Briana's Stone Necklaces & Gemstone Jewelry

///Briana's Stone Necklaces & Gemstone Jewelry

Briana’s Stone Necklaces & Gemstone Jewelry

Energize and balance yourself with these one-of-a-kind stone necklace treasures created by a local artist in Chelan, Washington. The stone necklaces have complementing properties as well as beauty. Click on the photos for metaphysical descriptions of the stone necklaces.   Gemstone jewelry makes a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one offering elegance & wonderful healing properties to gently guide you to a place of serenity.  When selecting your stone necklace trust what you are initially drawn to, as this is your intuition speaking to you and is often what you are needing.  If you take a peek at a piece of gemstone jewelry that captivates your attention and then you cannot stop thinking about it – this is also your intuition speaking to you.  Trust this information as the stones on these specific pieces of jewelry are most likely something that can enhance your overall well being.  Look up the meanings of the stones and see if this resonates with you.  Enjoy!

  • 17.5" Blue Agate, Sodalite, Labradorite & Copper
  • 18" long Unikite and Copper
  • 17" pietersite, jasper, petriied wood and copper
  • With this necklace you may enjoy analytical abilities, precision, hidden talents, inspiration, more fidelity, self-expression, an easing of guilt, fear & confusion, more prophetic dreams and psychic gifts, intuitive wisdom, vitality, luck & independence. The colors were dificult to capture.  There is no gold in this, more grey and blue.   22" long
  • 18.5" long tree agate, green aventurine, zoisite and copper.
  • Angelite and olive jade with silver. ~17-19 inches with lobster claw clasp and adjustable chain. Some of the metaphysical properties of these stones include: Balance, protection, telepathy, spiritual journey, peace, communication, rebirth
  • 17.5" long.
  • Aragonite, amethyst, citrine and copper ~17.5 inches long with copper toggle clasp. Some of the metaphysical properties of these stones include: Strength, vitality, bravery, happiness, laughter & positive energy, comfort, spirituality & contentment, patience, peace, serenity, clarity, optimism, luck, wealth, creativity, solutions, focus, excellence, openness & intuition
  • Rose quartz, garnet and copper necklace, approximately 18.5-19.5 inches long, with adjustable three ring copper toggle closure.Some of the metaphysical properties of these stones include: Rose quartz is a stone of love, supporting self love & attracting love from within & from without. It exposes the beauty in everything & promotes emotional healing. Garnet is a stone of warmth, creativity & Love. It promotes patience & understanding, of others & of one's self.
  • With this necklace you may enjoy nurturance, protectionm, strength, vitality, magic, luck, progress, change, variety, ceativity, optimism & independence.  Clear the past & live in teh moment.  Completion, self realization & acceptance, truth, intuition & alignment.
  • Serpentine, Peridot, Lapis & Copper Gemstone Necklace


    Serpentine, Peridot, Lapis & Copper Necklace, Approximately 18 inches long with copper S hook closure.

    Some of the metaphysical properties of these stones include: Love, Warmth, Friendship, Openness, Clarity, Intuition, Mystical Knowledge & Universal Wisdom, Inner Truth, Intellect, Communication, Enlightenment, Dreams, Serenity, Relax, Heal, Regenerate, Release, Protection, Money, Cheer, Happiness & Contentment
  • Smoky Quartz, Iolite, Phrenite, Idocrase & Labradorite Gemstone Necklace

    Item # - bri 273 Briana's necklaces hold a special energy, and this one includes phrenite along with the others. As she works with the stones they pull themselves together to be on the same titanium wire just for you.  These are definately one of a kind, and if it doesn't call you, let it's someone else's.  But if it calls you....this is your chance to get the combination that you have been attracting to come into your life.  And here it is.  How easy was that! See the properties of these stones  below. Or maybe it was the labradorite that called to you!  Take a look at these labradorite rings!
  • Pyrite, Lapis & Copper This 19" necklace is 19" long Expect grounding, self esteem, protection, recollection of beautiful memories, clarity, directedness, spiritual growth.  Calms mental static, vitality, luck, independence.
  • Rainbow Chakra Necklace. This 21" necklace includes emerald, amazonite, chrysopraise, dumortierite, sodalite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, jasper, muscovite, aventurine, amber, aragonite, serpentine, citrine, nickeloan magnesite, jade, & copper.    
  • Apatite, Amethyst & Copper Amethyst is a stone of warmth, tranquility and contentment. Apatite is a stone used to aid in communication & humanitarian pursuits.  It enhances creativity & clairvoyance.  Both stones encourage spiritual growth, insight & inner peace. 16"
  • Amethyst, Apatite, Garnet & Copper Be strong, sppiritual & insightful.  Find clarity, tranquility & inner peace.  Heal, communicate & create with love, warmth, compassion & awareness.