Product Description

The Light-Life® harmonizers create a donut shaped energetic light field with positive energy shooting out the top, sweeping around it, and pulling negative energy from the environment into its base to be transformed and released as positive energy through the top.
Harmonizers were designed to reduce electromagnetic interference, to clean air, and to improve the environment. Effects have been seen in the lessening of air pollution, increases in wildlife, better plant growth, greater crop yields, and a more peaceful environment.
Each harmonizer comes with a 2″x2″ environmental clearing CD. This CD plays the frequencies of a water molecule in a random pattern, an algorithm that represents the mathematical formula for life and living things. When this CD is played through speakers or headphones placed on each side of a harmonizer, the energy field of the harmonizer expands greatly.

According to several readings we got on the Light-Life® Lost Cubit Agricultural Harmonizer it seems to go out farther in its ability to radiate energy than the other Harmonizers. As it goes out into humanity it seems to bring everything into harmony, and appears to go into the ground, the water, and the soil and seems to bring in a balance of vibrations as well as changing the molecular value of the soil.
(NOTE: we suggest that you test the alkaline levels in your soil before you run the unit and then again in about three weeks.)
Its range seems to expand exponentially over time.

Lost Cubit Light-Life® Agricultural Harmonizer Gold Plated

The Gold plated harmonizer is pictured on the left. The silver version is also available.

According to some reports multiple Harmonizers spread out in an area draw in creativity, productivity, enthusiasm and it is very good for plants in the sense that it brings plants back into harmony, excellent for nursery and house plants. It does affect the water, particularly when it is placed near a main water valve. It can charge the water with a higher vibration and it is very good to have the vibration of the water tested if you can.
Slim said that this is one of the essential things humanity needs right now and this is very exciting because in its simple design it really carries an enormous power.
Also, the difference between the Sacred and Lost Cubit Harmonizers are the direction of movements of energies. The Lost Cubit seems to move more horizontally while the Sacred Cubit seems to move more vertically. Both Harmonizers extend tremendous amounts of energy but in different forms and both affect effect and harmonize the environment and the people in the environment.
Please remember that you can also program the Harmonizer to support the needs your area has.