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  • Enjoy the luxury of fine sterling silver wheat chaings, comfortable and elegant. Nice powerful femine nature of receptivity whether you are male or female.
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    Sterling Silver Chain, 1.9 mm, Select the length you'd like.
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    Structured Water  is created by the natural action of water in nature…

    The natural action of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing through twists and turns as it actively descends a mountain actually structures water. Water molecules are free to move and “dance with nature” in an energetically alive, fresh and vibrant manner. Through this process, the molecular structure of water is changed to reflect less surface tension, neutralized toxins, cleared memory and balance on a particle level.
    Water as a primary element is connected to everything. There isn’t anything on Earth that doesn’t use water as a part of its process in creating life. Therefore, as water is the connector to all living things it’s important to return water to its original form by allowing it to restructure. Through Nature’s design Structured Water entrains –or creates a flow- as it connects with life. The result of Structured Water is water with more energy while offering increased hydration for people, animals, plants and things.
    natural-action-technologies-water-drop-retinaFresh tasting invigorating water.
    Wonderful showers & baths – no chlorine smell
    Hydrates skin, no more dry itchy skin
    Hair & skin rinses cleaner and feels better when washed
    Less soap necessary when washing
    Lessens the effects from sunburn
    Healthier plant growth-green lawns-lower freezing point
    Reduces chlorine requirements for spas & swimming pool.
    Reduces pipe corrosion
  • I am inspired by the beauty in nature, from the humming bird that visits my backyard in the morning, to the dragonflies that zoom about as I walk by the lake.  I love to combine the brilliant colors of raku with items found in nature, such as turquoise, feathers, fallen branches and crystals.  I feel so blessed to be making art for a living and to have the support of my talented team of artisans.   Thank you for the opportunity to follow my passion and work with clay and fire every day. Jeremy Diller
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    Balance and Harmony Rings
    • Cleanses distortion fields from around the body very quickly.  Lower vibrations chance fat into what they need be or they just evaporate.
    • Creates a stronger connection to your entire Entourage-all of those who walk with you in the Highest and Best for you--allowing you to become more fuly aware of your Entourage.
    • Aligns Time, Space and Dimensions and integrates past, present and future into a higher frequency.
    • Elementals of earth come through the ring to bring in remembering codes, unlike the codes from the sun, bringing you in touch with earth.
    • Has a strong connection to the Earth Elemental of Water
    • Balances the mind, body and the spirit.
    • Codes from the sun shine through the ring, coming through our sun from places such as the central sun, moving the earth into a whole new frequency. If not ready to accept these codes, they won't come through for you.  If you are ready, they will enter the Pineal and travel throuh to the heart.  There are matching codes within the heart that match those coming through the ring. When you are in harmony and balance, and the time is right, these codes activate what are strictly your gifts.
  • Alana Blusol, formerly known as Oksana Zielinski, was raised in the northern Russian part of the Soviet Union before coming to America in the early 1990s.  She became a mother of two beautiful children and together with her husband had a very successful art and antique business in Charlottesville, Virginia for many years until the passing of her husband to illness in 2002.

    Struck by that death, as well as following deaths of her father, best friend, and brother back in Russia, Alana was called into an experience and study of SHAMANISM, SACRED GEOMETRY and NATURE SPIRIT COMMUNICATION.

    As Alana's experience with shamanism grew, it became obvious to everyone around her that she was naturally gifted for the profession. The people who were under her care bloomed in their own lives like flowers that had been given love and nutrients by an expert gardener.  Magick took on a more natural and welcomed presence in the eyes of people who were blinded by modern conditioning.  When Alana began working with the land, waters, buildings and properties, she was able to assist spaces to restore the balance, followed by a natural expansion of the innate experience of joy, abundance, and well-being of the property owners.

    As her powers and studies of magick, art and shamanism grew, Alana longed to share her life with a magickal man who would help her share her timeless dream of JOY.  In 2011, that dream came true when Arthur walked in from out of her past and into their future.

