1 hour by appointment
Contact Jeanne: jeanne@gotospirit.com / 509-393-2921

Find uncommon answers. Get empowering insights. Experience a new perspective.

Witness the dynamics around any questions you bring. You will watch four Energy Guides tap into the infinite wisdom of the energy field to give you profound insights that go beyond conversation and logic. You will then witness possible solutions. This is perfect if you want a more relaxed, playful experience in finding nurturing answers.

Do you have something in your life you keep wondering about? Big or small. Serious or just intriguing? If you’re ready to explore it, we’d love to journey with you.

“The session with the energy detectives was delightfully fun and so full
and running over with information, ideas, openings to new concepts as the old ones drifted off into oblivion. I love validation, surprises and aha’s and my hour with you was full of them.” BeverLi

Jeanne McElvaney is the author of:

Light in the Shadows¬† ~ a novel that “Opens the reader to transforming their feelings and thoughts in a new dimension.” MPS
Ignite Changes Using Energy ~ a self-help book that empowers you to release old thinking and embrace the ‘magical’ feeling of working with the energy field.
Both available at Spirals.