Enjoy choosing from a variety of  services and healing modalities facilitated by skilled practitioners that care about you.  For Bio’s of the practitioners please see page 2.

  • Reiki Session 60 mins-$80

    Reiki Session 90 mins-$120

    Ginny provides Energy Balancing and also house clearings to support you in feeling relaxed, at peace, balanced & connected with your higher self. A session with her will be pleasant and relaxing as she empowers your personal wellness. A Reiki session can ease your tension, reduce pain or anxiety and help with insomnia. It can enhance your creativity & intuitive awareness. It may help support your body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels- physical, emotional and spiritual. Long Distance Reiki & Home Clearings are Available. Call 760-717-0470 for an appointment.  Call Spirals to make and appt @ 509-682-2383 For Questions Call Ginny at 760-717-0470
  • 30 min =  $75               60 min = $150
    Each soul personally encounters relational paradox and complexity to reconcile in this lifetime. All paradox is about weaving the disparate — and sometimes, hidden — threads of polarity back into the fabric of right relationship. With your permission, my gift of intuition allows me to access both the seen and unseen realms to uncover the blocks that may be preventing you from realizing wholeness in relationship. Any relationship: Romantic. Platonic. Personal. Professional. Familial. Ancestral. Terrestrial. Celestial. I see the past. The present. And the future. Whatever is needed to support you in finding clarity, insight and peace. I see you and believe in you. And I will unconditionally reflect the brightness and perfection of your highest self back to you, so that you remember your innate resources and power to access your birthright of freedom and joy in relationship. Bottom line: the universe is co-conspiring to love you wide open. I'm just one human here to humbly help, so you can see you're one step closer on the pathway home to your own heart. Jenny's Bio
  • Integrative Energy Sessions may include EFT, Healing Touch, Light Life Tools, crystals, Singing bowls, Bio-Mat, Light Stream Frequency wand, and more.

    In your Integrative Energy Session we will draw from many years of experience, energy modality certifications, frequency tools. We love to assist you to find the life you deserve.

    $120  for 1-2 hours

    Call Spirals: 509-682-2383

    Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com

    BeverLi Crystal


  • Crystal Dierick is passionate about using energy to help children feel empowered. She uses fun, interactive, easy-to-use energy experiences that gives them tools to feel centered when faced with challenges. Her personal, family, and group sessions are listed below. She loves to work both one-on-one and with small groups. $45 for 1/2 hour $85 for 1 hour
  • You could say, we look at our life through a single window and our viewpoint feels like 'that's how it is'. When you're having an energy journey with me, you will get to look out a completely different window to experience a new perspective that is insightful, empowering, and always encouraging. $30 for 30 minutes Call Spirals: 509-682-2383 Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com Jeanne ~ author of "Ignite Changes Using Energy" and Host of Unwind+Explore Weekly Online Show Personal Energy Session Ignite Your LifeEnergy Circle
  • Lie down on a mat, get cozy, and experience a joyous, deeply relaxing meditation. Using seven crystal bowls tuned to the frequency of body energy, Crystal, Laura or Kelsey will give you a gentle time out while your healthy cells recognize and respond to the tones. You will experience a renewed sense of balance long after the bowls stop singing. $45 - 30 minutes     1 - 10 people Call Spirals: 509-682-2383 Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com Laura,  KelseyCrystal

  • This relaxed, fun class weaves graceful movement with a good workout. $15 /person / 5 minimum Call Spirals: 509-682-2383 Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com Laura Angel Oracle Readings,  Vibrational HealingHealing TouchGentle YogaFlowing YogaChair Exercise, Cardio/Weight Class

    Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com

  • EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. It's often called “tapping.” Using both acupressure and affirmations, it calms your energy channels and brings healing to the body. Lose weight, reduce or eliminate pain,  increase self-confidence, improve relationships, remove phobias and addictions, recover from trauma, discover your passion.  EFT is easy and often works where nothing else will.  It is one of the most powerful self-empowerment tools out there.  With each session you will identify ,unlock, and  clear out aspects that have been holding you back from living life fully.  Expect results.
  • This amazing technique provides proven health and performance benefits. $10/person    Minimum 3 people.    30 minutes for an introductory session. Call Spirals 509-682-2383 Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com    