    In 2013, Alana and Arthur were married in a secret ceremony in Ireland's Newgrange temple, a structure dated as old as the pyramids of Egypt, by some standards of reckoning. Wealthy in love and magick, Alana enjoys the full support of her husband as they share their talents to build a brighter world for themselves and their friends.

    Alana is also the proud mother of two fine, handsome, creative young men making their way in the world on their own terms.  She is currently residing in a Methow Valley with Arthur and their beloved German Shepherd, Ruby and anticipates helping others blossom at Spirals.

    Energy Clearing & Balancing for Home, Land, and Business,    Shamanic Healing Session

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  • Chakra Symbols Affirmation banner, beautiful, silky-soft, printed in full vivid color on sheer, flowing knit polyester. Looks like silk, durable.

    Bliss Affirmation Banner

    This Biss Affirmation banner is beautiful and silky-soft, printed in full vivid color on sheer, flowing knit polyester.  It looks like silk and are durable and long-lasting. Wooden pole at bottom and top with a string for easy hanging indoors or outdoors. Beautiful uplifting artwork with spiritual and inspirational themes.
  • Anne is honored to hold sacred space for soul work and it is a great joy for her to be part of the spiritual community at Spirals.
    Anne began offering Hypnotherapy sessions at Spirals in late 2015. She studied and certified in client-centered Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression in 2010. Previously, she had a small life transition coaching practice in Seattle. She has also studied and certified in Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Breathwork (2013), Coaching through the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara (2003), Myers Briggs (MBTI) personality type indicator through CAPT (2007) and Family Constellations (2014).
    Anne has trained or apprenticed with a variety of facilitators and teachers and draws on several decades of experience attending numerous workshops and receiving and offering one-on-one sessions. Her work has been informed, illuminated and nourished by many sources including astrology, the enneagram, dream work, attachment and differentiation work, character structure, energy, chakras and intuitive work, the mystical poetry of Rumi, devotional practices (chanting and universal dances of peace), painting from the unconscious, and the work and writing of C.G. Jung and A.H. Almaas among others.
    Anne was born in South India, completed her BA in Mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle and worked in the technology industry (serving clients in the US and around the world for over two decades).
    She lives with her beloved and their cat in Chelan. In the summer they enjoy gardening as much as they can for their small eatery. They feel blessed to take in breathtaking vistas and mountain air on regular hikes to Elephant Head and swim in the cleansing waters of beautiful Lake Chelan in the summer.
    To learn more about Anne please visit:
  • My name is Tara Paon and I am native to Canada. I have been blessed to travel and create with natural materials from a young age. During my 29 years on this beautiful planet I have travelled Europe and lived all over the North Americas. These experiences have taught me who I am, different cultures and shown me what my passions are. I feel in this life, home is where my heart and my art is. By not establishing the typical “home” roots or staying anywhere too long, my spirit, energy levels and creativity are at an all time high. I show my culture and my journey in every handmade piece. Through my experiences I’ve been taught where to find natural materials, how to work with it and importantly how to respect it. No animals, plants or otherwise are harmed, farmed or misused in the making of my art, this is my honest 100% guarantee.
