Energy Circles with Jeanne

Energy Circles with Jeanne


In this group, you’ll learn how to read energy and use it to get astonishing, empowering information from your deep truth. You’ll make changes you never imagined by using a new paradigm.   Jeanne McElvaney, author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy” will guide you to your inner wisdom for choices that celebrate your personal spirit.


Create your own group of six or sign up for the next group.

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Product Description

Imagine getting together once a month with six friends or people who share your desire to ignite their lives with a new perspective.

Each month, you’ll travel through a portal and spend two hours using energy insights to enrich your life. You’ll laugh, be amazed, feel deeply moved, and experience the magical way working with energy can create reality shifts.

“I wanted to tell you I’ve had major shifts in all the areas of my life I wanted improvements. I couldn’t have imagined the 3 would come together but it absolutely did. Thank you, Jeanne” Kelsey

You can bring a group of six together and we’ll find a time that feels perfect. Or you can sign up for groups that are coming together through Spirals ~ Jeanne

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