Inspiring Books to Read

///Inspiring Books to Read

Inspiring Books to Read!

We have a nice selection of inspiring books to read in our shop and we’re always happy to find your requests and mail them to you even if they aren’t right here at our fingertips.  Most of the books featured here are by local authors that we are blessed to have in our community.  We will continue to add our favorite books over time. (Call with requests: 509-682-2383)

Inspirational Read of the Month:

Ignite Changes Using Energy by Jeanne McElvaney

A delightful local author in our community weaved together this life changing, empowering information in a way that sings to my spirit.  Having read the entire book from front to back, I now use it as somewhat of an oracle, opening to any page at any given moment and trusting the information there is exactly what I need to see.  Inspiring.  Intriguing.  Insightful.  You won’t be sorry to experience the gifts that Jeanne has to offer in working with the energy insights and quantum thinking.  She has truly changed my life.

~ Kelsey

  • EFT for Children. Your child will be having a blast as they howl, hug, thump on their chest while learning how they can use Tapping to feel better.

    EFT for Children

    Through the book, you'll learn about the scientifically proven technique commonly known as "Tapping" and how you can use it for both yourself and your child to overcomne stress, anxiety, negative emotions, and much more.  Your child will love the fun descriptions and illustrations for each point, such as the Super Eagle Eye Point, Lion Cry Point, Dragon Fire Point, Wolf Point, and more.
  • Beautiful artwork and inspirational quotes invite the writer to express gratitudes for the day. This gift is great to encourage appreciative expression.Beautiful artwork and inspirational quotes invite the writer to express gratitudes for the day. This gift is great to encourage appreciative expression.

    Lovely Gratitude Journal

    Beautiful artwork and inspirational quotes in the gratitude journal invite the write to express gratitudes for the day.  This is a beautiful gift for someone committed to living a life of gratitude.  There's nothing that increases one's frequency faster or higher than heart-felt appreciation. Grace of Gratitude Journal is a spiritual gem and on the Top 100 Best Sellers list in Personal Growth.  
  • ignite-changesOld Thinking vs. Quantum Thinking

    This book will show you another path to the changes you want in your life. It’s a gentle, empowering, delight-filled journey. It’s an unfolding that celebrates your spirit. Instead of the tired, torn, and tattered map of Old Thinking, Quantum Thinking shows us that creating life-shifts is a flexible journey. Some of you will want a little more of one ingredient; others will omit ingredients. Each will mix the 64 ingredients of change differently, and everyone can create the personal transformation desired. Along the way, you’ll realize you don’t have to struggle. You’ll find that your good intentions are no longer fighting something deeper and stronger. Creating changes with Quantum Thinking means you are no longer the hard-working, overwhelmed Cinderella. You are the fairy godmother who makes it all happen. Get your own autographed copy here at Spirals.  Just ask in the comment section on the check out and Jeanne will personalize your copy with a little message to you.    
  • Jeanne McElvaney Books

    These novels will shine a light on self empowerment, choices, and the potential to change your life. Every reader will arrive at their own destination with insights from these self help guides.

    ~ Scroll down to read descriptions of each book ~

  • The Book of Knowing and Worth by Paul Selig Learn how to discover your unique life's purpose through "service"--the practice of the thing that you most love.  Readers can discover their own form of service with the knowledge and insight of Selig's spirit Guides. Crystal's pick of the month.
  • A 14-day Detox and Rejuvenation Program from Ancient Ayurveda with over 100 delicious recipes and complete yoga practices.
  • Transform your life
    From personal experience I can say this is a fantastic program.  I did it several years ago and things started shifting in my life almost immediately.  I still go back and practice to make sure I'm not falling into old patterns that did not work so well.  Take a look below at how the program works.