Product Description

The Light-Life® harmonizers create a donut shaped energetic light field with positive energy shooting out the top, sweeping around it, and pulling negative energy from the environment into its base to be transformed and released as positive energy through the top.
Harmonizers were designed to reduce electromagnetic interference, to clean air, and to improve the environment. Effects have been seen in the lessening of air pollution, increases in wildlife, better plant growth, greater crop yields, and a more peaceful environment.
Each harmonizer comes with a 2″x2″ environmental clearing CD. This CD plays the frequencies of a water molecule in a random pattern, an algorithm that represents the mathematical formula for life and living things. When this CD is played through speakers or headphones placed on each side of a harmonizer, the energy field of the harmonizer expands greatly.

This Light-Life® Harmonizer is copper then gold and silver plated 9 times. It comes with the Environmental Clearing CD. It has a working radius of ~ 100 feet and ~ 25 miles when activated with the CD. The multi-layering of the metals generates a small voltage which causes a gentler, faster, quicker energy. The Harmonizer is a unique combination of the principles of the Light-Life® Ring and the Acu-Vac Coil. It emits a cosmic light field or L-field (harmonic of consciousness) and has a positive output. To the clairvoyant, it appears to emit a coherent holographic light field. It is an “active” tool, in that subtle energies are continually in motion in the large light-energy field around it. An individual’s own energies are set into motion, too – continuing so long as you are in its presence! Close down the Harmonizer by placing it in a Light-Life® Ring. The energy is then contained in the new cylindrical column and the Ring will send it on an upward path.The Lost Cubit Harmonizer appears to have a positive effect on the mental, emotional, and causal bodies of the human aura. It also appears to have similar effects in the environment, including other living species, plant and animal.

Lost Cubit Light-Life® Environmental Harmonizer Silver Plated; ~ 2.5″ by 2.5″.

The Silver harmonizer is pictured on the right. The Gold version is also available.

The difference between the Sacred and Lost Cubit Harmonizers are the direction of movements of energies. The Lost Cubit seems to move more horizontally while the Sacred Cubit seems to move more vertically. Both Harmonizers extend tremendous amounts of energy but in different forms and both affect effect and harmonize the environment and the people in the environment.



Personal and environmental Harmonizers are handmade by our finest Craftsman, however they are very fragile. They are made from soft metals and can be easily uined without proper care. For the safety of your Harmonizer and children, please keep it in a safe place, as it could be a choking hazard. Some re-plating and minor damage may be fixed but carelessness usually results in ruin. We also reccommend you keep the Harmonizer away from water as it will eventually oxidize. We appreciate your business

Thank you, IX-EL Inc., Slim Spurling