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  • a little light

    A Little Light Chilren's Book

    A children's book that connects children with their inner light so they can shine. Follow the adventures of our hero, a little light, as he grows from the smallest spark of essence into a beautiful boy. Some life challenges dull his light, but with the help of his community, he learns to shine again.  this story emphasizes the importance of the body, mind, and spirit in healing the whole person.
  • Saturday, July 14       1130 - 1:30

    $45 and pre-registration is required. Space limited.

    Kelsey will guide you to DIVE INTO THE CREATIVE PROCESS of combining gemstones and aromatherapy. In this fun, hands-on workshop, you will make a gemstone mala diffuser bracelet while exploring the health and wellness benefits of essential oils. 

    Your sense of smell is the most direct neuro-pathway to support your emotional and physical well-being. Inextricably linked to memory and feelings, the potent combination of genuine gemstones and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils surround us with a subtle energetic healing field. We invite you to participate in this high-vibe experience tailored to your specific intentions while learning about dōTERRA essential oils to create a customized piece of jewelry which beautifully enhances your ability to truly thrive. For more information or to register, call Spirals: 509-682-2383.

  • earth


    Sympathy/Empathy Choices for the Highest Good of All
  • how diablo became spirit

    How Diablo Became Spirit

    Diablo shows children how to connect with animals and respect all living beings. The true story of Spirit the black leopard has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube. This bok recounts the powerful tale from his unique point of view. Spirit's difficult journey brings him to Anna Breytenback, The Animal Communicator. This encounter changes his life and the lives of those who care for him. This book includes SPIRIT'S SECRET STEPS to communicating with animals.
  • jade roller

    Jade Roller

    With our new Jade Roller you can cool and calm your skin and boost the circulation and blood flow beneath your skin to encourage a visible healthy glow. One of the main benefits of self-massage on the face using a jade roller is that of lymph drainage. If you imagine the bridge of the nose to be the central point, you would roll away from that in all directs.  Just imagine that you are very gently rolling all the toxin build up outward and downwards, rolling all the away outward along your jaw and down the channel that runs down your neck by your ear. The jade roller gives a cool surface that’s super smooth and allows access into muscles and tissues with a pressure. The roller tends to be more effective than manual massage with your hands alone, while being gentle and safe. Use your roller on clean skin, before the use of your skincare products. You can put a tiny oil on your face then just wipe the roller clean after using. Use the roller back and forth, up and down and out to the side for an uplifting massage, with more pressure in the upwards motion.  And remember to include your neck.
  • Lake Chelan Magnet This is a sweet reminderof the beauty of pristine water and the gift that she holds for the planet. The magnets are blessed by the frequencies of pure tones of crystal singing bowls and will emanate a feeling of peace when you see it. Open to Receive. This image is also available in Peuter Christmas Ornaments.
  • Metal

    Grief/guilt/Release Living in the Moment
  • ministerial fire

    Ministerial Fire

    Circulation/Sex and Triple Warmer Joy/Love - Maintaining Balance in Life
  • Sovereign Fire

    Heart/Small Intestine Joy/Love - Prioritizng
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  • The Bee Who Could Not Choose Her Flower

    The Bee Who Could Not Choose Her Flower

    This bedtime story teaches kids the valuable lesson of making choices. Follow the adventures of our heroine, bee, as she struggles with indecision before learning to trust herself to make choices.
  • the boy who searched for silence
    The Boy Who Searched for Silence In this Children's Literature they will learn to find silence within themselves. Follow the aventures of our hero, the boy, as he runs from the noises of life, hoping to find golden, peaceful, blissful silence. Join in his amazement as he discovers silence where he least expects it. This story was written after a four-day silent retreat and illustrated by a meditator. It holds a real key for you to enter silence together with your child.  
  • The elephant who tiptoed

    The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe Conscious Bedtime Story

    This conscious bedtime story reminds children to be their true selves and to love the body they have. Follow the adventure of our heroine, the elephant, as she falls in and out of love with herself. Watch as she compares herself to other animals before recognizing the beauty of her own special features and accepting herself jsut the way she is.  
  • Fish Who Searched for Water

    The Fish who Searched for Water

    Helping children become conscious of the love that surrounds them. Follow the adventures of our hero, the little fish, as he searches for water hoping that it will end his loneliness and make him happy.  
  • Forgetful Elephant

    The Forgetful Elephant Bedtime Story

    This bedtime story helps children find inner happiness when they forget. Follow the adventures of our heroine, Ellie, as she forgets and remembers her own true nature. Join Elliw as she discovers where her deepest happiness lives.