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  • Sale! carnelian sunray

    Sunray Carnelian Quantum Pendant

    (Only one in stock at this sale price)

    Carnelian says "I am courageous and confident."

    In addition to this Carnelian Quantum pendant, Spirals sells the complete line of sacred quantum Pendants. Designed by David Sereda, the Carnelian quantum pendant is designed by a jeweler then infused with proprietary Quantum Energy Vibration Technology chambers. These chambers infuse the frequencies of Tachyon energy (faster than light energies), The Sacred Tree of Life, the actual NASA frequency of the Sound of the Sun, sacred geometrics and chambers that activate harmonic fields of energy in the pendant. The human body sends signals of energy in the form of negative and positive ions from the brain through the nervous systems to our organs and our muscles and 5 senses. Our body is an electrical system. Our electrical charge and distribution of energy can get weakened for various reasons, which can cause a decline in our strength, balance and health. Hundreds of people have been scientifically tested for body voltage. Consistently, the data shows persons with health issues or low energy have low voltage. Wearing the stone pendant increases body voltage to much more holistic levels. The Source pendant multiplies energy, on average, by a factor of 2 to 5 but can go as high as 10 times depending on a persons base line. Levels above Source, pendants wrapped with silver and/or gold, raise the body voltage and frequency by a factor of 3 to 12 times, depending on the persons base line.

    To see further information about these pendants please see this catalog by David Sereda. (prices are outdated, but info is good).  Find a beautiful chain to carry your Quantum Pendant.

  • peppermint

    Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Like many other essential oils, peppermint is used for stress, depression and mental exhaustion due to its refreshing nature. It’s also used to ease anxiety and restlessness. Peppermint is often used for head-aches and migraines. Do not use on children under 30 months of age.
  • angel ornament

    Always Believe Angel Ornament

    I am with you every day. This angel ornament is the perfect reminder for the Christmas tree or for every day. She can hang or stand alone. 4" x 3.5"
  • angel ornament

    Angel Ornament Choose Faith

    This Angel Ornament reminds us to Hold on to faith with all our might. She stands alone or can hang from a variety of places.  4" x 3.5"
  • angel ornament

    Angel Ornament Great Triumphs

    This Great Triumphs Angel Ornament reminds us to rise above the storm and find the sunshine.  She can stand alone or hang where you like her. 4" x 3.5"
  • angel ornament

    Angel Ornament Harvest Gifts

    This angel is Always grateful and abundantly blessed. Hangs or stands alone, she is a perfect reminder for gratitude.
  • angel ornament

    Angel Ornament Lifes Gifts

    This sweet angel ornament says "Life gave me the Gift of You". Wow~what a perfect gift that is to present to your loved one. It can stand alone or hang. 4" x 3.5"
  • angel ornament

    Angel Ornament Plant Kindness

    This angel ornament says Love and kindness are never wasted. She can stand alone or hang and is perfect for your gardner friends! 4"x3.5"
  • angel ornament

    Angel Ornament Shine Bright

    This angel ornament reminds us that Stars can't shine without darkness.  She can hang in a variety of places or stand alone. Enjoy her. 4"x3.5"
  • angel ornament

    Angel Ornament So Thankful

    This angel ornament states So thankful for all things Great and Small. Now that's a pleasant reminder isn't it? She stands alone or hangs beautifully wherever you enjoy her. 4" x 3.5"
  • angel ornament

    Angel Ornament Warm Welcome

    This warm welcome angel ornament reminds us there is always enough room for one more.  She can stand alone or hang as a cute reminder. She is 4"x3.5"
  • angel ornament

    Angel Ornament Winter Peace

    Our winter peace angel ornament asks us to Find peace on our journey.  I wish that for you~~~~   She stands alone or hangs in your favorite spot. 4" x 3.5"
  • balsam oil

    Balsam Fir Essential Oil

    • Fresh woodsy aroma
    • Holiday happiness in a bottle
    • Freshen the air in a delightful way
    • Uplifting
    • Soothing
    • Emotionally balancing
    • Helps soothe stress and anxiety
    • Great for calming muscles and joints (add a few drops to a carrier oil and apply topically)
    • Supports healthy respiratory system (add 2-3 drops to coconut, jojoba or sweet almond oil and apply to chest, throat or under the nose to relieve congestion)
  • vitajuwel wellness bottle

    Wellness Gem Water Bottle

    Wellness with AMETHYST // ROSE QUARTZ // CLEAR QUARTZ This well-balanced composition of the Wellness Gem Water Bottle has already been used for several hundreds of years to inspirit water by countless people all around the world. Experts claim that amethyst stimulates the mind and soothes emotions. Rose quartz fosters tranquility and harmony. Clear Quartz is a stone for clarity and perception. As a combination, they’re used for their wonderfully invigorating effect. GemWater prepared with this harmonic blend is the best “everyday water”. Most customers find it to taste smooth and mild. If you're unsure, with which VitaJuwel blend to start your collection, choose this one.
  • five elements

    Five Elements

    AMETHYST // CHALCEDONY // PETRIFIED WOOD // ROSE QUARTZ // OCEAN AGATE Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed over the last 5,000 years and understands health as a harmonious balance of five elements: Wood for growth, water for reflection, earth for grounding, metal for strength and fire for passion. These elements are the prime energetic building blocks from which all substance in the world is composed. They are metaphors for how things interact with each other. We have included one carefully selected type of gemstone for each element to reflect each attribute. Get your life in balance. Experience this ancient wisdom.
  • Gather & Make

