Product Description

Whether you’re visiting Chelan or live in the area, experience empowering information from the energy field. Indulge in the excitement of Energy Insights. Personalized, fun, and fascinating, these sessions will give you a new perspective.

We are only aware of 5% of the beliefs, feelings, and thoughts that determine our choices. Communicating with energy gives us information from the other 95%. Logic gives us 7 bits of information. Tapping into the energy field gives us 40 billion bits of information. I can take you to this delightful and inspiring wisdom that is beyond your every day awareness. ~ Jeanne McElvaney, Founder and Facilitator of Energy Insights

“Jeanne has an uncanny ability to help people see more clearly what is happening to them.”

Make an appointment for one of the personal sessions or give us a call to set a best time for a group adventure with energy!

~ Personal Energy Reading ~            Video

                                               $30 / 30 minutes

It’s a half hour for getting information about anything you are thinking about, including: relationships, money, health, work, creativity, choices you’re facing, current challenges, the past or the future.

I will give you encouraging, empowering, supportive energy insights that will change your perceptions and celebrate you.


~ Walk and Talk ~            Video

                                                  $40 / 1 hour

Stroll around River Walk Park and tell me what’s on your mind, and I’ll give you energy insights that will empower you, invite new possibilities, and show you the world from a different perspective.


~ Personal Energy Session ~          Video

                                              $100 / 1.5 hours

With energy, life-changing insights come to you like a best friend whispering in your ear. Whether you are seeking shifts in your life, need help with your well-being, or want to heal childhood wounds, I know how to take you there.

Challenges can be seen from a new perspective.  Your inner wisdom can take you to answers that celebrate your personal spirit. You can see past the surface into the root of the problem.

In gentle, empowering sessions, you see new possibilities for yourself. And then I give you practical suggestions for using your new energy insights in your everyday life.


“Oh man, oh man. So many changes! Worth years of therapy.”

“I’m absolutely in awe about what happens. It’s almost magical.”

 ~ Group Sessions ~

$30/ person
2 people / 1 hour
3 people / 1-1/2 hours
4+ people / 2 hours


I am here to empower your journey to do the things you want to do. To explore, dream, and discover. The possibilities are unlimited!  Here’s a few suggestions as you think about what your group would like to experience.


Energy Readings     Video
Intuition     Video
Personal Blocks     Video
Manifest Change
Increase Your Potential     Video
Hear Energy Messages
Connect to Your Energy Guides
Create New Realities
New Perspective on Personal Challenges
Make Choices with Energy Insights     Video
Connect to Your Inner Child
Your Story and Your Future
Inner Wisdom
Quantum Loops/Breaking Old Cycles
Your Super Power
Long-Term Effects from Past Experiences
Release Burdens
Tangled Energy

“I had no idea one day could change my life.”

Books by Jeanne McElvaney ~ Energy Healer and Author


Time Slipping ~ If you’ve ever imagined a personal retreat
to explore your own possibilities.

Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers ~ You have the answers. This tale reminds you to listen.

Personal Development Insights ~ If you want a guide that reminds you energy
holds uncommon answers and insights.

Spirit Unbroken: Abby’s Story ~ A stunning story of resilient spirit as childhood innocence is celebrated and violated.

Childhood Abuse ~ Empowering, gentle choices for survivors.

Healing Insights ~ Empowering, positive information for survivors of abuse.


For more information about Jeanne McElvaney:

The energy experience I offer came to me during my own self-empowerment journey. For 30 years I’ve been sharing Energy Dialogues, Energy Readings, Deep Relaxation, Guided Energy, and Energy Insights. Now I’m offering these realty-shifting opportunities to those who are seeking personal growth and happiness, looking for change, reaching for what they want, or wanting to heal from old wounds. ~ Jeanne