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  • Who is Ganesh and what does he remind me of?

    Ganesha - Success

    Happy and kind-hearted, he aids all who call upon him. Remover of obstacles and a terrific source to turn to when starting new projects. He often grants success in all endeavors. Ganesh is one of the most worshiped Deities of Hinduism - often described as a “God of scholarship” and a “God For Every Person”. Traditionally, Ganesha is depicted with the head of an elephant, and like an elephant, Ganesh clears a path for the life of the devotee. He teaches us to enjoy the beauty and simplicity in everyday life. Ganesha symbolizes intellect and wisdom. He is considered the Lord of good fortune and brings energy to the root chakra representing survival, procreation, and fortune.  His placement in your home or office symbolizes support, wisdom, good fortune and bestows an ability to overcome life's obstacles.

  • Amber- “Solidified Sunshine”

    This beautiful organic gem – neither crystal nor mineral, is a protective resin that oozed from living trees in dense, prehistoric forests and fossilized over millions of years. As it drips down trees, it encapsulates insects, spiders, wood, feathers, and other small organisms and pieces of plant matter. As the resin hardens, it loses its volatile components used to protect the tree. Over 1000 extinct animal species and various types of plant matter have been identified in Amber!

    Worn and treasured by those even in the stone age, Amber is highly prized in the metaphysical world for its energetic and healing properties – and the life force it carries. It has a very strong connection to the sun and earth as well as ancient insects, plant matter, and other prehistoric organisms that are forever suspended within its golden structure.

     Amber attunes to ancient wisdom and can be a very powerful tool for re-discovering past lives, and is highly useful for clearing family patterns that are not healthy. It is known as a protective stone for children especially. It helps stabilize depression, eases the grieving process, and helps comfort those who feel lonely.

    Amber is a natural purifier, esteemed for its ability to draw pain and disease from the physical body, as well as the mind and spirit by absorbing negative and stagnant energies by transforming them into clear, positive energy. This stimulates the body’s own mechanisms to heal itself.

     Amber increases vitality and aids tissue regeneration. It is associated with and can help balance the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. Amber can actually clear any environment in which is rests! It also provides a protective shield against negative energies and removes toxicity from one’s life and relationships.

    Wearing Amber on your body is an ideal way to absorb it’s beautiful benefits as you have direct access to its magnificent qualities. It is so helpful for those in pain, physically or emotionally, and is a wonderful protector gem for those who feel uneasy about their environment.

     The wonderful sunny energy it brings can remind us that the sun that once shone on our ancestors still shines upon us now today.

  • Ametrine, Amethyst & Citrine Sterling Silver Ring

  • Prehnite

    Prehnite is often called ‘emotional soap’ because it is said to immediately help one clear emotional debris from the aura. This stone may restore balance and calmness for people with anxiety, sleep issues and hyper - activity. Being the “stone of prophecy and prediction”, it is said meditating with Prehnite stimulates dream - like visions of the future. This healing crystal has a very healing and protective energy! It may promote serenity, love, letting go, positive change, awakening, and knowledge in our day to day lives. It opens us to see the good in all things, assists us in staying in the current moment, and teaches us how to be in harmony with nature and the elements.

     Prehnite is an excellent healing crystal for those often working with plants and gardening, because it can create a healing sanctuary out of whatever atmosphere you're in - helping you and your plants live vibrantly! It is also considered a feng shui stone - it can help us declutter in our everyday life, and is especially motivating to those who have a tendency to hoard useless possessions or old loves. Prehnite can calm the desire to collect and to help you trust that the universe will provide. It is also known as the detoxifying stone, as it dissolves unpleasant feelings connected to us. It can help us to see our past in a different light, and can help us gently reflect on avoided images that need to be resolved. Also considered a stone of focus, it is known for its grounding, nurturing, peace, calm, and focusing properties. More names for Prehnite are “The stone of unconditional love” and “The healer’s healer”.

    Prehnite is also known to ease nightmares and phobias, and the mentally weary.  Increases perception levels, induces deep meditation, enhances the visual process, aligns us with peaceful vibrations, and facilitates heart - centered connection to all of creation.

    Prehnite is associated with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra, and it can bring peace, acceptance, and empathy into our lives.


    Citrine is often called the “Merchants Stone” or the “Success Stone” for the common practice of placing this stone at cash registers in stores. Citrine was originally named after citron, the French word for lemon. 

    This excellent healing crystal is known for eliminating negative energy - it can actually transform negative energy into positive energy. It cannot accumulate or hold negative energy! Therefore, it never has to be spiritually cleansed - in fact, it can cleanse other stones just by being around them!

    Citrine is widely known to attract success, stimulate mental power & focus, activate mind & body, provide energy, open the mind to new thoughts, and increase self- esteem & self confidence.  This crystal is said to induce happiness, joy, & positivity in life by eliminating negative vibrations and energies. Citrine is known to ease depression, anger, self doubt, and mood swings. It is honored as a stone that can help us eliminate fear and the negativities in  our lives.

    Citrine can help us with the restoration of broken relationships and families, to overcome emotional grief, & can aid us in clearly communicating our ideas and needs. 