    Gather & Make Plant-Based Projects by Genevieve Layman

    Gather & Make is an award winning, newly published, one-of-a-kind book. The book provides step-by-step instructions for activites that encourage lively engagement with plants. Three easy-to-create, affordable activites are featured for every month of the year. Each activity in Gather & Make is carefull selected to harmonize with the rhythms of the season in a way that connects plants and nature around us. Gather & Make offers useful tipsd for planting and maintaining all the plants featured in the book, including useful gardening guidelines and techniques. Genevieve is a Horticulture Therapist in Portland, OR.  I believe you will love experiencing this book.
  • guardian


    New ideas, mental strength and inner growth require an open mind. This intense blend has been created to neutralize everything negative. Whether it comes from working or living in a challenging environment or just bad vibes from our fellow humans. In natural healing traditions, grounding black tourmaline stands for protection and safety. In several publications, Amethyst has been named the perfect companion for black tourmaline to create a powerful, natural shield against negativity. Clear Quartz adds a good portion of clarity. Use GUARDIAN as a screen and enjoy the freedom you’ll gain.
  • Happiness


    This happiness water bottle is for when you feel that you could use a little more joy in your life.  It has been designed to inspire and attract all that is positive and good. Natural healing traditions tell us this combination of beaming orange calcite and brilliant carnelian (the “Stone of Life”) form a vibrant aura of openness, eloquence, and optimism. And to top it off, we’ve included beautiful jade. This “Dream Stone” is said to bless whatever it touches and has been famous over the last 6,000 years for attracting good luck.  
  • Love Water Bottle

    (rose quartz - garnet - clear quartz) All you need is … water. And when you add rose quartz, the quintessential stone of love, tenderness and sensuality, anything is possible. Fair and lovely rose quartz is a talisman for relationships and is used in crystal healing to release emotional wounds and traumas and to bring peace and calm. Fiery Garnet adds a wonderful component of sensuality and passion to this blend. Combined, they create a unique emotional dynamic - LOVE. For those who love water, this is the perfect gift. In order for the heart to beat, it needs water.
  • lavender

    Organic Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil

    (Lavendula angustifolia) Lavender is considered one of the most versatile essential oils, used general skin care, headaches and migraines. It is one of the very few essential oils that can be used neat (undiluted) on the skin for acne, eczema, burns, wounds and scars. It helps keep insects at bay, and ease their bites. Lavender’s effect on the mind is both stimulating and calming. A little Lavender applied to the pillow or sprayed on the sheets helps induce restful sleep. Lavender is known for its calming effect in relieving anxiety, tension and vague fears.
  • lemon

    Organic Lemon 100% pure Essential Oil

    (Citrus limonum) Lemon is refreshing, uplifting and clarifying. It’s great for cleaning your home. Use it when dealing with feelings of bitterness, resentment and grudging others’ luck or success.
  • may chang

    Organic May Chang 100% pure essential oil

    May Chang (Litsea cubeba) May Chang has a refreshing, stimulating uplifting action, making it a useful oil for relieving fatigue and lethargy. It has a tonic effect on the nervous system and is used to provide clarity of thought when you are feeling nervous, stressed, anxious or confused. May Chang is known as an 'oil of tranquility' and is recognized for its powerful effect in terms of promoting physical relaxation and mental calm. It is recommended for those suffering from work related stress and an inability to switch off.
  • Patchouli

    Patchouli 100% Pure Essential Oil

      Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) Patchouli has long been used in skin care for conditions such as acne, eczema, inflammation, and cracked, chapped, irritated skin. It is often found in anti-aging skin care products and is used to balance oiliness in hair and treat dandruff. The oil is also used to soothe the nervous system. And quiet the mind.
  • rosemary oil

    Organic Rosemary Oil

    Rosemary is vigorous and stimulating. It stimulates blood flow and is excellent for aches and pains and sinus congestion. Rosemary is valuable in its ability to aid concentration, stimulating brain and memory. Rosemary is an exellent hair tonic and used for dandruff, falling hair and oily scalp.
  • tea tree

    Organic Tea Tree 100% Pure Essential oil

    (Melaleuca alternifolia) This oil is a powerful antiseptic and fungicide and boosts the immune sys-tem. Tea tree is often used on athlete’s foot, corns, ringworm and thrush. It is considered a cleansing and detoxifying oil that purifies and stimulates. Tea tree has been used for everything from head lice to gum infections and psoriasis
  • Soul Seeing Intuitive Session

    Each soul is cosmically imprinted and personally encounters relational paradox to reconcile in this lifetime. All paradox creates tension inviting us to weave the disparate — and sometimes, hidden — threads of polarity back into the fabric of right relationship. With your permission, my gift of intuition allows me to access both the seen and unseen realms to reveal with lucid brilliance the complex blocks that may be preventing you from realizing wholeness, harmony and peace in relationship. Any relationship: Romantic. Platonic. Personal. Professional. Familial. Ancestral. Terrestrial. Celestial. I see the past. The present. And the future. Whatever is needed to support you in finding clarity, insight, and peace. I see you and believe in you. And I will unconditionally reflect the brightness and perfection of your highest self back to you, so that you remember your innate resources and power to access your birthright of freedom, joy and radiance. Bottom line: the universe is co-conspiring to love you wide open. I'm just one angel, among many, here to humbly help you lift your eyes up so you can see you're one step closer on the pathway home to your own heart. Your Soul Seeing Intuitive Session is comprehensive and integrative and includes an intuitive reading, astrological identification of your Venus Star Point® for developing relational harmony, plus aromatic allyship via essential oils, and/or other somatic and mindfulness-based practice suggestions for integrating your healing and growth.
    60-minute private sessions: $125 30-minute private sessions: $75 Please contact 509-682-2383 to schedule and submit payment for your private session with Jenny
  • Spinning Phone Grip Holder

