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Walking the Labyrinth with the Archangels

Angel means “divine messenger”. They have been with us humans always, guiding and loving us. Each Archangel anchors a unique quality of the Divine into our manifested world. They bring guidance, comfort, wisdom, resources, love, synergistic meetings with  other people who have what we need or want what we offer, everything! When we invite them to support us, mountains move and miracles happen.

The Vibration of  Archangel Blessings from Sound Essence Energy Medicine initiates the activation of archangel energy for attuning to spiritual awareness and guidance. Now experience this new vibration and integrate it while walking the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is a path. It is the path of life, the path of wisdom, the path of knowledge, the path of truth, the path of life. The path leads us to the center – the center of our existence. The labyrinth is such a strong symbol of our existence, and our journey in life that it is found in a wide range of ancient cultures and modern societies.

Ancient wisdom and teachings recognized the symbolism of wholeness in the labyrinth. I fact, the practice of using the labyrinth not only symbolized wholeness, but connected people to it. That is why today, so many people who are on the journey of self-discovery and self development are being drawn to the labyrinth. It not only connects us with ourselves, it connects us with all of existence. It shows us that we are all connected, that we are one.
Walk the finger labyrinth in the comfort of the classroom with the loving connection of the Archangels to gather the insights of your path.

Holographic Balancing with Sound Essence

A hologram is a complete three-dimensional image that can be cut into many pieces and each part will still be capable of reproducing an image of the whole.
The Holographic Perspective is a complete multidimensional frame of reference as opposed to a linear perspective of reality. Changing a single component of the holograph simultaneously changes every other component within it.
By locating the object and reference point of any incoherence in the energy field there is the possibility of shifting the DNA blueprint of the physical body for overall well-being.
Sound Essence Energy Medicine accesses the theory of the hologram by finding the object and reference points of the three energy systems; meridians chakras and auric field. By offering each energy system the sound vibration to support the exact location of the imbalance, shift in the hologram is achieved which the manifests in the physical body.
Physical reality is a holographic mirror. Every situation, every moment in time and space, all objects, places and people are a reflection of you, literally. What you put out, you get back. If you can recognize the reflection you can do something about it, you can change it.
Change it to reflect your magnificence!


Assemblage Point

The ability to change how we feel and how we behave by adjusting our energy field is nothing short of miraculous. Sound Essence Energy Medicine has adopted the energy field approach to include the Chinese Meridians to support the physical body and the Ayurvedic Chakras and Auric Field to support the emotional and spiritual aspect of ourselves. Shamans believe that none of these energy fields can stay in balance unless the assemblage point is in alignment. 

The assemblage point is one of the most fascinating aspects of every human being. It affects everything about us – our appearance, our intelligence, our mood, our health, our way of experiencing the world, our response to ourselves, the environment, our interaction and relationships with others, our achievements, our beliefs and spirituality, our decisions. Yet most of us have never heard of the assemblage point.

The Assemblage Point is the epicenter of the human energy center and determines our physical health and state of mind. Its location also influences the vibration of other energy vortices within the body, the chakras, glands and organs and the immune system.

Come join us to learn more about the assemblage point and experience the effortless alignment with Sound Essence Energy Medicine.

How can it get any better?

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