Product Description

The energy flows in both directions in the tool. It balances the acupressure points. The loop seems to concentrate life force energy, use for 2-5 seconds on skin. The ball seems to create the flow/reactivation of life force energy. According to Slim Spurling’s best estimate, by placing the Light-Life® Acupressure Tool on the acupressure points, the proper frequencies are re-introduced to the system, amplified by the tool, thus re-establishing the proper frequencies and deleting incorrect ones.                   

Light-Life® Acupressure Tool 24 K Gold Plated copper; 6 ” length (1/4 lost cubit)

This tool has been reported to assist in easing pain and tension, and inceasing circulation and healing. It has also been used to help in the repair of damaged skin, and the removal of blockages in veins. It has been used with success on humans and on other animals.