Windstone Fantasy Statues by M. Pena

///Windstone Fantasy Statues by M. Pena

Windstone Fantasy Statues by Michelle Pena

These Windstone fantasy statues are cast from exquisite sculptures by M. Peña, the detail shows the love and care put into each piece.   Her work was inspired by her lifelong study of animal behavior and anatomy.  After founding Windstone Editions in 1985 her talent quickly became recognized worldwide as a defining force in the fantasy art market and continues to set the standard for originality, detail, and quality.  All of the materials used to create the statues are all selected for the ultimate in quality, regardless of cost.  Windstone is a small family owned business with no offshore production.   We offer a large variety of these unique creatures: dragons, cats, unicorns, owls, griffins, and more.  Each statue symbolizes a different energy that will be a wonderful addition to any home or work space.  They are collectors items as they retire.  Take care of, love, and enjoy your fine creation!  Which one suits you best?!

  • Wizard Small in Peacock Small Wizard in peacock. He has a small swarovski crystal globe on the top of his staff that has a rainbow reflection.
  • Wizard Large in Peacock Large Wizard painted in peacock with metallic gold trim. He has a small green dragon on his shoulder, and he holds a faceted swarovski globe. M. Pena's love of her work is shown in the detail.
  • Inner Light

    This is the Inner Light Dragon Candle Lamp in ivory. Light from the votive candle shines up out of the top of this cauldron-like dragon sculpture as well as through her clear blue glass eyes and the crystal ball she is holding. When Windstone tried setting a lit candle in the first original white plaster carving of this sculpture, they thought it looked so pretty inside a white dragon that they decided to produce these candle lamps in white as well as the natural stone finish. The crystal ball is an optically clear globe with a reflective dichroic coating on the back, so it looks beautiful even when the candle isn’t lit.
  • Fledgling Dragon in Violet Flame This is the Fledgling Dragon in Violet Flame! He has red colored glass eyes and a red colored Swarovski jewel in his forehead. “Violet Flame” is a fiery mix of metallic gold, red and violet with some bright blue between the scales to add to the chaos
  • Male Griffin Black Sunset This is the Black Sunset Male Griffin! He is jet black with flame colors on his wings, throat, and a few touches on his forehead and tail. He has red eyes and red Swarovski (I’ve learned to spell that) crystals set in his gold-colored collar. This is a production piece, available from our dealers.
  • This is our Spectral dragon in emerald peacock. Note: Minor variations in color may occur since each of our items is lovingly handcrafted, but not individually photographed.
  • windstone wizard cat

    Windstone Wizard Cat Candle Lamp

    Be reminded of the magic in your life as you watch the light flicker in the eyes of this friendly cat.