  • Kelsey's journey to Spirals began with the birth of her son. She knew something had to change if she was going to be the kind of mother she wanted to be. Kelsey calls this her frantic search for peace” and it took her into the gentle arms of yoga. She came to love these practices during a difficult time in her life where it was all she could do to lie in Savasana for 20 minutes a day. This revealed to her the incredible healing power of deep conscious relaxation. She felt like she was indulging herself in what inspired. It was a feeling Kelsey had never experienced. As she followed this path, Kelsey experienced more peace and joy than she'd ever known. In need of a shift in her life- Chelan called to her, and she responded to her inner wisdom. A single mom, she arrived feeling frantic to find work, but her new sense of centered calm encouraged her to find something inspiring. The day she walked into Spirals, Kelsey knew she had to work here. She turned in her resume and woke up during the night knowing she needed to let BeverLi and Patti know her passion rather than her past. She showed up the next day and talked to them. They invited her to a women's group where she was introduced to many of the women she knows and admires today, and got to experience the Crystal Bowls for the first time. She joyfully accepted the invitation to join the Spirals' staff. The doors started swinging open for this intrepid spirit. She walked through every one. New teachers trained her in Healing Touch, different forms of meditation, Light Within Healing, sound healing, Sound Essence. She learned how to create Crystal Bowls Sound Baths and began sharing the healing experience with others. Today, Kelsey feels happily comfortable in the possibilities offered at Spirals. I know I'm doing something important” for both myself and others. She loves to answer questions. She feels deeply touched as she 'sees the light in their eyes' when others are empowered with hope and inspired to walk through their own doors. Kelsey loves being part of Spirals because it's a place to share her journey and passion. She remembers feeling lost and feels honored to have this opportunity to be with the wonderful, generous people” who come into the store and participate in the events and classes. It is Kelsey's heartfelt mission to bring deep healing and peace to others. Mindful MovementVibrational HealingHealing TouchLight Within Restorative Yoga  
  • Jenny Ferry is a soul seeress, relational intuitive and world-class leadership coach. Following two decades immersed in a highly productive career in leadership development within Fortune 100s, global non-profits and higher education, she experienced significant life-shaking experiences, including the birth of her daughter followed by death of her mother. These peak events catalyzed a radical change of her life path as she fully opened her heart to embrace and share her innate gifts of right-brained transpersonal sensitivity and awareness to deeply support relational agility, clarity, peace and harmony for others. Over the last ten years, she has merged her left-brained intellect and business acumen to grow a worldwide personal coaching practice for those who seek mastery in relating and yearn to build a new story of human connection that works for all, founded on unconditional love, respect and compassion. She is powerfully adept at facilitating group experiences to shift consciousness to greater trust and social coherence as we move into the Aquarian Age. With reverence and gratitude, she follows in the footsteps of her maternal lineage of sacred healers and medicine women thereby profoundly touching others with her intuitive skills and insights which are truly par excellence. That said, Ferry is known for her unassuming, down-to-earth style and deeply grounded presence. She offers relational intuitive sessions, plus a facilitated group series beginning February 2018 called, WORTHY: a simple practice to rebuild trust and belonging in our communities.
    “I am deeply grateful that divine synchronicity coupled with my heart’s desire has recently lead me to the beauty of Central Washington and the inner chamber of love within the healing sanctuary that’s alive at Spirals in Chelan. BeverLi and her warm community of healers and energy workers welcomed me with open arms and have given me an invaluable opportunity to be of service to the community during my sojourn here. What a joy and blessing!”
    Learn more: Personal Sessions Offered: Relational Intuitive Session
  • Unwind, Explore, Spirals, weekend, EFT, intuitive, frequency, healer