    This sunny yellow healing crystal is perfect for those involved in business and money matters, as it can attract wealth to its wearer, as well as a sense of confidence, security, and most importantly - spiritual and physical abundance. It can encourage the fullness of life by encouraging manifestation, imagination, and personal will. 

    Citrine is comforting, energizing, and acts as a shield against negative vibrations. 

    This crystal can help us open our higher mind to accept joy and optimism, and remind us to enjoy new experiences and explorations. Citrine decreases sensitivity to criticism and inspires creativity & self expression. It can help us heal issues of power abuse and feelings of helplessness. 

    Citrine is associated with the solar plexus and sacral chakras, but really, Citrine is known to align ALL the chakras.  This stone allows us to interpret the world through our own thoughts and emotions- and not live in fear of violating the views of others.

    Long article for this awesome stone! This will be perfect to go along with the listing of the prehnite and citrine pendant as well as the smokey and citrine & the ametrine and citrine ring.
  • Striped Flint from Poland

    Striped Flint is a type of chalcedony, a sedimentary rock composed of silica. This stone has been found in all countries of the world- since long ago, flint has been a part of human cultural evolution: as tool,  weapon, and fire starter. Indigenous peoples have used flint to help rid a location of spirits that are not welcome. It is considered a boundary stone.

    This healing stone improves consciousness and life force, helps flighty or disordered temperaments, and enhances clarity. It aligns our thoughts and feelings. This is a wonderful stone for those who do channeling, readings, or mediumship work, because it replenishes the spiritual life into the physical body! Striped Flint is associated with the root chakra, as it helps one feel more healthy and whole.

    This stone helps us to cut unhealthy ties for emotional stability in the long run. Striped flint can help with the success of businesses and managing money. It grounds the energy field it’s in to create a feeling of alignment and stability.  Flint also is associated with health and well being, and the acceptance of reality.

    5.5 cm×3cm
  • Smokey Quartz & Citrine Ring This Smokey Quartz and Citrine ring is AMAZING!! Smokey Quartz is a wonderful #groundingstone for bringing dreams into #manifestation on the physical plane. It has been known to relieve depression, tension, and anxiety. #citrine is great for clearing the aura and opening the conscious mind to intuition.
  • Zilis UltraEdge

    UltraEdge is a water soluble cognitive support product designed to help enhance your mental and physical productivity. UltraEdge contains a proprietary blend of powerful nootropics along with our exclusive Mimetix formula. UltraEdge is formulated to help with every aspect of mental acuity, performance, and cognition. Each serving is packed with the fuel necessary to help you perform at your optimal level, whether at work, home, or on the go. Ignite your mental potential, and get the edge you need to take on the day.

    The Mimetix Formula

    Typically, the conversation about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) revolves around phytocannabinoids alone. Mimetix takes ECS health to a whole new level. Mimetix is our full spectrum complex that includes: phytocannabinoid mimics, terpenes, beta-caryophyllene, alkamides, and cannabimimetics. Cannabimimetics are defined as compounds that have the same pharmacological impact on the ECS as the hemp plant. When combined in a full spectrum, water-soluble format the results are extraordinary.

    The System

    The endocannabinoid system is ever present in the human body. This complex network impacts many areas of health and is most abundant in the brain and immune system The ECS has been shown to be integral in body processes such as sleep, relaxation, and cognitive function. Through the production and use of natural endocannabinoids, the body regulates these systems. When production becomes slowed or impaired, cannabimimetic and phytocannibinoids, can supplement what the body may be lacking.

    Exclusive Technology

    As we all know, oil and water don't mix. This can be a challenge when taking oil-based supplements. UltraCell turns oil-based compounds into a water soluble format. Our exclusive technology has been proven in a clinical study to enhance the bioavailability of our oil supplements. Thanks to powerful technology, all of the benefits of UltraEdge are available to you at peak capacity.   2 oz Price too steep?  It's worth it. AND, click here to join to get this and other products at wholesale.
  • Thursdays, April 2- May 7       4:00-5:30

    Temporarily postponed.

    Find new freedom in your everyday activities with these easy to learn somatic movement classes. 

    If you experience chronic pain, muscular tension that causes discomfort, too much stress or you want to gain more fluidity and ease of movement; these classes could be for you.  Sign up now and hold your space for this popular series!
  • Lapis Source Quantum Pendant with Sirius Program

    The Source design represents the beginning of creation in this Lapis Lazuli Pendant.

    Sirius is associated with liberation and freedom. The high magnetic qualities of the star system can be focused to create positivity.
    Assists in holding a point of balance of stability.
    In addition to operating at a higher level of energy by wearing this Lapis Lazuli Pendant, you may also experience the added benefits of the stone.
    Lapis Lazuli is a Stone of royalty. It aids inner sight, enhancing clarity, directedness, psychic development and spiritual growth. It also calms mental static. If you like this Lapis Lazuli pendant you may also be interested in the Lapis Lazuli Light Stream Sunray or the Source Brazilian Blue Quartz. 3.5 cm
  • Rutilated Quartz

  • Larimar Metaphysical Properties 

    Larimar is only found in the Dominican republic in the Carribean. Discovered in 1916, it occurs in needle - like crystals, grown together as a solid mass, and forms in cavities within basaltic lava.  It is commonly known as the dolphin stone and the Atlantis stone.  

