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We welcome you to enter with your heart and let it lead you to the treasures below.  We are real people behind this page, playing in the brick and mortar shop that houses these products, so please feel free to give us a call or email to inquire about these gifts and tools for life.  It is impossible to show you everything right here, but we will enjoy connecting with you to enhance your journey.    Oh, and just know that we are adding daily to this site, so if you don’t see something you know should be here, give us a call!

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  • Unwind, Explore, Spirals, weekend, EFT, intuitive, frequency, healer

    Join us for the April 2018 Retreat. We have 33 facilitators who will be offering 64 different classes and personal sessions. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the 27th – 29th, you'll get to celebrate and nurture your mind~body~spirit.

    Comments heard during the 2017 retreat:

    “It’s amazing. Everyone seems so happy.”

    “Next year I’m going to make it a girlfriend weekend.”

    “I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

    “It was a powerful, very personal retreat.”

    “Great energy. Great experiences for very little money.”

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    Sponsors:  Spirals, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce, Charlie Bear Trust Fund, Chelan House Bed & Breakfast, Riverwalk Inn & Cafe, Just MAKE Stuff Chelan Studio, Salmon Berry Design, and Ignite Changes Using Energy by Jeanne McElvaney. Special thanks to Wellness Garden for providing space for us to grow!

    The following are offering discounts for dining and lodging: Chelan House Bed & Breakfast, Riverwalk Inn & Cafe, Fox and Quail, Deep Water Inn, Vacation Lake ChelanSage Vacation Rentals, Campbells Resort, Bear Foods Market and Creperie Cafe, Green Dot Sub Shop, Los Shinolas, Quail's Nest

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  • I'm an active Certified Reiki Practitioner. I started studying at least 30 years ago, reading books that came to me while living in a cabin in the woods. I am always doing further studies in Energy Medicine. I was doing long-distance healing 25 years ago before I knew what it was. Birds give me messages. I've walked on coal and bent rebar with my Sea-star Sue. I believe its 'Mind Over Matter', that we can do a lot with our minds beyond our wildest imagination.  We all have the ability to heal. Spirals has given me the opportunity to join their practitioners to share my gifts. I have gained so much balance, peacefulness, love and light from my connection there. With the classes, sessions, learning new modalities, I continue to grow in the Energy Medicine world. I'm excited about being part of the gifts Spirals offers to others. Reiki Session with Ginny
  • Our night lights make the perfect gift: almost everyone has an electrical socket to plug it into, they are reasonably priced, handmade in the USA, energy efficient.  They are practical as well as beautiful.
  • Our journeys often start in unexpected places. Crystal grew up in Alaska and started with Alaska Airlines when she was in high school. Twenty-three years later, she spontaneously responded to a feeling and told her supervisor she 'wished the airlines would open a new terminal in Seward, Alaska. Serendipity was at work: they were looking for a supervisor for the new terminal they were opening that would serve cruise ships linked to the airlines. With ease and joy, Crystal relocated. She was in an energy shift that helped her recognize her talents, knowledge, and natural leadership. When early retirement was offered, Crystal once again followed her inner wisdom.

    Seeking a place that “felt good”, she moved to Sisters, Oregon with her family. Little did she know, she had another energy shift about to happen. It was initiated by a motorcycle accident that hospitalized her with “many broken things”. During this time, Crystal experienced her first session: One of her nurses used Healing Touch, a nurse-based energy modality. During her stay in the hospital, Crystal learned to let go and trust. She found her voice to better care for herself. She learned that “this is just a body” and started searching for more.

    A day after the accident, a stranger came to visit her. She expressed, I never do this, but I had to tell you what we experienced with you. It was beyond anything I've known. This mother had been in the first car that waited while the ambulance arrived. She talked about the angels her three young daughters had seen around Crystal. In that moment, Crystal learned that teaching can come from anywhere; it was about sharing what you know.

    During the following year, her daughter became another angel as Crystal healed. During this time, she saw her life from a different perspective. She dared to be more aware and listen to her personal truth. She recognized what didn't fit her highest good and made new choices. One of those choices was moving to Chelan. And that brought her to Spirals.

