April Retreat

/April Retreat
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April Retreat

Join us for the April 2018 Retreat. We have 34 facilitators who will be offering 60 different classes and personal sessions. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the 27th – 29th, you’ll get to celebrate and nurture your mind~body~spirit.

Comments heard during the 2017 retreat:

“It’s amazing. Everyone seems so happy.”

“Next year I’m going to make it a girlfriend weekend.”

“I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

“It was a powerful, very personal retreat.”

“Great energy. Great experiences for very little money.”

Click here to see the weekend events and register!

For more information, contact Jeanne at: unwindexplore@gmail.com

Sponsors: Unwind + Explore Online Show, Spirals,  GoLakeChelan.com, Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce and special thanks to Wellness Garden for providing space for us to grow!

Watch Unwind + Explore on GoLakeChelan.tv. This show celebrates small steps that can make a big difference in your life. Questions from people like you will be answered by both Jeanne and her guest. You’ll be connecting to mind/body/spirit facilitators in a year-long retreat. Bring a cup of tea and listen to some practical, use-it-right-now suggestions!

Join us on Facebook. We’ll be posting updates as well as personal empowerment insights.

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  1. Maggie Dover

    What a wonderful idea. I’ve always wanted to experiment with new methods of change and increasing the pleasure of living. This is a great opportunity for that! Sign me up!

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