    Keep your phone stable while taking a photo, hang it on a hook?, organize your cables through it, entice your phone to stand up and be seen with it. How many ways can you use this cute little spinning device?
  • orange

    Sweet Orange 100% Pure Essential Oil

    Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) Sweet orange is mellow, warming and soothing. It lifts gloom, depression and can encourage a hopeful outlook. It can help relieve muscular aches and pains, calm, relax, and help combat insomnia. Sweet orange is very good for depression, sadness and lack of joy. It helps energize us during periods of apathy, when we are stuck and unable to make necessary changes.
  • VitaJuwel Gemstone Droplet

    VitaJuwel Gemstone Droplet is a personal gemstone vial with quartz granules, a fiery garnet and an exquisite amethyst. Its elegant water drop design makes it a unique eyecatcher. To vitalize a glass of water or wine in a restaurant or in the company of friends is always a guarantee for a fascinating moment. To ensure that gem water lovers have their personal vial always ready in their bag, the VitaJuwel Droplet carrying case is recommended.
  • frankincense

    Wildcrafted Frankincense 100% pure essential oi

    (Boswellia serrata) Used in massage and to rejuvenate the skin. It is antiseptic, calming, cooling, drying, fortifying, revitalizing and stimulating. Use for circulation, digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system and skin (acne, ageing, oily, wrinkles). For mental and emotional conditions frankincense is used for burn-out, depression, exhaustion, mental fatigue, insecurity and panic. It is considered a valuable aid to meditation and spiritual development.
  • ylang ylang

    Ylang Ylang 100% Pure Essential Oil

    (Cananga odorata) Ylang ylang is voluptuous, exotic and reassuring. This highly perfumed oil is calming, uplifting, sensual and often used as an aphrodisiac. It can help calm anger, fear, frustration and lessen irritability. It is helpful in times of change. It acts on the emotional heart center to assuage feelings of guilt, jealousy and resentment.
  • gaia sphere

    444 Gaia Sphere


    444 Gaia Sphere

    “When you hold this Gaia sphere you feel the high vibrations of your Mother Earth. You feel the heart beat of our beloved Earth. Many will be attracted to this sphere because of their connection to the Earth. They feel the peace and calm of the All is Well energy which this Sphere emits. It reminds the spirit of you, who you are. It vibrates to the I Am presence which is you. Play with it, hold it, and roll it. It transfers to you its vibrations.” – The Sacred Geometrical shape is the Icosadodecahedron, having twelve pentagrams within the Gaia Sphere These act as a bridge because of the energy that comes through. You connect through the Ring to the over-soul, Higher Soul Self, or monad… Whatever this greater you is. It is from this space and place that you bring into your reality what really matters. Incorporating the human and over-soul, it brings in more than you can imagine. It is bringing in the idea of who you really are.  

    The 888 refers to a specific measure.

    The 444 is then half the size, as is the 222 half of that.

  • raku angel

    Raku Angel Tile

    Let this Raku Angel remind us how angels are a beautiful part of the guidance in our lives.  If you feel the guidance you may also like the Angelic Series of Sound Essence Mists. Each angel tile is fired in an outdoor kiln to 2000 degrees F. It is then pulled from the red hot oven and plunged into a sand pit with wood shavings. The red hot vessel causes the shavings to ignite.  After the flames reach their maximum height, I cover the inferno with a metal drum.  The unique manner in which the fire burns each time creates the unique splashing of colors from the copper glaze on the Raku art piece. The intense change in temperature from the red hot kiln to the outdoor atmosphere shocks the glaze, causing cracks.  The smoke penetrates any unpainted parts of the ceramic art, turning it black.  The black lines in the crackle are from the smoke penetrating the fissures in the transparent glaze. 5" comes in gift box.
  • raku tree
    *What does the Raku Tree of Life represent? Ever wonder about the significance behind this raku tree of life and what it means to the people who are attracted to it? Tree of life symbolism has a long history, crossing many cultures. While it would be overwhelming to explain its significance to each culture, the tree of life has overarching themes and meanings that span across many peoples. A symbol of connection to all things. The tree has roots that reach deeply into the soil, acknowledging its connection to, and accepting nourishment from, Mother Earth. Leaves and branches extend into the sky, acknowledging Father Sun and accepting the energy that it transforms into nourishment. The tree of life means that you are not an island, but are deeply connected to the world around you and dependent on it for your ability to grow and thrive. A symbol of family and connection to your ancestors. A tree symbolizes the generations of your family; a tree sprouts from a seed, grows and branches out, sees how far it can go, and then creates a new fruit that gives life to the next generation, to begin anew. The tree of life also symbolizes family through its intricate network of branches, showing our the continuity through all generations. We are connected through ever-expanding branches to our parents and grandparents and to our children and our children’s children. As a symbol of your growth into a beautiful and unique person. When trees are young, they pretty much all look the same. But, as they grow older, they weather storms and are battered by the forces of wind and water. Their branches may break and grow back in a different direction, or the very soil beneath them will erode away, causing them to grow even stronger roots to hold on. Over time, they become very unique and beautiful in their eccentricity and idiosyncrasies. They are just as we all wish to become – shaped into fascinating, intriguing individuals who have weathered hardships and broad experiences in life that have made us into who we are. As a symbol of rebirth. In the fall, trees lose their leaves and enter a death-like hibernation for a few months. But come spring, the tree sprouts tiny buds, bursts forth with dramatic blooms and leaves and is born again. In this way, the tree of life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. As a symbol of immortality. A tree grows old, yet it bears seeds that contain its very essence and in this way, the tree becomes immortal. As a symbol of growth and strength. A young tree starts out with shallow roots that strengthen and grow deeper over time. Branches start as small buds and stretch upwards, reaching for the sun and sky. Just like this tree, a person grows stronger over time and strives for greater knowledge and new experiences. Celtic Tree of Life meaning: Celtic people felt a deep connection to nature, especially towards trees. Trees were not simply inanimate objects to be used for food and shelter, but were also places to gather, with spiritual connections to ancestors, deities and the Celtic Otherworld. This reverence towards trees grew out of a profound appreciation for what trees provide for people. The Celts felt that, without trees, life would have been much more difficult. Trees provided food, shelter, warmth (through firewood) and a home for many animals and insects. When Celtic people cleared a piece of land, they would leave one large, single tree in the middle, believing it had special powers to take care of all life on earth. This tree was called the crann bethadh. It was considered so powerful, that the Celts believed that cutting down the sacred tree of an enemy would render them helpless. In addition to having the power to take care of life on Earth, trees also had connections to the supernatural world, to spirits and ancestors.The Celtic word for ‘oak’ is ‘daur’, the origin of the modern word ‘door’. Thus, the root of the word actually signifies a doorway to the ‘Otherworld’, the realm of the dead and other powerful spirits. To this day, one can pass through Irish country and find trees decorated with ribbons. These trees, also known as wishing trees, fairy trees or May bushes, are places where people tie ribbons to ask for blessings from saints, spirits and fairies. The Celtic tree symbol was a symbol of the nourishing powers of Mother Earth, a connection to ancestors and the spirit world and a representation of the journey of spiritual growth.The Celtic knot Tree of Life has branches that reach into the sky and roots that dig into the earth, all of these join into the endless circle of the knot, symbolizing the interconnectedness of heaven, earth and all living things.
    *Thank you to for this nice explanation of the tree of life.
    Check out this Tree of Life Raku Coaster!
  • elephant

