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    This 444 Copper Torus is

    Not cleaning and clearing.   It’s just being with Creation Energy.   Creating that space to bring miracles through.   Not forcing.  Not expecting. Just allowing.   …allowing the Soul to be in the driver’s seat.   Just Peace Great Peace
    12″ in Diameter 2 Pounds in weight Fourteen 444 Rings And an ultra heavy 888 Ring
  • The Activator, from our Atlantian heritage, has been newly reconstructed with technology used in the creation of our planet, forming a new and powerful multidimensional device.

    The fire elemental is at the base of this activator.  See the GDV Photo Imaging video.
  • The Torsion Torus, multidimensional tool, is a facilitator of knowledge and wisdom, cleaning and clearing, and connecting. Allows more information in.

    Harmony Torus


    Harmony Torus

    Your Heart creates an electro-magnetic donut-shaped field known as a Tube Torus. This toroidal field simply describes the way in which energy flows. From the molecular level, to the creation of galaxies, energy flows in this basic tube torus pattern. The Seed of Life is a one dimensional representation of the Genesis pattern, representing the original eight cells of creation. A second six-petaled flower is offset from the first. Creating a flow both inward and outward in a spiraling motion. The Tube Torus design, as viewed from above, also appears as a crop circle in May of 2009. We are seeing that this pattern alone is giving us awakening codes and remembrance. Tensor Rings create columns of light which extend out for miles. Using a specific frequency of Tensor Ring which connects with our DNA, the Harmony Torus creates resonant patterns of Light codes within our DNA. This tool has also been used for healing applications. As you hold on to the any of the Ascension or the Harmony Rings, it is seen that your Higher Soul Self and all your Soul Aspects are holding onto the Ring at the same time. This brings ALL of YOU together from across time, space, and dimensions to partake in the healing and clearing. We have seen where someone has cancer. They hold onto their dis-ease. It is their story, their own empowerment and way to get energy on an unconscious level. Once their Higher Soul Self comes in, it will usually say NO, this is not for our highest and greatest good. It is then seen as a tug-of-war for the energy of the cancer between the person and the tool. The Tube Torus takes the cancer, encapsulates it so the person cannot have it back. Of course, anything of a lower vibration is transmuted within theTensor Rings. The Harmony Torus pulls the cause of discordant energy from the body. It changes the field, transmuting the cause, purifying the area, bringing it into balance, and then changing the cell memory of the affected area. Examples of harmonizing dis-ease within the body: • A tooth ache- it goes in to work with the cause of the pain, the infection for instance. • The common cold- going to the virus within the body, which has brought the body out of balance. It transmutes the virus to bring the body back into balance. • A cracked bone in a leg, brings in amazing colors with the tube torus which surrounds the bone, to heal it. The Harmony Torus does not need to be placed on the affected area of the body, as the toroidal field will simply travel with your attentions and intentions to where it needs to be. The process is not complicated- you are guiding it, trust in that.
  • The Torsion Torus, multidimensional tool, is a facilitator of knowledge and wisdom, cleaning and clearing, and connecting. Allows more information in.

    Torsion Torus


    Torsion Torus

    Introducing the Torsion Torus, a facilitator of knowledge and wisdom, cleaning and clearing, and connecting.

    The Torsion Torus creates a flow of energy, known as a tube torus. At the center of the Torsion Torus is a black hole.  Within this central space is a no time zone.  Brings everything together.

    It is a multidimensional tool, in that it is works with more than just the human… Twelve petals of the Torus = twelve Soul Aspects including the Human.

    Bringing all of You into a one-ness. Knowledge and information of the Soul’s aspects into you. Each of these 12 lives have information, the Torsion Torus helps to consolidate that information to you, the one who holds the physical tool.

    As you hold it, it brings the knowledge of all that you are into this space.  Helps greatly to facilitate that connection.  When connecting with the Torsion Torus, its field nests within your own tube torus.

    Knowledge, wisdom, cleaning, and clearing… cleaning and clearing for more information to come in.

  • Dream Special pendant

    The Dream Special Copper Pendant is a powerful tool for personal transformation and connectivity, as well as for clearing and transforming the environment around you.

    The Fire Generator, 444 Coil and Harmony heart are featured in this beautiful copper pendant. (See the descriptions below of these pieces) The coil and infinity are attached to the lanyard, while the generator can be slipped off and used separately if you choose.  
  • EMF Protection Cell Phone Tabs Vortex are efficient in remediating harmful radiation from your phone and other electronic devices,transmuting and balancing energies.

    The all new Vortex Cell Phone Protection Tab is an efficient and powerful EMF protector encased in a natural resin shell.

    This self-adhering phone tab has been found to be highly effective in remediating harmful radiation from your phone and other electronic devices.

    The vortex design, brought through in a specialized printing process, draws in and transmutes dense energy, much like the Tensor Rings.

    In the synergizing of the etheric vortex symbol, with the Balance and Harmony Ring, the two are transforming non-beneficial electromagnetics into a smooth, wonderful, and beneficial energy.

    The Vortex Tabs have a super-sticky rubberized backing which stays readily onto any Cell Phone, Smart Phone, Smart Meter, or other electronic device.

    Vortex Tabs can also be used anywhere you wish to transmute dense energies, raise vibrations, charge water, harmonize and balance energies, etc.

    In a recent biofeedback study, the Vortex Tabs were shown to make your cell phone beneficial to the physical body, as well as the energy bodies. It was shown to actually align chakras when using your cell phone!!!

    For those who are super sensitive to electronics, using a Vortex Tab allows them to freely use a cell phone again!

