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  • Lori Lawrence
    Lori has followed a delightful path with adventures that always reached out to others to make a difference in their lives. In her bookstore, she offered mind~body~spirit reading when it was still something new. When she opened her used-book store, she also offered healing massage. And now she shares her passion for benefits of reflexology. For her, the journey with reflexology took root during the 1970's when she was being treated by a massage therapist, who incorporated this Chinese medicine. Lori was amazed how her feet were connected to every part of her body. Her curiosity was piqued! She wanted to learn more about the body, the body connections, and how it all worked. She was first certified in massage, but found reflexology was a stronger pull. She craved more knowledge and became certified in this kind of "zone therapy". Over the years, her passion for reflexology has grown as Lori has seen the proof and experienced it. She loves that it's non-invasive, safe, and really produces benefits. Lori met BeverLi and Patti when they came to her bookstore in Wenatchee. Over coffee and a conversation, one of those joyous, natural connections was set in motion. Since then, she has watched Spirals blossom and loves that she is now part of the wonderful, healing, and empowering sessions offered by the facilitators. Reflexology with Lori    
  • Spirals Bowls
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  • My name is Tara Paon and I am native to Canada. I have been blessed to travel and create with natural materials from a young age. During my 29 years on this beautiful planet I have travelled Europe and lived all over the North Americas. These experiences have taught me who I am, different cultures and shown me what my passions are. I feel in this life, home is where my heart and my art is. By not establishing the typical “home” roots or staying anywhere too long, my spirit, energy levels and creativity are at an all time high. I show my culture and my journey in every handmade piece. Through my experiences I’ve been taught where to find natural materials, how to work with it and importantly how to respect it. No animals, plants or otherwise are harmed, farmed or misused in the making of my art, this is my honest 100% guarantee.
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    Gardeners Hand Therapy | Lavender Gardener's Balm

    For the ultimate gardeners hand therapy try Lavender Gardener's Balm. Ingredients:  Calendula blossoms infused in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter, Local Beeswax, Vitamin E, Organic Lavender Essential Oil. Use on dry skin, skin irritations, and just plain hard working hands. Made by J Gecko Herbals 2 oz. Another delightful product by J Gecko, the Pain in the Neck rub!
  • EFT for Children. Your child will be having a blast as they howl, hug, thump on their chest while learning how they can use Tapping to feel better.

    EFT for Children

    Through the book, you'll learn about the scientifically proven technique commonly known as "Tapping" and how you can use it for both yourself and your child to overcomne stress, anxiety, negative emotions, and much more.  Your child will love the fun descriptions and illustrations for each point, such as the Super Eagle Eye Point, Lion Cry Point, Dragon Fire Point, Wolf Point, and more.
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  • crystal singing bowls
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  • I was guided to Shari's shop on Bent Street in Taos, NM in the summer of 2016.  We immediately became friends.  I felt as if I'd known her forever, so, of course I wanted to share with you all what she has to offer.  We have some of her drums a few of her paintings, but most of all I appreciate knowing her energy here on the planet.  Read more about Shari below.
  • Kelsey's journey to Spirals began with the birth of her son. She knew something had to change if she was going to be the kind of mother she wanted to be. Kelsey calls this her frantic search for peace” and it took her into the gentle arms of yoga. She came to love these practices during a difficult time in her life where it was all she could do to lie in Savasana for 20 minutes a day. This revealed to her the incredible healing power of deep conscious relaxation. She felt like she was indulging herself in what inspired. It was a feeling Kelsey had never experienced. As she followed this path, Kelsey experienced more peace and joy than she'd ever known. In need of a shift in her life- Chelan called to her, and she responded to her inner wisdom. A single mom, she arrived feeling frantic to find work, but her new sense of centered calm encouraged her to find something inspiring. The day she walked into Spirals, Kelsey knew she had to work here. She turned in her resume and woke up during the night knowing she needed to let BeverLi and Patti know her passion rather than her past. She showed up the next day and talked to them. They invited her to a women's group where she was introduced to many of the women she knows and admires today, and got to experience the Crystal Bowls for the first time. She joyfully accepted the invitation to join the Spirals' staff. The doors started swinging open for this intrepid spirit. She walked through every one. New teachers trained her in Healing Touch, different forms of meditation, Light Within Healing, sound healing, Sound Essence. She learned how to create Crystal Bowls Sound Baths and began sharing the healing experience with others. Today, Kelsey feels happily comfortable in the possibilities offered at Spirals. I know I'm doing something important” for both myself and others. She loves to answer questions. She feels deeply touched as she 'sees the light in their eyes' when others are empowered with hope and inspired to walk through their own doors. Kelsey loves being part of Spirals because it's a place to share her journey and passion. She remembers feeling lost and feels honored to have this opportunity to be with the wonderful, generous people” who come into the store and participate in the events and classes. It is Kelsey's heartfelt mission to bring deep healing and peace to others. Mindful MovementVibrational HealingHealing TouchLight Within Restorative Yoga  
  • candles
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    Dog Calming Spray "Peaceful Pup"

    Spray your wild pup with several spritzes of this dog calming spray, and experience a peaceful pup!  Spray your dogs bed and favorite spots to hang out.  Dogs find this scent particularly soothing and calming; it may induce mild lethargy. Ingredients:  Essential oils of organic sweet marjoram, organic vetiver, valerian, organic lavender, and organic sweet orange in a base of distilled water, glycerin, and organic grape alcohol. Made by J Gecko Herbals 2 fl oz If you have calmed your dog but its time to wake your self up you may want to try the "I don't wanna wake up....but I gotta" spray.
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