    Blake Jensen's "Lucky Me" Elephant Figurine

    Working from Blake Jensen's original art, Master Artisans medticulously handcraft this elephant figurine.  The skill is demonstrated in this trio of pachyderms, from the swirl of their tails to the lucky, up-turned curl of their trunks. Intricate patterns throughout the lephants are hand-etched and painted by hand with perlescent and metalic finishes, creating a rich texture with the luster of fine porcelain and enamel. As a final touch, nearly a dozen genuine Swarovski® crystal are precision cut into assorted sizes and color, and hand-applied for added elegance and sparke. Impressively siized at 14 inches tall, this enchanting elephant figurine complements any home decor and makes a great gift. Only One in stock. For centuries, cultures have revered the mighty elephant as a symbol of good luck - its history taking root in the mythological elephant-headed god that was hailed as the bringer of good furtune. With majestic trunk raised skyward, the elephant aws believed to absorb kindly spirits from the heavens and shower all with blessings. Now, enjoy the grand majesty of a luck-filled family of gentle giants with the limited-editioon Lucky Me Elephans Figurine from acclaimed artist Blake Jensen, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange.  


  • Gathering Hearts

    Gathering Hearts reminds us that infinite expressions of the heart create our world.  When boudnless vibrations of love blend together as ONE miracles happen. These sculptures are made by hand as they are ordered. I love placing a candle or crystal in the center of this one on my alter to represent by circle of energy friends.
  • heddeka

     Heddeka Water Element Coaster

    Each unique Coaster is formed from the Heddeka Water Elemental, the Water Ring and Shungite chips, all encased in the plant based resin. The Water Ring amplifies and synergizes with the Heddeka, to give your water the best of both energetic fields. The Tensor Field also carries information from Shungite to the water. Fullerenes found in Shungite have been found to transmute the fluoride in drinking water into something more beneficial. The Water Ring connects to the physical aspects of the water, doing all that Tensor Fields do (positive right-hand spin to the water molecule, making water lighter in weight, balancing PH, bringing water back to it’s original crystalline structure) as well as connecting to the spiritual aspect of the water. The latter allows for the creation of healing elixirs when used with simple intentions. The Balance and Harmony’s Water Ring contains the frequencies and properties of all the plant, mineral, and crystal kingdoms to be accessed and infused into the water.
  • Isreali Garnet Silver Necklace

    The pretty little Garnet Silver Necklace has a flower and a garnet. It is 3/4" wide with a 16 inch chain. The artist has signed the back of the pendant.
  • silver necklace

    Isreali Silver Necklace -Spirals

    This pretty silver necklace is adorned with spirals, is 3/4" wide and has 16" chain. Enjoy~
  • silver necklace
    Out of Stock

    Isreali Silver Necklace Opalized Glass

    The pendant on this beautiful silver necklace is 3/4" wide, chain is 16" long.
  • silver necklace

    Isreali Silver Necklace Pearl of my Heart

    This beautiful Silver necklace hinges for nice flowing movement. It is 16" long and signed by the artist. The top piece is 3/4" and the bottom piece with the pearl in the heart is 1" long.
  • silver pendant

    Isreali Silver Pendant with Garnets

    This beautiful silver pendant has 3 garnets.  It is signed by the artist and comes on an 18" rope chain.
  • Pitango Peridot Wings Ring