    Comparing the Vortex Cell Phone Tab to other EMF remediation products, the Vortex Tabs do more than just block harmful energies… They transform the energy into something beneficial and useful for the person on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

    1" Diameter
  • EMF Wifi Protection Ring transforms more than Wifi. It uses visible light and other electromagnetic spectrums as carrier waves for the frequencies of Unconditional Love.

    Wifi Ring

    Place anywhere on frequency emitting appliances Wifi Routers Laptops TVs Headphones Tape inside household fuse box Put over facet to restructure “stray voltage” in your water supply Carry in your pocket
    Simply place the Wifi Ring on the source of the nonbeneficial frequency, where it will automatically connect to and transform the frequency emitted.  If you do not have access to the source of the frequency, having the Wifi Ring anywhere in your field (as a pendant or in your pocket) will protect your field    
  • fire generator

    EMF Protection

    One of the most powerful Generators for restructuring nonbeneficially created frequencies. Including all known or unknown frequencies from HARP, Radionics, Satellite, Electromagnetic, Geomagnetic, etc.
  • golden fire generator
    Affecting people and Beings through the field of the Sacred Heart and the Quantum Mind 4" Golden Fire Tensor Field Generator 
  • Affecting people and Beings through the field of the Sacred Heart and the Quantum Mind 8" Golden Fire Tensor Field Generator 
  • 111 tensor rings

    111 Tensor Ring

    When asking about this new Ring they have simply told us “Ultimate Manifestation.” It is not manifestation, like dropping a pot of gold at your feet, rather it is to help you see and feel in a new way.  The Light energy coming from this Ring assists to release old ways of being. Ultimate Manifestation into this reality, as the new way of being on the new Earth. In this new way of being is Grace and Ease, Unconditional Love, and Joy.
  • harmony generator
    Large Harmony & Balance Generator This 7" Harmony & Balance Generator covers a twelve mile area. This 7" sphere is made of heavy 8 gauge copper.  This is one of Brian Besco's personal favorites. Balance & Harmony
    • Healing and Clearing
    • Helps release programs and beliefs.
    • Works well w/ sound healing.
    • Connects with the Soul and Soul's aspects.
    • Raises Vibration.
    Emits a pulsing of the frequency & vibration of Love up to 12 miles. This is awonderful tool to take with you to congested areas, parks, airports, sporting events.  Take it where you want to spread the love.  
  • infinite heart

    Infinity Heart Pendant

    The Infinity Heart Pendant wants to bring Harmony, Balance, and love to you.

    Just the infinity symbol in itself is very powerful. Infinity represents love, continuance, without end… The infinity heart pendant is a symbol of  infinite Love- it is Harmony and Balance in Love. It connects the Soul to the physical and multidimensional Heart. Where we see the Trinity of the human Being as Mind, Body, and Spirit, the Harmony Heart is connecting the Spirit (the Soul) with the Body (the physical).  This is huge for the body who either disconnects or goes into fear despite the Mind or Spirit.

    • Facilitates a higher Soul connection • Resonates with the Heart Chakra • Protects the energy bodies 8-10 feet out • Dissolves non-beneficial energetic implants • Brings the Soul more into the body, and will assist others in proximity to do the same
    • Slip onto an existing necklace to create a heart connection with your favorite crystal, stone, or pendant • Use along-side an existing Tensor Coil to automatically make the Tube Torus connection from your heart to the Tensor Coil’s toridal field
    Slightly flattened copper Mobius with a half twist creates the Infinity symbol.
    The Harmony Infinity Heart Pendant is a powerful and amazing piece. It can be wore as a pendant, fashioned as a bracelet, or carried anywhere upon the person.
  • standard harmony generator
    Harmony Generator This Standard Harmony Generator has a sphere of influence of 8-10 miles.  This sphere of influence is the same for the person who does not know who they are, who does not know they are a powerful multidimensional creator, yet when a person who stands in their Being-ness holds the sphere, they are projecting the frequency and vibration of love fully into the larger sphere of influence around them, amplifying and synergizing with the Harmony Sphere. A personal favorite for the home or office.  
    • Healing and Clearing
    • Helps release programs and beliefs.
    • Works well w/ sound healing.
    • Connects with the Soul and Soul's aspects.
    • Raises Vibration.
  • The Smart Meter Protection Ring fits snugly over any Smart Meter housing, transforming all electrical emissions throughout an entire electrical circuit in the home.

    Smart Meter Protection Ring

    The Smart Meter Protection Ring fits over any Smart Meter housing, or even simply inside the fuse panel, to transform all electrical emissions in the home. Raises the vibration of the house, which raises the vibrations of the occupants. Cleaning, clearing, and creating healing space. Meter Ring works troughout an entire electrical circuit, as well as back up out the distribution line.  And even raises the frequency and vibration of the food in your refrigerator, one of our homes biggest ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) emitters.  Tensor Rings alone cannot accomplish such a tall order, yet Tensor Fields are the carrier wave for higher frequencies to be anchored into the precisely measured twisted coper hoops. It is the energetics of the Balance and Harmony Rings, Gaia and the Earth Elementals, and the frequncies and properties of Unconditional Love, which flow through the electrical wiring of the bilding...enveloping all in a transformative, healing, loving, energy - making home feel like Home. We have found that Smart Meters are standard sized, allowing the 6 3/8" inside diameter ring to fit perfectly over the clear plastic housing.  Can be used on any size of buiding which usese a standard electric meter.  Once weathered, a patina will set in on the copper, making it nearly invisible. With the recent development of the Wifi Ring, and its connection to the Meter Ring, the Meter Rings can now connect to the entire electrical system through the fuse panel.