Shamanic Drums

These beautiful Shamanic Drums are painted by Shari Ubechel of Taos, NM.  Using shamanic drums creates a bridge to the spirit world facilitating spiritual healing.  The steady beat of the drums is a voice of great power, as it is akin to the primal pulse, the heart, throbbing within all that exists. Ritualistic music such as that which comes from Shamanic drums is used in a way to address the spirit world and provide some kind of fundamental change in an individual’s consciousness or in the ambiance of a gathering.  Drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system, produces feelings of well-being, assists in releasing emotional trauma, & helps to provide an integration of self.  Not only a beautifully painted piece of art – your new shamanic drum is a vehicle for spiritual healing, consciousness expansion, & community building.  Shamanic or Native American style drumming is most powerful as a prayerful device, as a way to touch your sacred circles of loved ones, family and friends in a unique and powerful way. A shamanic journey, using the drum, is just “visualized prayer.”  Experience the power of Shamanic drumming!

  • I was guided to Shari's shop on Bent Street in Taos, NM in the summer of 2016.  We immediately became friends.  I felt as if I'd known her forever, so, of course I wanted to share with you all what she has to offer.  We have some of her drums a few of her paintings, but most of all I appreciate knowing her energy here on the planet.  Read more about Shari below.
  • This 18" Raven Shaman Drum has magnificent tone.  Created by Shari Ubechel it will make a delightful impact on your Shamanic practices or your playing pleasure.
  • Owl Shaman Drum

    14" Owl Shaman Drum by Shari Ubechel.
  • Use this beautifully toned shaman drum to shift your state of consciousness or to move energy.