    *The friendly and joyous energy of this Pitango Peridot ring helps to create and seal friendships; clearing the heart and releasing the ego, which in turns cleanses the mind and soul of jealousy and anger – thus bringing about the sense of peace and quiet amusement which leads to solid friendships. Peridot is said to have the wonderful ability to bring vitality and healing to the entire body. Told to increase confidence, patience and assertiveness (without aggression) simultaneously. Peridot is a visionary stone which helps to connect us to our destinies and to understand the purpose of our existence. It will assist one in visualizing not only the ultimate peak of spiritual continuation but also the peak of our physical bodies as well. Peridot is quite motivating with growth, to bring about necessary change. It may assist one in looking back into the past to find the gift in our experience; but one must be ready as it is attuned to the attainment of spiritual truth.  If one is confused or fearful, Peridot needs to be utilized in a limited manner, as it releases toxins and brings them to the surface to neutralize them, it may be difficult to handle. Peridot shows one how to forgive , admit ones mistakes, take responsibility for ones own life and move forward. The Romans wore Peridot as protection from enchantment and ward off illusion. During the middle ages it was worn to gain foresight, inspiration and eloquence. It is told that Peridot has the ability to slow the ageing process and is often used in religious jewelry.
    *Thank you to for the informational text of Peridot

    Why 6 Peridots?

    The numerology number 6 is a number of family, home, harmony, nurturing, and idealism. Its foundation is family and a harmonious home. 6 is also a number of healing, of nurturing. It takes its responsibilities seriously. The number 6 has an idea of what is ideal and prefers all in its vicinity to support that ideal and, together, achieve it. But more than that, it strives for a harmonious family relationship.
    *Thank you for describing why 6 peridots are in this ring.
  • Howlite is Calming, encourages emotional expression, aids in formulating and achieving ambitions, strengthens memory and brings a desire for knowledge.Check out this beautiful quantum pendant created by Light Stream- made to raise your vibration therefore allowing you to create the life of your dreams.

    Quantum Pendant Galactic Alignment Howlite with Topaz

    The energies that Howlite brings to this Quantum Pendant is one of the “attunement”  "which link the user to higher spiritual consciousness.  Howlite opens and prepares the mind to receive the energies and wisdom of attunements. Howlite is a lovely stone to use when needing to reduce anxiety, tensions and stress.  Howlite can be used to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression and assist in the elimination of pain, stress and/or rage. Howlite will calm and soothe the emotions, slow the overactive mind and help to achieve a deep and restful sleep.  Howlite can help to access/retrieve wisdom during the dream state and bring it back into consciousness upon waking. Howlite brings mental awareness, both to current and past-life issues, and facilitates a calm communication of these issues.  Keep a piece of Howlite in your pocket to absorb anger and negative energy.  Meditating with Howlite can help one to connect with the higher realms, allowing for greater communication of higher frequencies into the higher chakras, to be assimilated by the unconscious mind, which helps one to slowly remove the veils blocking truth.  Howlite strengthens positive character traits, removing selfishness, rude behaviour, and greed. Physically, Howlite can help with the absorption of calcium into the bones and teeth, and can balance the emotions.  Howlite also assists in relaxing and releasing muscular tension." Thank you to Healing Crystals for sharing this information. Topaz is also useful in the energy of this Quantum Pendant. Shimmerlings says that one should "wear topaz only if one wishes to be clear-sighted; as legend is told it dispels all enchantment and helps to improve eyesight as well. The name Topaz comes from the Sanskrit and meaning fire. The Egyptians said that Topaz was colored with the golden glow of the sun god Ra. This made topaz a very powerful amulet that protected the faithful against harm. The Romans associated Topaz with Jupiter, who also is the god of the sun. The ancient Greeks believed that it had the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in times of emergency. Topaz was also said to change color in the presence of poisoned food or drink. Its mystical curative powers wax and wane with the phases of the moon. Perhaps the most famous is a giant specimen set in the 17th century Portuguese Crown, (1,640 carats) the Braganza as it was named, was first thought to be a the largest diamond ever found, later it was discovered to be a colorless Topaz. Topaz is a quite a hard gemstone, but it can be split with a single blow, a trait it shares with the diamond. As a result it should be protected from hard knocks."
  • griffin

    Windstone Female Griffin - Beige

    The Griffin is a powerful and majestic creature that combines the king of beasts and the king of bird; the lion and the eagle. It is a symbol of divine power and a guardian of treasures. In Medieval Europe, the Griffin's claw was sought after for medicinal purpoes, and its lifelong fidelity provides an ideal for loyalty in marriage. The Griffin embodies the qualities of courage and leadership, and a harmonious blend of physical strength and intellectual prowess. You may enjoy the variety of this colorful male griffin also.
  • I am inspired by the beauty in nature, from the humming bird that visits my backyard in the morning, to the dragonflies that zoom about as I walk by the lake.  I love to combine the brilliant colors of raku with items found in nature, such as turquoise, feathers, fallen branches and crystals.  I feel so blessed to be making art for a living and to have the support of my talented team of artisans.   Thank you for the opportunity to follow my passion and work with clay and fire every day. Jeremy Diller
  • raku cross

    Raku Cross Wallhanging

    Each handcrafted Cross Raku is fired in an outdoor kiln. Red hot it is pulled from the kiln and placed into a pit with wood shavings. The intense heat ignites a blaze, giving this Raku Cross unique flashes of color making it one of a kind. You might enjoy this larger cross.
  • 5" Raku Cross with Heart and Copper Rays

