Energy Session with Jeanne

Energy Session with Jeanne


In gentle sessions, I use Energy Dialogues, Energy Readings, Deep Relaxation, Guided Energy, and Energy Insights so you see new possibilities for yourself. You will leave with practical suggestions for using your new energy insights in your everyday life.

Challenges will be seen from a new perspective. Your inner wisdom will take you to answers that celebrate your personal spirit. You will see past the surface into the root of the problem.

During this hour and a half session, you can be as detailed and random as you want. You can make a list of everything that you’d like to know more about. Is there a choice you are considering? Is there a block happening around something you want? Do you have a repeating response that is no longer serving you? Is there relationships you want to explore?

“Oh man, oh man. So many changes! Worth years of therapy.” MF

“I’m absolutely in awe about what happens. It’s almost magical.” MD

$100 for 90 minutes

Call Spirals: 509-682-2383

Jeanne ~ author of “Ignite Changes Using Energy” and Host of Unwind+Explore weekly online show

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Product Description

Very quickly, everything is energy… including your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. So we are part of an ocean of energy. It’s an ocean of vibrating, intelligent molecules that are constantly communicating with us! And Einstein showed us that there is no time dimension in that field. There is no distance. So all that wonderful, insightful chatter comes from a place of no time. And, logic gives us about 7 bits of information from the energy field, but there is 40 billion bits of information that is available when we connect to this amazing, empowering, supportive field.

Now consider that we are typically only aware of 5% of what we think, feel, and believe. When I’m working with energy, the other 95% talks to me as easily as that 5%. Emotional wounds from the past become part of that 95% beyond our awareness and will drive our choices and feelings in spite of our good intentions and determination. You can gently heal these wounds with energy insights that release the trauma where it took root.



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