    Larimar facilitates the healing of unresolved issues, fears, and traumas. It eases emotional extremes and eases excessive passion into a proper place. This stone can cool hot tempers, relieve stress, and nurtures the physical and emotional bodies. It is especially helpful for the throat chakra, as it helps unleash the voice of ones deepest wisdom. It is an encouraging stone for those who have a passion for singing. Larimar is especially powerful in meditation and in connecting to the divine feminine. It helps release emotional bonds, patterns, and principles that no longer serve the highest good. 

    This is also a wonderful stone for mothers during and after pregnancy, as it helps relax the stress associated with new parenthood. It is also been known to help with hot flashes and stress related illnesses. 

    Larimar is also considered the stone of clear communication, as it provides the strength and courage needed to speak openly from the heart. It is often considered the stone of serenity, it promotes relaxation and provides a pleasant atmosphere. Wearing Larimar is said to create a fundamental awareness of the “all - rightness” of the world. It is said to help those with anger issues and may comfort those with feverishness due to its cooling effect. It is also said to halt self sabotaging behaviors. 

  • BAMBOO LUMINAIRE LAMP Though possessing a distinctly Asian design sensibility, the beauty of this lamp still manages to cross over with a broader appeal as well. It makes a lovely accent lamp, with it's soothing light and peaceful, zen-like image. A second, barely visible layer of bamboo branches, behind the first, adds depth, dimension, and character to the image. Four large Lithophane panels decorate this gorgeous accent is very versatile, as it can be placed low (on a night stand, for instance), high (on a bookshelf), or anywhere in between, and still look great! The lamp frame is made of durable steel, powder coated in a black semi-gloss finish, and features 4 protective “feet” on the bottom. The porcelain is non-porous, and washable with any common household cleaner. It will never fade or discolor; porcelain is timeless! Because it is a lithophane, the intricately textured porcelain surface is beautiful even when not lit. The two panels shown in the photo are repeated on the back two panels of the lamp.
  • ULTRACBG® PROPRIETARY FULL SPECTRUM HEMP CBG OIL Available exclusively from Zilis, Ultra CBG is a full spectrum, plant-based, water soluble hemp oil formulated to help promote strength, health, and balance throughout the body. Ultra CBG is a powerful cannabinoid with targeted benefits to support digestive health, among others. Every serving provides the phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids in a delicious hibiscus flower extract

  • The New Ultra System
    The Ultrasystem is a combination of Full Spectrum, hemp-derived Ultracell CBD and Ultra CBG providing you with a 30-day supply of product to promote healthy immune, digestive, circulatory and nervous systems. CBD and CBG activate our CB1 and CB2 receptors creating the ultimate Entourage Effect. Optimal balance, optimal health. Balance your ECS with the hottest combo on the market–UltraCell® and UltraCBG™ together! Your order includes one combination pack of one (15ml) UltraCell Raw bottle and one (15ml) UltraCBG bottle. Take back your health with our UltraSystem.

    Would you like to purchase this and other Zilis products at wholesale? Shop HERE. At the top of the page there is a blue strip with my name on the left and "Join" and "Shop" on the right. If you go to "Join" you can sign up as an ambassador and purchase one of the packages offered at retail. (No registration fee) Each order after that will be priced at wholesale. Questions? Just give BeverLi or Crystal a call at Spirals. 509-682-2383

  • Sunday, December 8         12:00-1:30

    Dr. Chandra Villano, ND, will be talking about the therapeutic properties of these nonintoxicating compounds found in hemp. She will share the physical and emotional benefits and answers your questions. RSVP requested: 509-682-2383 or Text 509-670-3001
  • Wednesdays 10:00-11:00

    also Saturdays 8:45-9:45 temporarily Kelsey expects to be back around mid April


    With her focus on safety, Lisa tailors each class to individual student needs sharing the benefits of Yoga in a way that allows students of all levels to be challenged, feel successful and have fun. With many years of teaching yoga, she focuses on each student feeling empowered, guided, and yet encouraged to feel the freedom of movement that resonates with their own body. She loves doing this, saying she, “couldn’t live without sharing the joy of yoga” During her class, Lisa starts with breathing practices (pranayama) and then moves from gentle movement into more active physical movements (asana). The class ends with a cool-down that focuses on balance and inversions to change your life flow; both are anti-aging. Throughout the class, you will experience very clear directions as she helps your explore the eight limbs of yoga. For more information, contact Lisa: 509-679-5873
  • Willow Tree ® Angel of Healing

    "For those who give comfort with caring and tenderness."
  • Willow Tree ® Angel of Caring

    "Always there, listening with a willing ear and an open heart."
  • Willow Tree ® Angel of Harmony

    "In harmony with life's rhythms"
  • Willow Tree Angel of the Garden

    "Bringing forth a garden of love and beauty"
  • Willow Tree ® Good Health

    "An abundance of health and happiness"
  • Willow Tree ® Angel of the Kitchen

    Warm comfort between friends