I appreciate the layers of silence I find as I go within. The egoic mind tends to provide little traps that I use to strengthen my focus muscles. It’s a game to weave through them without getting caught. The breath is my leader to the heart. Breath is my warrior, attentive and ready to scoot judgments aside. I allow my consciousness to ride, encased in the soft cocoon of the breath.

I access that space of still consciousness where words and feelings melt away. I slip into that great cosmic void of soul where all is. In this field of silence my higher self ~ unconscious ~ all that I AM~ basks in the realization that I Am All. This is the space of my essence, the acknowledgement of why I AM made physical at this time/space/reality. This is the space where useless facts, figures, and acceptance needs are laughed out of the house. This is MY space to allow the download of my passions.

Passion is my first step, it’s like unfolding the directions to a long awaited new game that I’ve been dying to play. Accepting passion is to turn on a switch, to say YES to being whole, to open the door to the positive side of my own free will. It is my flow of my intention to living my mission on earth and way beyond.

In that quiet space my conscious mind does not act, I do not feel or see the details of my passions. But it seems to be the state of acceptance that allows them to be honored, firmly embedded and nurtured in my Beingness.

In my conscious waking and active life my passions range from tiny moment-to-moment urges to long-term global electro-magnetic pulses that powerfully and smoothly pull me forward. While on the path to supporting a new planetary paradigm of cooperation, personal responsibility and harmony I cultivate my essence with fulfilling sweet little desires; I listen for the whispering instructions, I follow the route that glows.

Passions come from a different space of my heart than my egoic wants. The feel is different. In the noise of the ‘worldly illusion of realities’ the wants scream loud for attention. So many options can pull at the mind moment to moment. But the passion, it’s a strike of lightening permeating my energy field giving energy of action, ideas and the fleeting knowing and recognition that I’ve desired this path for all of time! That initial moment of passion is critical, before the mind sets in with reasons to convince me that I must be crazy and am for sure incapable of completing such a feat.

And I am mindful that sometimes there is the surprise factor. That first stage of movement into passion actually may have been also the completion of the desire; that leap into the action WAS the step needed to lead to a seemingly totally different path! What’s up with THAT!? Letting go of what we thought was a long-term activity can take as much courage as beginning it. Constant vigilance of perception is required in this game. The ingredients of life get mixed in to form magnificence of being, blended so well that it becomes impossible to distinguish which strands of action created what aspects of wisdom.

But it doesn’t matter, the results are perfect.

Outside voices are rarely experts to my own inner realities. I am thankful for recognizing my opportunity to find the quiet cosmic space within myself. It is a practice that begins with the simple desire to ride the breath back to all that I AM, inside myself.

May your journey into your inner sanctum also be soft and delightful.

This photo is of the underneath, dark and hidden side of a mushroom type fungus. Discovered in the jungle of Saipan, passion led me to find beauty deep inside it.

BeverLi, Co-Creator and Energetic Steward of Spirals’ Shop Online

Image: Mark Robertson