attention, where your eyes are drawn. Pay attention to the colors or numbers that resonate. These hold messages for you in that moment. Part of reading your cards is trusting the insights that bubble as you look at the card you’ve drawn.

The words of wisdom have a different perspective for each deck of cards. There are all kinds of cards available: fairy, angel, animal spirit guides, the divine feminine, archetype, hidden realms, and nature are just some of the themes you can find. Finding both the images and themes that speak to you is part of the joy of picking your own deck or choosing a deck for someone close to you.

Most often, we don’t give ourselves the quiet time to listen to our inner wisdom. And, when it does speak to us, we ignore it or second guess what is happening. Using oracle cards lets us physically interact with the messages. When we ask any question, there is always an answer for us.

For me, these empowering cards offer timeless love and inspiration for positive change.

Laura FolsomAngel Oracle Reader