    Each handcrafted Raku Cross is fired in an outdoor kiln. Red hot it is pulled from the kiln and placed into a pit with wood shavings. The intense heat ignites a blaze, giving this Raku Cross unique flashes of color making it one of a kind.
  • raku cross

    Raku Cross Wallhanging

    Each handcrafted Raku Cross is fired in an outdoor kiln. Red hot it is pulled from the kiln and placed into a pit with wood shavings. The intense heat ignites a blaze, giving this Raku Cross unique flashes of color making it one of a kind.
  • raku cross

    Raku Cross Wallhanging

    Each handcrafted Raku Cross is fired in an outdoor kiln. Red hot it is pulled from the kiln and placed into a pit with wood shavings. The intense heat ignites a blaze, giving this Raku Cross unique flashes of color making it one of a kind.
  • raku cross

    Raku Cross Wallhanging Heart & Beads

    Each handcrafted Raku Cross is fired in an outdoor kiln. Red hot it is pulled from the kiln and placed into a pit with wood shavings. The intense heat ignites a blaze, giving this Raku Cross unique flashes of color making it one of a kind. For a little more variety you may love this one.
  • a little light

    A Little Light Chilren's Book

    A children's book that connects children with their inner light so they can shine. Follow the adventures of our hero, a little light, as he grows from the smallest spark of essence into a beautiful boy. Some life challenges dull his light, but with the help of his community, he learns to shine again.  this story emphasizes the importance of the body, mind, and spirit in healing the whole person.
  • Chamuel sound essence spray

    Archangel Chamuel Vibrational Mist

    Chamuel means "he who seeks God." Are you a seeker of the Divine? Then Archangel Chamuel is guiding you. Archangel Chamuel anchors the power of adoration from Heaven where there is only a constant rhythm of praise and joy. "Lo, I AM Chamuel. I am with you, even until the close of this age. This is the age of Love - of oneness, of unity, of truth. You are a Child of Light. I come as the cosmic parent to hold you as you battle to wake up from the dream of separation into the bright light of who you are! You are love. You are joy, sweetness, compassion. You are truth. You have come into this body to assist with the dawning Golden Age of Enlightenmentg for humanity. You are cherished, loved, and treasured. The dream of human life is confusing. You are stripped of memory and resources, then sent forth to accomplsih massive tasks.  And you succeed! Through impossible situations, you reconnect with your true qualites and Being. You find a way to tap into the heavenly treasury to access everthing needed. Such is the path of human existence."  Ask Chamuel to activate worthiness and adoration in your heart. This is a Symphony of Heavenly Vibration in a bottle Blessed by the Archangels.
  • Archarngel Gabriel Mist

    Archangel Gabriel Vibrational Mist

    Archangel Gabriel brings the rememberance of your soul calling and life purpose. Gabriel Activates the Soul Star just above your head, and your crown chakra. Pure transcendental light flows down from the Heavens, from God, and your true Being through your soul Soul Star, and Into your body and life. Your path is illumined. The way is made clear. Very great are the resources and treasure that flow to you, empowering your soul calling. One of Archangel Gabriel's many jobs is to bring good news to those who are being called to spiritual mission, He appeared to Mother Mary with the remembrance of her mission as the birth mother of Jesus.  Gabriel watched over the prophet Muhammad and provided the sacred text. Gabriel influenced Zoroaster who founded monotheism and was a great angelologist. Angel Gabriel was one of the voices that inspired and guided Joan of Arc. When you are ready, Gabriel announces the duties of your spiritual destiny. Sometimes in bright, dramatic visions, and sometimes in quiet gentle ways that you discover over time. Pray each night for Gabriel to enfold you in his Resurrection Flame so you can awaken renewed and triumphant living upward into your soul destiny. This is a Symphony of Heavenly Vibration in a bottle Blessed by Archangel Gabriel.
  • Jophiel sound essence mist

    Archangel Jophiel Vibrational Mist

    Jophiel, the Angel of Creative Power, guides us to discover the Light within. Jophiel's "Quickening Activation expands your ability to connect with God and Home, opening pathways to receive Divine Guidance. Archangel Jophiel said, "There is no need to suffer from lack with an abundance of creative power available for the asking  God wants us to join in co-creation, sharing the joy of directing energy into form.  Seed ideas from the Divine are in the wind for us to catch and then nourish, energize and externalize." Creating with the heavenly host is a remarkable experience. Jophiel helps you to receive and manifest in this world. Ask Archangel Jophiel to fill you with divine visions of what you desire. Jophiel will gather the perfect angel team to support your co-creative process. You are a unique, beloved Child of Light. You were born with special gifts and abilities Jophiel activates the centger of co-creativity in the third-eye to allow you to see the visions that God would have you manifest. You have choice what you are creating ! Choose to create from love, truth and from the blueprints of the Divine Every thought, word spoken, and action in this world is a creation. Choose well. This is a Symphony of Heavenly Vibration in a bottle Blessed by Archangel Jophiel.
  • Metatron sound essence

