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  • Nirvana Good Karma Prayer Flags

    Eternal Lotus unfolds with fragrant bliss, Buddha and Quan Yin rest peaceful within it's tranquil bloom.  May the peace in your heart forever unfold.
  • Traditional Oriental Prayer Flags

    Traditional oriental flags with symbols of good fortune: Eternity, Wisdom, Peace, Love, Harmony Tranquility, & Happiness 7 FLAGS 14"x 14" ea. stitched onto a strong cord.
  • Flower Flags

    Invoking the natural beauty and tranquility of flowers. STRING OF 8 FLAGS, 14"x 16" EACH    
  • Flower Fairy Prayer Flags

    On these Flower Fairy Flags you'll find delightful blosoms, sweet and fragrant. Make a home for enchanting Flower Fairies. String of 7 flags: 14"x14" each.
  • Lotus Mandala Good Karma Flags

    The beauty of the lotus blossom expressed in colorful mandala forms. Handcrafted in Indonesia, 7 flgs stitched onto a strong cord, 15"x15" each.  
  • Inspiring meditation mandala

    These beautiful lotus meditation mandalas can be used as a focal point. To be the jewel lotus flower unfolding is the highest goal. Om Mani Padme Hum. 7 FLAGS stitched onto a strong cord, 14”x 14” EACH
  • Mountain Sky Good Karma Flags

    These designs bring Fire, Eaerth, Water and air. It is in the balance of these natural forces that we find all life. Fire, Earth, Water and Air...String of 7 flags, 13"x15" each.mountain-sky-600-x-200
  • The Path of Yoga

    shares a common source with the ancient language of Sanskrit.
    1. Yoga-Union
    2. Atman-Universal Self
    3. Nirvana-Absorption into pure being
    4. Aum-Universal Sound
    5. Ojas-Strength
    6. Samadhi-Highest state of Yoga
    7. Satya-Wisdom, truthfulness
    String of 7 flags, 14" x 14" stitched onto a strong cord.
  • The Awakened Aphrodite

    Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus. She is identified with the planet Venus. 5 flags stitched onto a strong cord.  The center flag is 20.5" x 15.5"  
  • Good Fortune Prayer Flags

    Set of 7 flags: 14″ x 14″. These flags Call in good fortune with traditional oriental calligraphy good fortune symbols.
  • Peaceful Animal Kingdom Prayer Flags

    Every creature great and small, living together in a Peaceful Kingom, 5 flags stiched onto a strong cord, flags are 16" x 18" each. 100% individually hand-painted rayon.
  • Wild Life Echoes Good Karma Prayer Flags

    Wild creatures large and small live in harmony with nature.  May we live by their example. 7 flags on a sturdy rope, 14" x 14" each.
  • Celestial Visions Prayer Flags

    Celestial heavens preside over our worldly affairs, influencing the ocean tides and all events.  may we find grace and harmony within this wonderous universe. String of Seven 16" x 11" flags stitched onto a strong cord.
  • Pele's Fire Flags

    STRING OF 7 FLAGS, 13”x 15” EACH Pele, the goddess of fire, lives in the Hawaiian volcanoes, bringing to life deep passions and the creative force of mother earth