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Inspirational Statues | Spiritual Statues
Enjoy this variety of crystal, bronze, pewter, clay, resin and wood inspirational statues from many different cultures.  We hope you find something that speaks to your heart and reminds you of your deepest desires.  Each spiritual statue represents a different energy.  Which one are you drawn to?  Look it up or give us a call and find out why.  What you are drawn to signifies an energy that you or a loved one could benefit from having in your home or work space.  Our soul knows what it is we are needing and longing for and finds gentle ways to show us, such as an immediate attraction.  It is fun to see how correct our intuition often is.  Meditating on or glancing at as a gentle reminder will assist you in drawing these energies in encouraging healing and balance.  So many more beautiful inspirational statues coming soon to this page.

  • The triple goddess represents the divine feminine connection to the cycles of nature. The Maiden is the spring, new beginnings and possibilities, and the waxing crescent moon. The Mother is the bounty of the earth, summer and early harvest, and the full moon. The crone is the end of the growth cycle when the leaves turn, the sleeping earth in winter, and the waning crescent moon. All three goddess archetypes are known individually, but when the three aspects come together in the triple form, their power multiplies, reminding us of the beauty of all parts of life and the cycles of the earth.
  • Peace healing and motherly love.  5 3/4" cold cast bronze statue.
  • Celtic - Danu - Flowing Abundance Figurine Statue

      Mother of the Tuatha De Danaam, the ancient tribe of Celtic people. She is the great goddess of flowing rivers, the life force, and food production. She governs the cycle of life, death and rebirth.
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    Find the fairy magic in your life. This grand fairy is 11" x 7".
  • This exquisitely detailed image of the winged goddess reproduces the original carved from basalt. 7 1/4" x 6 1/4" resin statue black stone color finish.
  • Bast

    Bast Cat form of moon goddess Bast.  Also goddess of divine intoxication. 11" x 4"
  • offering bowl goddess back This lovely, curvy goddess figure, adorned with symbols of the moon cycle, is equally beautiful with offering bowl displayed in the front or turned discretely to the back.   6 1/4" resin statue, white antique stone color finish.