    As she walked around the store, she “felt the energy” even though she didn't know what that meant. Her sister gifted her a Healing Touch session with BeverLi. The scattered pieces of seeking and learning began falling into place as BeverLi said, “Loving guides are around you.” It was the beginning of taking courses in EFT, Reiki, Healing Touch, Sound Essence. With each step, more doors opened and she was invited to work at Spirals.

    For Crystal, Spirals is the place she gets to continue learning and and expanding her possibilities. She gets to share her excitement about energy, especially working with children. Crystal loves it when she sees the light go on when people recognize their own ability to help themselves. She feels honored to share in that journey.

    Balance Your EmotionsBalance Family EmotionsVibrational Healing, Integrative Energy Sessions,  Healing TouchEFTLight WithinReiki

  • I was guided to Shari's shop on Bent Street in Taos, NM in the summer of 2016.  We immediately became friends.  I felt as if I'd known her forever, so, of course I wanted to share with you all what she has to offer.  We have some of her drums a few of her paintings, but most of all I appreciate knowing her energy here on the planet.  Read more about Shari below.
  • As a child, Ann instinctively healed animals. It was just something she did without naming it or even knowing how it happened. Her first healing came with three kittens she found. The vet said they had distemper, and Ann felt the need to bring them home and make them comfortable till they passed. All survived and thrived.

    Ann didn't realize she was an energy healer until she had a Hand Analysis session with Suzan Keller. When Suzan told her she was a healer, Ann was stunned and couldn't comprehend it because she wasn't a nurse or doctor. But that moment opened a door for her. She began seeking information that resonated deeply with what she knew about herself.

    Along the way, Ann learned that what she had always experienced had a name; she was an empath. The emotions and injuries that would wash over her when she was around others became a healing guide. She learned how to help others release what was happening for them. Ann also helped fellow empaths learn shielding techniques to better manage and use their innate talent.

    Ten years ago, Ann's chronic depression hit her hard. Antidepressants were numbing her emotions, and she felt like she was being pulled under. Without really knowing why, she came into Spirals. Nobody was in the store at that moment, and that gave Ann the courage to tell Patti what she was feeling. Patty immediately locked the door, flipped over the “Closed” sign, and worked with Ann using EFT. It turned her world around. It was huge, and it opened a second door for her.

    Ann took EFT classes that continued her healing journey. That led to Reiki and other classes like Sound Essence and Life Light Tools. She started honoring her passion to be of service to others. She continues going to healing classes and seeking self-teaching because she believes “You can never learn enough to bring to others.”

    Crystals are a part of Ann's passion. She uses their energy and frequencies in every aspect of her life, including healings. She offers a Crystal Grid class. Creativity is woven into her healing. She wants everything she creates to joyfully appeal as well as bring healing, peace, and joy.

    Ann has brought her own healing journey full circle and now offers her services at Spirals. Her life path has shown her how working with energy enables the body to heal and regulate itself. For her, Spirals is a place that brings continuing inspiration, new perspectives, and empowering support.

    ReikiLight WithinCrystal Grid Class

  • Lori Lawrence
    Lori has followed a delightful path with adventures that always reached out to others to make a difference in their lives. In her bookstore, she offered mind~body~spirit reading when it was still something new. When she opened her used-book store, she also offered healing massage. And now she shares her passion for benefits of reflexology. For her, the journey with reflexology took root during the 1970's when she was being treated by a massage therapist, who incorporated this Chinese medicine. Lori was amazed how her feet were connected to every part of her body. Her curiosity was piqued! She wanted to learn more about the body, the body connections, and how it all worked. She was first certified in massage, but found reflexology was a stronger pull. She craved more knowledge and became certified in this kind of "zone therapy". Over the years, her passion for reflexology has grown as Lori has seen the proof and experienced it. She loves that it's non-invasive, safe, and really produces benefits. Lori met BeverLi and Patti when they came to her bookstore in Wenatchee. Over coffee and a conversation, one of those joyous, natural connections was set in motion. Since then, she has watched Spirals blossom and loves that she is now part of the wonderful, healing, and empowering sessions offered by the facilitators. Reflexology with Lori