Electromagnetic Therapies and Microcurrent Devices

///Electromagnetic Therapies and Microcurrent Devices
  • The Sublte Energy Scanner may help you alleviate stress overloads on the body, build vitality and reserve energy, relieve stress & anxiety & reduce pain.
    The use of this tool is often included in our healing sessions.  Informational fields may also be transferred from one or more substance to one or more items or people upon request.  Remedies and/or crystals my be customized to the client. One may also choose to schedule a private meditation using this scanner to balance informational fields.
    • Scanning alleviates stress overloads on the body.
    • Builds general vitality and reserve energy
    • Relieves stress and anxiety
    • Antidote immune challenges
    • Promotes and sustains natural healing
    • Reduces pain and inflammation
    • Revitalizes energy handling system
    • Works toward balancing the body's self-regulating mechanism
    • Supports natural detoxification of the body at a safe and gentle rate
    • Creates customized isopathic restorative structures from subtle energy fields.
  • Microcurrent device MicroStimula Mark II is a precise calibrated electrical microcurrents device. Biological frequencies and waveforms stimulate and revitalize cell production.
    Microstimula MKII microcurrents device What could a microcurrents device to for me? To understand what Influenza, Rheumatoid arthritis, sleep disturbance, fever, food poisoning, Hepatitis C, Cholesterol control, Leukemia, Epilepsy, MS, Stress reduction, Radiation and Chemo-therapy recovery and Parkinson's disease have in common, you have to look at the cellular level. All cells, diseased, injured, and unhealthy experience a disruption in the way they metabolize. It follows, that if you could find a way to activate normal cellular metabolism, the diseased, injured and unhealthy cells could then become healthy again. We are convinced the Microstimula MKII does just that. Alternative Medicine by means of Electromagnetic Therapy. Neuropathy Treatment which promotes wellness and healing  
  • Life Stim Microcurrent Device Electromagnetic Frequencies
    This newly developed system, The "LifeStim", transmits 269+ of the best known Royal Rife, Bob Beck, John Crane, Hulda Clarks,,tumor, parasite Candida fungus Lyme and detox frequencies / harmonics etc directly to the two arteries in the wrist, for as long as you wish to wear it. The unit is an amazing addition for any Rife machine users, or detox parasite protocols, this unit allow the most effective frequencies we have used to be run 24/7 if so desired. It is also light weight , fully portable and rechargable.

    Life Stim

    Multiple frequency System

    269 plus Frequencies 2.5 kHz carrier frequency Light weight and compact, easy to use Fits snuggly on the wrist, and the contacts are wide enough to fit most wrist sizes Option for modulation On or Off Wrist cuffs No wires to tangle Fully rechargable batteries and charger

  • MicroStimula Connector Wires To be used with Technical Application MicroStimula
  • MicroStimula Tabs To be used with Technical Applications Micro Stimula. Package of 50.

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