    Archangel Metatron Vibrational Mist

    Archangel Metatron is here to help leaders come out of hiding to step forward in truth and wisdom. His Activation of the Ascension Chakra at the back of our heads increases the flow of Divine Love to hep us shift our focus from fearful and judgmental thoughts of the lower mind. Divine Love dissolves who we are not and elevates our consciousness to truth. When the Ascension Chakra opens, our ability to align with Divine Will is enhanced. Body, emotions, mind, intuition, and soul align to serve our true Being in joy, love, and delight. Archangel Metatron is a vast complex being of great power. He serves many functions including head of the archives, also known as the Akashic Records. Sacred geometry manifests through Metatron's Cube, and helps us to journey beyond time and space into the eternal now.  Hebrew wisdom says that he was not always an angel, but was once known as Enoch. Your inner most thoughts create your outer reality through magnetic attraction. Invite Metatron to elevate your thinking and consciousness, opeing you to greater awareness of your soul purpose and life calling. Metatron said, "create from your heart through love and the rewards will be great." This is a Symphony of Heavenly Vibration in a bottle Blessed by the Archangel Metatron.
  • Michael sound essence

    michael statue

    Archangel Michael Vibrational Mist

    Mighty and powerful in the ways of the Lord,  Michael comes to set us free from pain, fear, and old stories, opening our hearts to the truth of the amazing beings that we are . Michael awakens our memory of truth. We are powerful Children of the Most High! Wise, abundant, loving, and creative. We are entitled to love, respect and support. Michael'ls Solar Plexus Activation opens a base of Trust, Safety and Connection so we can personally experience the Divine Presence that is with us always. Michael said, "I am the power of Truth. I come to shine the light of truth into the darkness of illusion My sword is razor-sharp honesty slashing away false concepts, beliefs and self images to reveal your magnificent Self. My orb is the presence of truth - self-realization manifest in you. While my armor and sword may seem harsh, I am the champion of your true Being. At times, a savage slaughter of illusion is necessary to awaken you to truth. Underlying this force is the tenderest love I protect your true Being with fierce devotion and a tender embrace." Invite Archangel Michael to Activate your Divine Heritage of safety and trust. This is a Symphony of Heavenly Vibration in a bottle Blessed by Archangel Michael.
  • Archangel Raphael Vibrational Mist

    Archangel Raphael comes with love and compassion to heal your deepest wounds. Raphael said, "The Children of Light are sensitive, tender, empathic beings who often choose illness as the path of awakening." Raphael heals our physical bodies, emotions, and mind through Divine Love. He activates a facet of the heart that makes Self Love possible! This energy center receives waves of Love allowing you to feel how loved and treasured you are. Experiencing Divine Love, you earn to love yourself. Self Love brings deep and profound healing so you may thrive. As you heal, Raphael calls you into service. Archangel Raphael said, "I am he who cures. God cures through me. You are my heart and hands in this world. Most of the Children of Light cannot yet see me or perceive my presence. So I turn to you, calling to my Children who walk the earth. Take my hand. Remember who you truly are. You have a unique calling and abiities. We have come to awaken your dormant healing abilities and sleeping heart. Are you ready?" Invite Archangel Raphael to activate your Healers Heart and Hands, allowing your hands to become luminous tools for Raphael's healing energy to flow through. This is a Symphony of Heavenly Vibration in a bottle Blessed by the Archangels.
  • Uriel Sound Essence mist

    Archangel Uriel Vibrational Mist

    Archangel Uriel brings Service, Divine Intervention, Benediction

    Uriel means Light of God. "I AM Uriel - Archangel -Angel Lord. I am a powerful Being of the All Mighty - powerful beyond imagining. Yet that power is love. It is the most powerful in all of creation - and it is tender, kind, gentle, compassionate. It is I who responds with my legions of angels when you cry out for help. We watch over you, patiently waiting for those moments of desperation when you reach out for us. That is how it is in the beginning of our relationship. As you grow and mature spiritutally, as you awaken and feel the calling of your soul into the service of God, it is I who responds, guiding you to become an Angel on Call. An earth angel. You are literally an Angel. There is a divine plan operating in your life, buiding you. I work closely with your Guardian Angel, your soul, our true Being and your team of angels. We are helping you awaken to the truth of who you are. You are a great and glorious Being of Light. Feel that truth!" Ask Uriel to upgrade your earthly equipment and energy field so you can receive his Benediction Activation. This is a Symphony of Heavenly Vibration in a bottle Blessed by the Archangel Uriel.
  • citrine singing bowl

    Citrine Singing Bowl 8"

    As a member of the quartz family, Citrine combines a joyful, cohesive golden yellow energy of pure quartz frequencies that align root and solar plexus chakras.  Citrine dissipates and transmutes negative energies while purifying and balancing auric fields.  A legendary "merchant's stone," Citrine helps expand and maintain wealth.  The Citrine Singing Bowl is a catalyst for excellent communication, mental acuity and new beginnings while enhancing optimism, balance, initiative,  and personal power. This Citrine Singing Bowl is an F# tone which resonates with the Thymus and our soul purpose.  Being a bridge between the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra, balancing this area assists our will to be aligned with that of the universe.  When our will is aligned with that of the universe we are in the zone. If singing bowls delight your senses check out this one as well....
  • earth


    Sympathy/Empathy Choices for the Highest Good of All
  • Five Elements

    The Five Elements wall hangings are designed to flow together in harmony when placed in a grouping as shown, each plaque is itself a compelling work of art. They are made of cold cast bronze. Water, Air, fire and Earth were identified by ancient peopes all over the world as the essential building blocks of physical existence.

    Water - Healing. Peace. Love. Joy

    Water is depicted here in a lively female form emerging from the primordial sea, toasting the moon with her goblet. She leaps joyfully in the waves of emotion beneath the creasent moon, a chalice of healing elixir clasped in her upraised hand.  She flows gracefully from one current of feeling to another, at peace with her inner life.

    Air - Change. Wisdom. Movement. Song.

    Air is imagined as a winged male form, at one with the currents of the wind, cutting through the clouds like the sound of his pan pipes will cut through silence.

