Bells of Vienna Windchimes


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Bells of Vienna Windchimes

The Bells of Vienna Windchimes are ultimate gifts of sound that you can give yourself or loved one that can last for a very long time.  They have a 5 year warranty but mine have been up much longer than that with no signs of wear.  They are hand tuned to develop beautiful harmonious scales that are pleasing and carry healthy vibrations.  The larger Bells of Vienna windchimes tend to be the deeper tones with extended resonation, while the small ones have a subtle tinkle sound to them. It’s nice to have a mixture if you’re thinking you’d like more than one. (I have several pairs and love them all! Some of mine are indoors over the heating vents and in front of windows. There is often a pure note ringing and singing~so pleasant.) My neighbbors enjoy my outdoor tones. The deep ones can be heard throughout, but with the way they resonate it is difficult to tell where the sound is coming from.  The sound reminds me of Austria when the cows are coming in from the mountains, and the ringing is coming from all directions.   OH!  Thus the name!?

The Bells of Vienna and the Gentle Spirit Windchimes have the same tonal quality. The difference is in appearance.  The Bells of Vienna have a slightly fancier ring at the top and the end of the striker has a different design,  Whichever you choose you will be extremely pleased with the quality of sound.

Notice that each size comes in a variety of colors that can be chosen while you are ordering.  Enjoy your process. We will ship within 2 days and if we happen to be out of stock the company will send the chimes directly to you.

Colors shown Black, Copper Vein, Green, Midnight Blue, Patina and Ruby



Bells of Vienna®

Bells of Vienna® wind chimes are the premier line of chimes made under the Majesty Bells® brand. Their distinctive three step ring is made of solid cast aluminum, and their elegantly crimped wind sail compliments the tiered top. Hand-tuned, the Bells of Vienna windchimes are made with six of our best heavy walled aluminum tubes and are available in six designer colors.  When you buy the Bells of Vienna® wind chimes you get the elegance of the design, deep tones and the long lasting resonance you’ve been searching for. Made in America.

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Black, Copper Vein, Green, Midnight Blue, Patina, Ruby