  • Relax, Release, Revive.  Continue to honor yourself to realize who you have become while letting go of ideas of who you thought you were supposed to be. We can begin with Emotional Freedom Technique, melting layers of emotional baggage from your meridian system and cellular make-up.  We can continue with Healing Touch, Light Life Tools, crystals, Sound Essence sprays, the warm Bio-Mat, Light Stream Frequency wand, Crystal and Tibetan bowls or pyramids (and whatever other tools or modalities are called for).  Your body and energy field will have the opportunity to clear and you can appreciate the recognition of who you are.   BeverLi
    • Allow between 1 to 2 hours for this session.
    • Please drink plenty of water before the session.
    • You will be fully clothed for the session.
    Please call BeverLi if you have questions.  509-682-2383
  • Family Yoga!


    Get silly and move your body to release stuck energy and put a smile on everyones face. Kelsey will use a combination of fun yoga poses, breathing exercises, and movement to let go of stress and improve moods. Classes end with a fun guided imagery meditation and the calming vibrations of crystal singing bowls. A great way to spend time with your children!

    Open to all ages.

    $35 for up to 3 family members and $5 a head for each additional participants

    Call Spirals to set a time that works for you: 509-682-2383

    Kelsey Herold, Mindful Yoga

  • Healing Touch is a biofield therapy that is an energy-based approach to health and healing. $50 - $120   1 hour Kelsey  $75 Laura $75 Crystal $85 / includes sound healing Crystal $120 / includes EFT, Reiki, and sound healing This depends on the practitioner and the other services that are incorporated into your session. We are happy to discuss the options with you and guide you toward what you want. Call Spirals: 509-682-2383 Practitioners available for your session are BeverLi, Crystal, Kelsey and Laura. Scroll down to find out more about Healing Touch. Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com

    BeverLi,  Crystal, Kelsey,  Laura

  • With hypnotherapy let Anne guide you into a meditative state to help you with discovery and personal enrichment as she holds space for deeper soul work.
    In your hypnotherapy session please bring any specific concerns that you'd like to work on during the session. We can also do a more open-ended session for discovery and personal enrichment or hold space for deeper soul work. If possible, avoid stimulants (such as coffee) immediately before the session to help your body relax more easily. If you would like time to share more deeply about your process—without hypnotherapy—we can schedule a time to meet in person at Spirals or by phone or Skype. We are very pleased to have Anne Arthur here at Spirals. Call Spirals: 509-682-2383. Email us: spiralofjoy@msn.com
  • Would you like to hear gentle, uplifting messages from your angels? $30 for 30 minutes or $15 for 15 minutes Call Spirals: 509-682-2383 Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com Laura Healing Touch, Vibrational HealingLight WithinBelly DancingGentle YogaFlowing YogaChair ExerciseCardio/Weight Class
  • Energy Clearing and Balancing for home and land up to 2 acres, including all Soil Balancers, Stabilizers and Flower Essences. For larger acreage with structures, please see Energy Clearing for Land or contact Alana at 434-466-8270 for assessment. Work can be done off-site anywhere in the world if a map of the property and building structures is provided.

    Ideal for
    • Individuals, families and businesses seeking to eliminate blocks to greater productivity, success, and abundance and looking to improve personal and professional relationships, health, and well-being.
    • Real Estate Agents or Individual Sellers that need assistance in the energetic clearing and balancing of properties for sale that had been on a market too long.
    Alana Blusol,  Shamanic Healing Session
  • kelsey therapeutic yoga

    Therapeutic Yoga

    This therapeutic yoga is no stress; wear comfy clothes, relax and be guided to do what's comfortable for your body.

    Kelsey offers private therapeutic yoga sessions for those who are new to yoga, looking to enhance their current practice, nursing an injury, or just looking for a more private experience. Classes are completely tailored to suit your individual needs.  She is passionate about using yoga as a means to achieving overall well being and balance to multiple areas of your life.  Depressed and unhealthy, Kelsey came to yoga 8 years ago during her pregnancy with her son knowing that something had to shift.  Yoga has helped her to achieve peace of mind, relief from depression and anxiety, gain self love and confidence, and maintain a healthy weight and body image.  She finds great joy in sharing the practice of yoga and the bountiful benefits it offers.

