Product Description

Light-Life® Rings

Light-Life® rings are made from strands of conductive metals precisely measured to the ancient measurement of the cubit. This measurement was used by ancient peoples to construct megalithic structures such as the pyramids. In a ring, the positively charged end of the metal strand is silver-soldered to the negatively charged end, bringing the wire to a neutral state. The ring creates a vortex of energy, a wavelength of invisible light that shines out both sides. The particular wavelength created by these rings generates an energy field conducive to strength and construction and is beneficial to life. The rings are also antennae for gravity field energies, drawing in power from the universe. According to Hans Becker, these rings “may be the simplest, most efficient source of energy there is- gathering it and condensing it from space.”
People using these rings have reported substantial decreases in pain, increased comfort in the joints, relaxation of stiff muscles, a decrease in swelling and tension, and an increase in overall physical and emotional healing and well-being. These rings may also protect from EMFs. Waves that come in contact with the ring can be transformed to a more beneficial wavelength. The rings have been reported to promote the growth of plants and to be sought after by pets. They can also improve the taste of water and impart it with detoxifying effects. The rings increase the available energy of water and decrease the acidity, surface tension and freezing point. The light-field emitted by the ring can also relax cell membranes for better oxygen transport and waste removal.
The rings are available in the sacred cubit and the lost cubit measurements. The sacred tends to work on the physical plane and the lost works on the spiritual / emotional plane.

1/2 Sacred Cubit Beyond The Sky Light-Life® Ring, 24K gold plated; ~ 3 1/2 ” diameter.
The 1/2 Sacred Cubit Beyond The Sky Light-Life® Ring seems to:
•Revitalize the body
•Relieve pain
•Increase enlightenment
•Aid in palliative care
•Increase efficiency of healing work
•Increase healer’s affinity for work
•Expand awareness
We recommend using your imagination and intuition for the best uses for you!

Gold plated Light-Life® rings are constructed from copper, first plated with silver and then plated with 24k gold. Gold adds a higher frequency to the ring due to the structure of the gold atom.

The Sacred Cubit

Rings made in the Sacred Cubit length have a natural resonant frequency of 144MHz, which is a harmonic of light speed and a measurement of a wavelength in the standing gravity wave of the planet. According to mathemetician Hartmut Muller, This wavelength appears to be connected to the constructive phase of solid matter. The Sacred Cubit was used as a unit of measurement to construct the Great Pyramid, the longest surviving structure on the planet. Sacred Cubit rings deal primarily with physical matter and are used to enhance the health and well being of the physical body.

Beyond the Sky Rings

“The Beyond the Sky Ring is based on a design suggested by an alchemist out of British Columbia, Canada. Hammered copper has the surface polarity of normal copper, but which is transmitted to the interior of the metal during the flattening process. Hence, its properties include the ability to attract the nano particles (monoatomic gold, silver, and platinum) from the atmosphere where they and all other metals and minerals are formed prior to aggregation into larger clusters of metal and mineral.

“The monatomics have the quality of conferring health benefits to living organisms, plants, and animals by providing a micro resonance, or dance of the atoms in harmony, much akin to the music of the spheres. The micro/nano particles are merely high density gravity spin fields, much as the planets are coarser, slower moving gravity spin fields comprised of lower undertonses and longer wavelengths. When al the trace elements are in balance, they literally form a symphony of pure tones, which in fact is the creative glue that binds thm together and allows for the further creation of substance to fill in the “empty space” between them. Look at the tiny amounts of metals – micro and milligrams – of trace elements in the body. All enzymes contain one or more trace element metals. Enzymes are responsible ofr all metabolism in the body, yet are present in tiny amounts.

“Additionally, the rings generate light de novo and cause water to emit light in the full spectrum from visible to ultraviolet. Cells communicate via laser-like photon emissions in a water medium to enable transfer of DNA codes to the next generation of cells. Just place a freshly cut onion on a photographic plate for 24 hours and watch a self-portrait of the onion appear on the developed film. This is called mitogenic radiation and comes  from the mitochondria of the cut cells. Fritz Popp is the German researcher who discovered this.

“The purpose in having this type of ring in the hands of a select few sensitives is to conduct free-wheeling research where the preferref mode is, “What if we do this…and see what happens?” To date, we are seeing some remarkable effects in the psychic perception area with the application of the Beyond the Sky Rings to healing not only physical wounds, but also mental and emotional scars, even from long distant past lives.”

“Some research suggests revitalization of the body and mind, higher consciousness levels, and increased expanded awareness. Another testimonial suggests that the Beyond the Sky Rings have the highest source of light that any tool can possibly bring to the planet. The Beyond the Sky Rings reportedly increase the healers’ affinity for work that needs to be addressed during sessions, as well as aiding the efficiency of the work. The effects of the Beyond the Sky Rings appear to be more intense when held four to six inches from the body. The life force energy that is brought into the body from outside is heightened and intensified, seeming to follow the meridian channels through the body and revitalizing all parts of the body. Also, note that the Beyond the Sky Rings appear to expand and increase your consciounesness.”

From In the Mind of a Master by Susan Anderson with Slim Spurling