    Join us for the April 2018 Retreat. We have 33 facilitators who will be offering 64 different classes and personal sessions. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the 27th – 29th, you'll get to celebrate and nurture your mind~body~spirit.

    Comments heard during the 2017 retreat:

    “It’s amazing. Everyone seems so happy.”

    “Next year I’m going to make it a girlfriend weekend.”

    “I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

    “It was a powerful, very personal retreat.”

    “Great energy. Great experiences for very little money.”

    Click here to see the weekend events and register!

    For more information, contact Jeanne at:

    Sponsors:  Spirals, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce, Charlie Bear Trust Fund, Chelan House Bed & Breakfast, Riverwalk Inn & Cafe, Just MAKE Stuff Chelan Studio, Salmon Berry Design, and Ignite Changes Using Energy by Jeanne McElvaney. Special thanks to Wellness Garden for providing space for us to grow!

    The following are offering discounts for dining and lodging: Chelan House Bed & Breakfast, Riverwalk Inn & Cafe, Fox and Quail, Deep Water Inn, Vacation Lake ChelanSage Vacation Rentals, Campbells Resort, Bear Foods Market and Creperie Cafe, Green Dot Sub Shop, Los Shinolas, Quail's Nest

    Join us on Facebook. We'll be posting updates as well as personal empowerment insights.

  • I'm an active Certified Reiki Practitioner. I started studying at least 30 years ago, reading books that came to me while living in a cabin in the woods. I am always doing further studies in Energy Medicine. I was doing long-distance healing 25 years ago before I knew what it was. Birds give me messages. I've walked on coal and bent rebar with my Sea-star Sue. I believe its 'Mind Over Matter', that we can do a lot with our minds beyond our wildest imagination.  We all have the ability to heal. Spirals has given me the opportunity to join their practitioners to share my gifts. I have gained so much balance, peacefulness, love and light from my connection there. With the classes, sessions, learning new modalities, I continue to grow in the Energy Medicine world. I'm excited about being part of the gifts Spirals offers to others. Reiki Session with Ginny
  • Our night lights make the perfect gift: almost everyone has an electrical socket to plug it into, they are reasonably priced, handmade in the USA, energy efficient.  They are practical as well as beautiful.
  • Our journeys often start in unexpected places. Crystal grew up in Alaska and started with Alaska Airlines when she was in high school. Twenty-three years later, she spontaneously responded to a feeling and told her supervisor she 'wished the airlines would open a new terminal in Seward, Alaska. Serendipity was at work: they were looking for a supervisor for the new terminal they were opening that would serve cruise ships linked to the airlines. With ease and joy, Crystal relocated. She was in an energy shift that helped her recognize her talents, knowledge, and natural leadership. When early retirement was offered, Crystal once again followed her inner wisdom.

    Seeking a place that “felt good”, she moved to Sisters, Oregon with her family. Little did she know, she had another energy shift about to happen. It was initiated by a motorcycle accident that hospitalized her with “many broken things”. During this time, Crystal experienced her first session: One of her nurses used Healing Touch, a nurse-based energy modality. During her stay in the hospital, Crystal learned to let go and trust. She found her voice to better care for herself. She learned that “this is just a body” and started searching for more.

    A day after the accident, a stranger came to visit her. She expressed, I never do this, but I had to tell you what we experienced with you. It was beyond anything I've known. This mother had been in the first car that waited while the ambulance arrived. She talked about the angels her three young daughters had seen around Crystal. In that moment, Crystal learned that teaching can come from anywhere; it was about sharing what you know.

    During the following year, her daughter became another angel as Crystal healed. During this time, she saw her life from a different perspective. She dared to be more aware and listen to her personal truth. She recognized what didn't fit her highest good and made new choices. One of those choices was moving to Chelan. And that brought her to Spirals.

    As she walked around the store, she “felt the energy” even though she didn't know what that meant. Her sister gifted her a Healing Touch session with BeverLi. The scattered pieces of seeking and learning began falling into place as BeverLi said, “Loving guides are around you.” It was the beginning of taking courses in EFT, Reiki, Healing Touch, Sound Essence. With each step, more doors opened and she was invited to work at Spirals.

    For Crystal, Spirals is the place she gets to continue learning and and expanding her possibilities. She gets to share her excitement about energy, especially working with children. Crystal loves it when she sees the light go on when people recognize their own ability to help themselves. She feels honored to share in that journey.

    Balance Your EmotionsBalance Family EmotionsVibrational Healing, Integrative Energy Sessions,  Healing TouchEFTLight WithinReiki

  • I was guided to Shari's shop on Bent Street in Taos, NM in the summer of 2016.  We immediately became friends.  I felt as if I'd known her forever, so, of course I wanted to share with you all what she has to offer.  We have some of her drums a few of her paintings, but most of all I appreciate knowing her energy here on the planet.  Read more about Shari below.