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April Retreat

Join us for the April 2018 Retreat. We have 34 facilitators who will be offering 60 different classes and personal sessions. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the 27th – 29th, you’ll get to celebrate and nurture your mind~body~spirit.

Comments heard during the 2017 retreat:

“It’s amazing. Everyone seems so happy.”

“Next year I’m going to make it a girlfriend weekend.”

“I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

“It was a powerful, very personal retreat.”

“Great energy. Great experiences for very little money.”

Click here to see the weekend events and register!

For more information, contact Jeanne at: unwindexplore@gmail.com

Sponsors:  Spirals, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce, Charlie Bear Trust Fund, Chelan House Bed & Breakfast, Riverwalk Inn & Cafe, Just MAKE Stuff Chelan Studio, Salmon Berry Design, and Ignite Changes Using Energy by Jeanne McElvaney. Special thanks to Wellness Garden for providing space for us to grow!

The following are offering discounts for dining and lodging: Chelan House Bed & Breakfast, Riverwalk Inn & Cafe, Fox and Quail, Deep Water Inn, Vacation Lake Chelan, and Sage Vacation Rentals.

Join us on Facebook. We’ll be posting updates as well as personal empowerment insights.


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  1. Maggie Dover

    What a wonderful idea. I’ve always wanted to experiment with new methods of change and increasing the pleasure of living. This is a great opportunity for that! Sign me up!

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