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//Environmental Harmonizer©

Environmental Harmonizer©


The Light-Life® Harmonizers© are designed and reported to clean the environment (including air, water, and soil) without the use of chemicals, and create a harmonious field around them.

Each Harmonizer© is a combination of rings and a coil shaped into a 3-dimensional sphere that creates a unique, continuous flow of energy. Research has shown that they emit a Life Field (L-field) that has a positive output.

To the clairvoyant, the Harmonizers© appear to emit a coherent holographic light field, which increases the vibrational

frequency of the nearby energy, cleaning the environment and your personal energy field. All of our Harmonizers© appear to have the unique property of generating a harmonious field around them, cleaning up air pollution, encouraging plant growth, and raising consciousness.

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We recommend using your intuition for the best way to use our Harmonizers©. Here are some common uses:

  • Wear a Personal Harmonizer as jewelry or put it in your pocket to protect your energy field and have a positive effect on the people in your vicinity
  • Place a Harmonizer© within your home or business to encourage clarity, harmony, efficiency and to reduce the effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s)
  • Play the included Environmental Clearing CD to activate your Harmonizer© (to substantially increase its power and radius)
  • Activate your Environmental Harmonizer to reduce the effects of chem-trails
  • Activate your Environmental or Agricultural Harmonizer© to divert tornados or hurricanes
  • Use your Environmental or Agricultural Harmonizer to encourage plant growth without pesticides
  • Place positive intentions into the Harmonizer© to send them out to the universe
  • Recharge the Harmonizer© by putting it in the included Light-Life Ring for a few hours or overnight

Gold Harmonizers©: These have been shown to effect pollution, storms, soil & water better.
Silver Harmonizers©: These have been used more for EMF protection and Geopathic stress and radiation protection.

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