    It is Kelsey's heartfelt mission to bring deep healing and peace to others. Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga that used props so you can deeply surrender into each posture. It focuses on relaxation, renewal, effortlessness, and ease.

    $80 for 90 minutes

    Call Spirals: 509-682-2383

    Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com


    Mindful MovementHealing TouchVibrational HealingLight Within Energy Medicine,


  • Foot reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific reflex points and areas on the feet. Reflexologists believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that stimulating these areas has a beneficial effect on the organs and person's general health. $55 for 45 minutes Mondays by appointment. Call Spirals: 509-682-2383

    Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com

  • Feel the energy-frequencies-fields-light. You will experience deep connection on a level so intensely beautiful, it is described as a re-birth of your soul as you further ascend on your path of enlightenment. $60 - 1 hour Call Spirals: 509-682-2383 Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com Kelsey,  Laura,  Ann,  Crystal  
  • This quick over-view will give you the opportunity to explore and experience: Rings ~ Coils ~ Feedback ~ Loops ~ Lotus / Seed of Life ~ Harmonizers

    $10 / person with 3 minimum

    Call Spirals: 509-682- 2383

    Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com


  • remote energy healing, pet healing, animals
    Let Margene help you find and maintain your balance.  Rather than looking at what's wrong, she asks your body what it would like to balance, link or just let go of to balance to its best at this moment.  Margene is an Accunet Practitioner / Aromatouch Technique Practitioner / Animal Communicator specializing in remote sessions, PTSD & rescue animals. Once payment is made, Margene will call you to discuss any questions and schedule a time. $120 for the first session. Future sessions will be $90 per hour or $50 per 1/2 hour. Call Spirals: 509-682-2383 Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com


  • This is an in-depth shamanic energy healing session, designed to uncover, address, and heal pressing issues in your life. After booking your Shamanic Session, Alana will send you 2 intake forms that you will need to fill and send back prior to your session. An initial session generally lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours, although your needs and Spirit Guides primarily guide our time.
    During the session, guided by the Spirit Guides, Alana will provide energetic healing as well as detailed information on spiritual issues you face at this time, including:
    ● the origin of the issue
    ● the outcome of the healing
    ● what you can do to integrate the healing into your life
    To maximize your healing and well-being at the conclusion of your session, Alana will include suggestions from your Spirit Guides on how to fully integrate the healing into your life journey. Follow-up appointments are available, and are a combination of healing and guided work.
  • In gentle sessions, I use Energy Dialogues, Energy Readings, Deep Relaxation, Guided Energy, and Energy Insights so you see new possibilities for yourself. You will leave with practical suggestions for using your new energy insights in your everyday life. Challenges will be seen from a new perspective. Your inner wisdom will take you to answers that celebrate your personal spirit. You will see past the surface into the root of the problem. During this hour and a half session, you can be as detailed and random as you want. You can make a list of everything that you'd like to know more about. Is there a choice you are considering? Is there a block happening around something you want? Do you have a repeating response that is no longer serving you? Is there relationships you want to explore? "Oh man, oh man. So many changes! Worth years of therapy." MF "I'm absolutely in awe about what happens. It's almost magical." MD $100 for 90 minutes Call Spirals: 509-682-2383

    Jeanne ~ author of "Ignite Changes Using Energy" and Host of Unwind+Explore weekly online show

    Energy ReadingsIgnite Your Life Energy Circle  
  • Reiki

    Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that reduces stress, encourages relaxation, and promotes healing. $60 -$85  for 1 hour Call Spirals: 509-682-2383 Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com Crystal,   Ann
  • Enjoy the soothing 3-part synergy of quantum energetics of Far Infrared Heat Rays, Negative Ion Therapy, and the healing properties of Amethyst. $20 - 30 minutes Offered at Spirals by appointment or walk-in basis when time allows. This service is also included in Healing Touch sessions. Call Spirals: 509-682-2383 Email: spiralofjoy@msn.com