    Fire - Creation. Challenge. Cleansing. Passion

    Fire is pictured as a youthful male form rising from flames, empowered by the sun to transform and energize with his both of lightening. Fire dances passionately in the heat of the flame and the noon day sun. Grasping the lightening spark of creative inspiration, he is ready to overcome the cleansing challenge of loss that accompanies dramatic change.

    Earth - Contentment. Nurturing. Family. Abundance.

    Earth is potrayed in a pregnant female form, part of the rolling landscape, providing shelter and bringing forth vegetation. Earth luxuriates in the fulfillment of abundance, growth, and fertility.  Content, she basks in the glow of moonlight, her loving family of human, animal, and plant life nestled in her nurturing embrace.

    Spirit - All Life emerges from the Center

    As in many traditions there is a fifth element: the Divine Origin, an intangible that defies depiction. Here it is central to the others; symbolized by a simple egg-shape, like th most ancient Hindu representation of the formless aspect of God, it spins forth, the four tangible elements we know so well.  Spirit emerges from the swirling vortex of four elements; a seed, a Shiva lingam, an omphalos (ancient Greek sacred stone), a world, a galaxy, a soul, the divine.  Life, death, rebirth, all life, all creation, all time are symbolized here. (descriptions by Ann Zeleny)
  • heart salt lamp

    Heart Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Health Benefits:

    This amazing Himalayan Salt Lamp helps stop asthma, sinus problems, snoring and headaches. the lamps work the same as an air purifier, killing bacteria, removing dust, allergens, smoke, odors and mold spores. They help one breathe and sleep better. They're also a beautiful addition as a perfect night light creating a soothing, tranquil atmosphere.

    How it Works:

    Negative ions are produced naturally by thunderstorms, waterfalls and the ocean. That's why we feel refreshed and energized when in these environments.  These salt crystals offer this same effect and benefits. When the salt crystal rock is lighted and heats u, it emits negative ions. These ions clean the air by removing dust, pollen, dander, cigarette smoke and bacteria. they also offset the negative effects of electronic monitors, TV;s, and other electrical devices.  
  • how diablo became spirit

    How Diablo Became Spirit

    Diablo shows children how to connect with animals and respect all living beings. The true story of Spirit the black leopard has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube. This bok recounts the powerful tale from his unique point of view. Spirit's difficult journey brings him to Anna Breytenback, The Animal Communicator. This encounter changes his life and the lives of those who care for him. This book includes SPIRIT'S SECRET STEPS to communicating with animals.
  • jade roller

    Jade Roller

    With our new Jade Roller you can cool and calm your skin and boost the circulation and blood flow beneath your skin to encourage a visible healthy glow. One of the main benefits of self-massage on the face using a jade roller is that of lymph drainage. If you imagine the bridge of the nose to be the central point, you would roll away from that in all directs.  Just imagine that you are very gently rolling all the toxin build up outward and downwards, rolling all the away outward along your jaw and down the channel that runs down your neck by your ear. The jade roller gives a cool surface that’s super smooth and allows access into muscles and tissues with a pressure. The roller tends to be more effective than manual massage with your hands alone, while being gentle and safe. Use your roller on clean skin, before the use of your skincare products. You can put a tiny oil on your face then just wipe the roller clean after using. Use the roller back and forth, up and down and out to the side for an uplifting massage, with more pressure in the upwards motion.  And remember to include your neck.
  • lake chelan magnet
    Lake Chelan Magnet This is a sweet reminderof the beauty of pristine water and the gift that she holds for the planet. The magnets are blessed by the frequencies of pure tones of crystal singing bowls and will emanate a feeling of peace when you see it. Open to Receive. This image is also available in Peuter Christmas Ornaments.
  • laraimar amethyst moldavite

    Larimar, Amethyst, Moldavite Pendant

    I so enjoy by own larimar, amethyst, moldavite pendant. One of my favorite energies is the combination of Amethyst and Moldavite.....and then, adding Larimar is such a bonus. My emotional system feels peace and clarity as I am able to deeper into knowing I AM.  Enjoy this one! Read more below on the properties of each stone. 1" x 2.5" Sterling Silver Pendant
  • manifestation quartz
    Out of Stock

    Manifestation Quartz Pendant

    Sold Known as the stone of manifestation it is used in meditation to help resolve underlying doubts and bring into awareness emotional blockages preventing that which is to be manifest.  It facilitates creativity on all levels. It appears to be a mystery as to how they are created in nature.  If you have more info.....let us  know! It is beautiful ~ One of a Kind ~ See back side of pendant below.
  • mayan calandar

    Red Cosmic Moon 2018 Mayan Calendar

    This year of the Red Cosmic Moon begins on Thursday, 7/26/18. It's really beneficial to recognize the energy of the day to flow with ease and efficiency. This calendar help keep us informed with way more info than the Gregorian calendar does. This galactic calendar is based on 13 - 28 day cycles, a more harmonic way to measure our orbit around the sun.
  • Metal

    Grief/guilt/Release Living in the Moment
  • sea turtle

    Sea Turtle Wall Hanging

    The back sheet of metal is green. The middle layer of metal is silver to give it depth.  The black metal is the 3rd layer around the turtle face. A beautiful piece for those who are ready to accept the wisdom and longevity that the turtles brings to ones life. May the power of the turtle bring you peace and long life.
  • Millennial gaia front

    Millennial Gaia Statue

    The Millennial Gaia Statue is Oberon Zell's master-work and the Goddess image for the new Millennium! The unparalleled loving detail in the image make this "Sermon in Stone" the perfect expression of an emerging global Earth-based consciousness. 7' tall hand-painted Polystone

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